Top 12 Product Positioning Example You Need to Know


Let us look into Brand or Product Positioning Examples in the article. Brand positioning is inevitable in this age of globalization and a highly competitive market. It is the brand positioning that lets the company establish itself in the minds and hearts of its target customers. Product positioning is a blend of differentiation and segmentation. This means that the brand needs to establish a differential position to stand at the head of its market segment. The company should aim to offer something different from its competitors, which is what is going to get it noticed. Brand positioning is not a one-time but a continuous thing.

  1. What is brand positioning?
  2. Examples of brand positioning

1. What is brand positioning?

In simple words, brand positioning is how you differentiate yourself from your competitors. It is how customers would be able to identify your brand and compete with you. Brand positioning is about the key values and qualities that are synonymous with your company. A variety of methods are used for brand positioning. The positioning strategy examples include voice, tones, and visuals as well as the impression that your brand creates on social media.

It is the product positioning that is the driving factor that lets your target customers choose you over your competitors. Your competitor would be selling a similar service or product but you stand apart because of your brand.

2. Examples of brand positioning

1. Coca-Cola

When it is to product positioning example then Coca-Cola is a pioneer. A very successful example, it is no wonder that the company has been able to survive for more than 125 years. The brand has always tried to bring out the value of happiness, friendship, joy, and sharing to position itself in the market. This has helped to promote engagement in consumers and in turn encouraged them to share happy experiences and moments.

2. Dove

The Dove brand is well-positioned among its competitors. Their campaigns appeal to the natural beauty of women. Focusing mainly on the emotional side the brand was capable of letting its audience identify and relate to the message. The Real Beauty campaign is one example where the company brings out the beauty of women well. The women were asked to describe themselves to a portraitist. Then someone whom the women knew described the woman to the portraitist and the latter turned out to be much prettier. Such a beautiful message conveyed in such a sweet but impactful way!

3. Apple

If it is exclusivity, luxury and elegance then this is Apple for you. The brand dominates the technology front and in fact, the other product positioning in marketing campaigns use this positioning as a basis for their product. Their services, products, and websites depict their strong brand positioning.

4. Starbucks

Starbucks has positioned itself well focusing primarily on giving the best consumer experience. Writing the name of the client on the glass before serving the drink became part of the culture of this brand. This was received well with millions of postings on social media networks. The brand was able to convey a simple message that buying a coffee can be a pleasant experience. The brand also allows customers to request through the mobile app. This helps to optimize the customer’s time and lets him choose his coffee calmly which in turn helps to reinforce and improve the brand positioning.

5. Amazon

The leading e-commerce store is nowhere left behind when it comes to brand positioning. The relationship that the brand has with its customers to take shopping to an altogether new level is what drives its brand positioning. Agility in delivery, low prices, and freedom to like or dislike the product give the brand thumbs up.

6. HubSpot

To make the world inbound HubSpot makes use of services, support systems, and software that are award-winning. This helps to engage, attract, and even delight its customers. With a marketing, sales, and service hub the company offers companies the best tools to help them to Grow Better.

7. Michelin

Positioning itself as an upscale yet affordable brand, Michelin is more than the products that it sells. A favourite among the race car drivers, the company achieves its position by taking authority on everything auto travel with the help of guides and maps. And these are indeed the best you can ask for. All these qualities get to the minds and hearts of the consumers of Michelin tires which is a great product positioning example.

8. Virgin Airways

Out-of-the-box, thinking is what positions Virgin Airways above the rest. The earliest adopters of individual movie screens and in-flight internet access, the brand now also aims to offer space travel to its customers. A legendary company, its brand positioning gives it an edge as a responsible corporation.

9. Volkswagen

An example of amazing product positioning, the company announced its goal to become the leading automaker in the world. Positioning itself as a reliable and permanent company, buyers are comfortable when they make a purchase. The car parts are always available and the clients know that the car will retain its value. The Volkswagen ad shows a 20-year-old driving the car which can appeal to the millennials who will be investing in a car now that will run through many years.

10. Nike

Focusing on innovation and performance, Nike was able to position itself well to target serious athletes. The brand today offers not just shoes but also the complete attire to be worn by athletes which in turn helps to enhance their performance. Their tagline “Just Do It” and its models are here to promote serious fitness.

11. Wal-Mart

The brand has positioned itself as the store of the general crowd. The one-stop store offers everything under a single roof right from tires to food. The cost-effective and complete family store brand has been luring its clients for decades.

12. General Electric

Ge is one of the product repositioning examples. The international brand GE has focused the attention of the public on the wind and water turbines that they produce. Now they are aligning toward sustainable production of energy. The company highlights the areas of energy production that cause less stress to the environment which is a great step towards positioning its brands.


Examples of brand positioning are around you. You cross these positioning messages whenever you drive, shop, read the newspaper, or when you see TV. The above is the list of the top brands that have been able to position themselves well. Product pricing is not just about the price, value, or product segment. It is about communicating a message that lets the public be able to perceive some attributes of the product as well as its manufacturers. It is the product positioning that catches the attention of the consumers who, based on the posting, decide whether to choose you or your competitor.

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