Salesforce Tutorial In 4 Easy Points

Ajay Ohri


Welcome to this salesforce tutorial. Salesforce is online cloud software that gives developers a platform for building their own applications. The pain-wrenching procedures for developing a particular application can be transformed into an enjoyable experience with the help of Salesforce. 

With its simple interface, you can customize each and every step. Once the application is uploaded to the cloud, it can be viewed by the end-users. Salesforce provides software solutions for the developers to create and share applications on multiple websites and domains.

 This is one of the leading CMR (Customer Relationship Management) software in the present. It is also designed to manage the customer and sales details that is stored in the company’s data. 

In this article about Salesforce tutorial, let us look at:

  1. What is Cloud Computing?
  2. Why learn Salesforce?
  3. Problems with traditional software technology
  4. Why Salesforce is gaining popularity?

1. What is Cloud Computing?

To better understand this salesforce tutorial, we must delve deeper into the concept of cloud computing. It is basically storing and accessing data and certain programs on the internet and not on the computer’s hard drive. So then why the term ‘Cloud’? It is just a metaphor for the actual process. It is an on-demand computing service that works on a pay-to-use basis. Instead of owning huge data centres, the company can hire these cloud networks and use them as a data storage unit, thereby benefiting both the company and the rentals. 

The two most important cloud computing services are:

  • Software as a service (Saas) – This is a public cloud computing service that provides applications over the internet’s browser. Microsoft Office 365 and Google G suite uses this software.  They have extensive configuration services that allow customers to customize their codes and programmes. 
  • Infrastructure as a service (Iaas) – This is a pay-per-use public cloud computing service. They provide various services such as virtual private networks, developer tools, machine learning, application monitoring, high-end database, and big data analytics. The first Iaas provider was Amazon Web Services. 

Even though the term cloud computing was first coined in the early 2000s, the concept dates back many years.

2. Why learn Salesforce?

Salesforce is one of the leading cloud computing companies that is based worldwide. It hosts a number of services that come under Software as a service and platform as a service. The interface is simple and provides a seamless environment for the developers.

 When you are entitled to a Salesforce certificate, you would have gained expertise in the best CMR cloud platform. With the increase in the end-users, the company is in great demand of skilled Salesforce personnel who is well aware of all the services and applications. 

Being a part of this tutorial will boost your career and opens up new opportunities in this technology-driven world. As numerous business is employing Salesforce, knowing the working operations beforehand can lift your chances of getting recruited. 

3. Problems with traditional software technology

The traditional software technology had to employ certain methods that had their own backdrops. They had to first create an idea on building software and then set up the hardware for it. Further installing the software had to be done. They had to provide the users with a variety of accessors and then set up means for analytics. The security had to be built for the application. Finally, they had to make it accessible to mobile phones. 

Even though the steps are few, the whole process takes up to 7 months for the complete application to roll out for the users. The hosting had to be done on the company’s own server. Along with the large time period, the users found it difficult to understand and use it. The high cost proves as another disadvantage over Salesforce. 

On the contrary, Salesforce has overcome these traditional problems and has emerged as a leading giant in the area of cloud computing. The developers have complete access to the services and can develop applications and produce it for their clients. 

A proper salesforce tutorial would be remiss if it didn’t mention the merits of using salesforce: 


  • It is hosted on the cloud and not on the company’s server.
  • The interface is simple and easier to understand.
  • The complete process can be finished within a week or two. 
  • The cost is much lower than the traditional software technology.

4. Why Salesforce is gaining popularity?

It has emerged as the best CMR cloud computing tool in the world due to its wide range of services. When CMR software is seen an investments company involves, the best interface has to be acquired. Salesforce comes into this equation. The security of the data is well protected by Salesforce. Since data security is one of the prerequisite requirements, the customers are assured with full responsibility by Salesforce. 

The other reasons for Salesforce popularity are:

  • Partner ecosystem
  • Multi-tenant Architecture
  • Scalability and customization
  • Frequent updates


This brings us to the end of this salesforce tutorial. You can now identify why gaining a certificate from Salesforce training is essential. It upgrades your resume and helps in gaining more opportunities in your career. 

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