Online BBA vs BBA Distance Education: Which Is Better?

If you are a student pursuing BBA but hesitating to decide whether online BBA is equally valid, this article will help you decide between online BBA and BBA distance education. A variety of colleges offer online BBA courses with proper access to knowledge. However, it is essential to understand the advantages and disadvantages before concluding. Apart from online teaching, assignments, projects, and exposure can balance the validity of online courses. This article will help you clear doubts about online BBA and BBA distance learning.

Advantages of BBA online courses

  1. Saves time. 

Having to travel to college consumes a lot of our time. No time is wasted waiting for a bus or train if we choose to take an online course. This thereby saves our money on transportation. Many students also choose to work part-time along with completing their graduation. Hence, an online course will help them balance between their studies and a part-time job.

  1. Learn at your own pace. 

All of us have different speeds to learn and grasp. Online BBA courses come with the benefit of learning and understanding at our speed and according to our grasping power. This makes it easy for students who are slow learners. Students who are too shy will not have to fear getting judged in an online course. This is where online courses have an advantage over offline courses.

  1. Study irrespective of the place. 

You can choose your comfort place and study. Not having to be stuck in a classroom is a relief sometimes. Online courses appear to be cooperative when it comes to comfort, and this is one of the reasons online BBA is preferable.

  1. Co-operative and future-proof. 

If you discontinue a course for whatever reason, your decision to study online comes to the rescue. Yes, online courses help individuals complete their degree even if they started late or chose to discontinue. This happens to be a significant benefit of choosing to study BBA online as the traditional education methods do not help students cover up the portion they have missed out on. Apart from this, online education is future-proof. With the increasing scope of technology, enrollment for online courses increases every year, making it clear that the future of online education is pretty secure.

BBA Distance Education

Is an online degree for BBA valid?

Unlike a few years ago, e-learning is now being embraced. More and more trusted universities have started to offer online courses, which can be taken as a sign that online courses are considered equally valid. Online education is no longer considered the last option but has competed with traditional education methods (regular campus). You can achieve an online degree, and your future employer will not be able to point out any difference. This means traditional and online degrees hold the same value and are equally valid. A lot of colleges offer online BBA courses, and this makes e-learning a trustworthy and valid platform.

Job prospects and eligibility criteria

When we think about jobs, several questions arise when we opt for online education. There is nothing to worry about here. Today, most employers accept online degrees. Comparatively, there is more acceptance and respect for online degrees than there was in the past. Since many trusted universities have started to offer online courses, it has convinced employers about the equal value of online courses. It is safe to say that students who have achieved an online BBA degree are equally eligible as those who have completed their graduation through traditional learning methods.

Distance education and its advantages

Distance education means the student need not be physically present and can continue to complete their course from a distance. Earlier, this involved correspondence courses, and now it involves online education. A distance BBA learning program can be completely distant from the campus and involve traditional classroom methods. When it comes to advantages, budget-friendly stands first. It happens to be difficult for some families to afford the high costs of education; distance learning is a relief in such cases. Distance BBA is also a considerable decision for disabled students. Distance learning also minimizes the unavailability of educational facilities in rural areas. Students residing in remote regions can also have access to BBA distance learning from top-notch colleges.

Disadvantages of distance learning

Unreliable technology stands as a barrier in distance learning. Several distractions can take place when distance learning is carried out. Distance learning might require a large amount of self-motivation, and the student should have time management skills to cope with the studies. Lack of physical presence might stand as an obstacle for some learners. Apart from these, problems may arise while applying for jobs. There is a possibility that employers might refuse to accept distance mode of learning. Students with a proper BBA degree can stand to be more eligible than those who chose to complete their graduation through distance learning. It is no harm to say that the easy-going nature of distance learning also appears to have several disadvantages.

Online BBA or distance learning: which is better?

From the points given above, it stands safe to say that taking up an online course for BBA is a more preferable and wise decision. With only technological problems standing as a barrier, online education for BBA provides comfort, good quality of education, and equal job opportunities. Also, once you fix the technological and internet issues, things can go smoothly. On the contrary, distance learning comes with several disadvantages where employers’ chances to refuse the distance way of learning appears to be the biggest con. 

Online learning comes with:

  • Comfort while studying
  • Proper access to knowledge
  • Good quality of education
  • Proper interaction with teachers
  • Freedom to ask doubts
  • Equal job opportunities
  • Technological problems might appear

Whereas distance-learning comes with:

  • Comfort while studying
  • Budget-friendly
  • Saves time
  • Technological problems might appear
  • Improper interaction with teachers
  • Job employers might refuse this method of learning

To conclude, I would say that pursuing BBA by taking up an online course through a trusted university is far better than opting for a distant way of learning.

Advantages of BBA Online Courses

BBA programs or Bachelor of Business Administration is the study of finance and management. In the present times, there are many BBA online courses available on the internet with many significant subjects such as marketing, management, human resource management, international business, and many more. These are some online courses for BBA students that are available in India. Suppose you have a keen interest in any of these subjects. In that case, BBA is the best course for you, and further in this article will help you know everything about the BBA program and why the online BBA program is the best option for such students who are interested in business and commerce subjects.

Pursuing an online course is a boon in today’s time. Students can pursue their courses and can complete their degrees from anywhere and anytime. All they may need is a good internet connection and a working electronic device such as a laptop, smartphone, or tablet to attend the online classes. The students pursuing a BBA online degree India will no longer have to experience the tiring on-campus college life, and they can focus on their side hustles and an online degree. In the present time, the world has become busier, and people have less time to do things. Therefore, many universities in India offer online courses for students who wish to pursue a career in BBA. Many prestigious universities in India offer online courses for BBA students because this course is in high demand in the current times. 

Benefits of pursuing BBA through online mode

Let us look into the significant benefits of taking an online course for BBA in India:

  • Budget-friendly

Students who cannot afford to invest a hefty amount of money in their college degree or who want a BBA degree on a low budget can easily go for BBA online degree India. In India, there are still many students who cannot afford the cost of private universities and professional courses. Therefore, such students can easily go for BBA online courses. A student can enrol in a prestigious institution and learn from its professors by sitting at their homes.

They will not have to pay the accommodation expenses even if the university is not in their city, and they will not have to pay the travelling expenses. A student will need a reliable internet connection, phone or laptop, and the required textbooks.

  • Flexible timing

The most significant advantage a student gets while enrolling in an online degree is the flexible schedule. Students can do more activities along with their degrees. They can manage their personal life, hobbies, side hustles, and passion more efficiently. In BBA online degree, if any student, for any reason, cannot attend the online classes, they can listen to the recorded lectures of the classes afterwards. Thus, there is no fear of missing classes. All these facilities are available only in an online degree.

bba online courses
  • Technology-friendly

While pursuing BBA online courses, a student in their three years of the journey will become technologically sound, which will help them further in their career. BBA online degree in India is all about business administration, and a BBA degree is equivalent to a graduation degree. So, a BBA student must know how to work on computers, handle and use the internet, and the basics of technology. After choosing online courses for BBA, students will learn and know everything about technology which is a plus point for their career ahead.

  • Convenient for every individual

Some business professionals who don’t have any degree can easily pursue BBA courses in India online. They can study according to their work schedule and can carry forward their business without any interruptions. Such opportunities have widened the scope of the study for anyone and everyone in India.

  • High-demand course

Bachelor in business administration is a course that is in high demand in the present days. An online degree allows more people to get access to education regardless of their busy schedules.

Scope of online BBA degree in India

After completing BBA online course, a student graduates with Bachelors of business administration. He can either take a job after this degree in the government sector or the IT sector or opt for further studies such as a master’s degree in business administration called MBA. The entire curriculum of BBA is designed keeping in mind the base of MBA. When a student gets an online degree in BBA, they can also pursue an online course in MBA, which further helps them seek a good payable job in India.

India is increasingly becoming digital with each passing day. Technological advances have allowed us to pursue a degree no matter where we live, our qualifications, and our age. BBA online courses are also among those courses. And now the situation is that BBA online courses are preferred more by the students than the regular BBA courses.

Business student graduates can apply for jobs after their online BBA degree in retail, finance, marketing, construction, and so on. These companies can hire them for the following posts-


Value of an online BBA degree

Online learning has accelerated so well in India that even the top-tier companies employ students who have completed an online degree from a good university. The only thing that matters to them is your potential and ability to work in their company. If you graduate from an offline or regular college but fail to grasp the knowledge and skills required for jobs related to your job, your degree is useless.

If a person is employed in a company, they can enrol in a BBA online course and complete the degree along with doing their job. Completing a degree as prestigious as BBA may also help them seek a promotion or raise in their job. BBA online degree has helped many individuals who did not have any degree and was unemployed start their career all over again by enrolling in any online BBA course. Therefore, online courses for BBA students are a new way of boosting careers and learning new things in a new way.

Why should you opt for an online MBA in India?


We live in a time when many people want to get their MBA. Everyone wants to get an MBA,

from a recent graduate to a working professional. While it appears to be a fantastic option for recent graduates looking for a good career start, is it worthwhile for working professionals to enrol in an online MBA program in India? 

 We understand that you may be concerned about your career advancement, particularly in these uncertain times. That is why we have put together this comprehensive online master’s degree in business administration guide to help you get started in the field.

What is an online MBA program?

An online degree program MBA provides a more convenient and advanced form of distance learning. The curriculum lectures are delivered via virtual learning platforms. These online programs allow students to learn at their own pace without feeling rushed or pressured. An MBA degree is now considered a must-have for any organisation. They are looking for MBA graduates with strong leadership and management skills. 

Benefits of pursuing an MBA online


Students enrolled in an MBA online in India benefit from greater flexibility and access to various resources both during and after their studies. This makes online education far more appealing to many students than traditional on-campus education. The following is a list of benefits of opting for an online MBA in India.


The ability to access online lectures and other study resources from any location can make or break your academic success. You can choose the best study locations for your learning pattern, and you can continue your MBA studies despite job changes, migration, travel, or other life events.


If you are affable, you can work your studies around your existing schedule rather than the other way around. If you are a good learner, you can use this skill to complete your online MBA degree faster. Some colleges, on the other hand, allow students to complete their degrees in five or six years.


By enrolling in an online degree program MBA, you will avoid the exorbitant tuition fees associated with traditional full-time MBA programs at prestigious MBA schools. There will be no additional commuting, which will save you both money and time. In addition, there will be no on-campus fees such as textbooks. Moreover, if you go the online pathway, you will continue working while completing your program. This precludes you from losing your paycheck, and you can pay a portion of your fee with a portion of your salary.


Online programs give you easy access to the digital syllabus, reading lists, books, projects, and announcements, relieving you of the burden of misplaced, misplaced, or forgotten study materials. Additionally, online modes allow for more uninterrupted classroom activities, increasing the likelihood that all students will be addressed.

mba online india

Expands your knowledge

An online MBA program will provide you with extensive knowledge in a variety of fields. The fundamental courses provide students with a thorough understanding of business disciplines such as finance, marketing, and accounting. On the other hand, an online MBA in India allows students to gain in-depth expertise in areas of interest such as marketing analytics, international marketing, and entrepreneurship. You will also have access to case studies from companies in various industries, which will help you improve your management skills and problem-solving abilities.

Worldwide recognition of your credentials

An online MBA credential is recognised all over the world. After completion of your online MBA in India, your online accreditation will be recognised globally, and your credibility among business professionals will increase, opening doors to a variety of job opportunities.

Best for networking

The ability to network with new people is what makes an online MBA program valuable. Your professional network will include acquaintances outside of your program, as well as peers and professors, as you complete the program. You will be able to communicate with professional alumni, corporate leaders, and other professional connections through online classes, virtual social gatherings, or an online portal.

Improves managerial and interpersonal skills

An online MBA in India allows you to refine your managerial and business skills while also gaining a new professional fulfillment perspective. It can assist you in developing business skills such as strategic thinking and leadership. These skills will boost your confidence, allowing you to seize new professional opportunities or drive transformation in your current role. Because online MBA programs place a premium on business management, leadership, and marketing.

Both hard and soft skills are useful. Many jobs require more than just technical skills to complete the work correctly. Soft skills are required for all careers to make hard skills marketable.

As a result, enrolling in an online master’s degree in business administration program in India makes sense for skill development. After all, most companies look for potential employees who have the skills to do the job and sound business judgment.

Extraordinary salary potential

Online MBA programs prepare you for high-paying positions in today’s competitive market, in addition to broadening your employment options.

After earning an MBA, you will be able to obtain a high-paying job easily. The instructors in the online MBA program are experts in marketing, accounting, communication, organisational behaviour, and other fields. The industry you choose and the firm you join will also have an impact on your salary.

Job security

One of the most common concerns for employees in today’s job market is being fired. A master’s degree in business administration gives you an advantage because your employer is less likely to fire you.


Considering how quickly the world is changing during these turbulent times, pausing to reflect on one’s career strategy can be extremely beneficial.

An online degree program MBA in India can help you in several ways. It can help you gain a lot of knowledge, improve your soft skills, advance your career, build a professional network, and find a high-paying job. Enrolling in the online program in India will provide you with the necessary knowledge and abilities to help you fit in the best in the business community.

What career options can you opt for with an online MBA?


An MBA is a fantastic alternative if you’re thinking about changing careers. You’ll get the skills, network, and information necessary to land a new job at business school. But what if you can’t take a two-year break from work? Online MBA courses in India can help with this.

Graduates of online MBA programs go on to work in a variety of fields. So, what are the most popular job opportunities for online MBA graduates?

Management Consultant

One of the most popular employment paths for MBAs is consultancy. In recent years, Big Three consulting firms such as McKinsey & Company have increased their recruiting of MBA students, indicating that there are lots of chances for Online MBA graduates.

Some of the most critical skills for consulting are applying theoretical models to real-world problems and building and implementing business solutions, which may be learned through online MBA programs. You can also learn to balance various responsibilities and communicate successfully in an online situation by learning remotely.


To enter the world of entrepreneurship, you don’t need a typical MBA. Online MBA courses in India cover the same entrepreneurial themes as a regular MBA, such as innovation, strategy, and finance, giving you the well-rounded knowledge you’ll need to start a firm after graduation. You’ll also gain flexibility, which will allow you to transition from a full-time job to starting your own business.

Project manager

Being a project manager may be the ideal fit for your skills if you excel at both organisation and communication. Throughout the project life cycle, these individuals often oversee company projects and tough group tasks.

As a result, project managers must possess a diverse skill set that they should demonstrate to potential employers. For this position, you should highlight your professional experience in starting, planning, and implementing projects. Giving instances of initiatives you initiated and finished demonstrates the organisational and leadership abilities that employers seek.

Operations management

This position, like project managers, is in charge of overseeing a significant workflow within the company. Operations managers, in particular, are in charge of overseeing activities linked to the production of goods and services. They plan, design, and manage operations to ensure that processes and supply chains run smoothly. This is faster than the average growth for all occupations, which is encouraging for new graduates interested in this field. This expansion is ascribed to the development of new organisations and the extension of current ones, but you should nonetheless promote yourself for this position. Discuss your operations management experience and any processes you helped to improve. If you want to work in a specific area, such as health care management, keep your subject matter expertise up to date to expand your professional network and job chances.

online MBA

Financial analyst

If you’ve decided to pursue a career in finance, becoming an analyst is an excellent next step after earning your MBA. Financial analysts operate in a variety of industries, but banks, investment firms, and enterprises are the most in need of their services. This is because this position is critical in assisting organisations in making profitable investment decisions and reducing risk. This job option also has a promising future. A financial analyst with an MBA can promote their finance and accounting talents, as well as their investment strategy knowledge.

Human resources

Human resource management is an even more profitable career path because practically every organisation needs someone to run and supervise employee programs. A human resource manager with an MBA keeps up with evolving labour rules to ensure that the company follows them. They also understand how to use employee incentives and rewards programs to recruit and retain top employees.

It is essential for HR managers to strike a balance between creativity and compliance in their roles and to demonstrate these abilities to potential employers.

Information technology

You definitely have a passion for technology and business management if you hold an MBA in IT. An IT manager, according to Indeed, is someone who plans, directs, and oversees a company’s computer and information systems. They know everything there is to know about the business and the technology it requires, so they work to coordinate jobs involving hardware, software, and business users.

An IT professional, like other management roles, must be able to address problems and maximise an organisation’s information systems in the long run.

Digital Marketing Manager

There are lots of ambitious Online MBA graduates to make their mark in this developing field. There are many online MBA courses in India, which allow you to specialise in digital marketing. The course delves into a variety of topics, including social media marketing. Graduates of the program frequently go on to work as digital marketing managers.

Marketing management

Every company’s marketing department is crucial, and the manager is in charge of making sure everything is in order. Marketing managers are in charge of managing a full campaign and general strategy from start to finish, from branding and messaging to channels and target audiences. They must not only come up with innovative ways to position the company, but they must also handle marketing resources carefully.

Because you would be accountable for the entire company’s brand as a marketing manager, you must have a distinct personal brand. Check to see if your résumé, cover letter, and internet presence all match. Branded imagery is advantageous, as this position necessitates some ingenuity.

Data Analyst

For MBA grads, data analytics is a rapidly expanding field. Following your online MBA, work as a data analyst for some of the world’s largest corporations. Global technology companies such as Google and Amazon employ a huge number of MBA graduates and have large analyst teams.


This concludes our article on career opportunities after completing online MBA programs. Most employers prefer candidates who have finished their post-secondary education. We hope that this article has given you a better understanding of the various career opportunities open to you within a few specialisations. In this industry, you will almost certainly have a bright future. Today, upgrade your skills with online MBA courses in India and take the first step toward your dream job.

Why Should I Apply for Online MBA Courses?


Due to the unprecedented technological transformation, the demands of workplaces have grown significantly. As a result, the demand for professionals in managerial and leadership positions has risen, and organisations are looking for individuals with appropriate management knowledge and skills.

If you want to enter today’s competitive corporate world, you need to pursue an MBA degree. MBA online courses can benefit professionals and new graduates because they provide the necessary knowledge and skills that employers are looking for. Furthermore, if you graduate from a good university, a management degree will provide you with a salary increase, skills acquisition, community outreach, and the potential for career advancement. To make things easier for you, here are the reasons you should apply for the best online MBA degree in India to advance your career.

It is more comfortable to get into MBA online courses 

First and foremost: admission to an online MBA school is simpler than admission to a residential, brick-and-mortar program. But don’t let it deceive you. This does not imply that online programs have inferior requirements. They are free to accept as many pupils as they want. They do not, however, have to cope with concerns like restricted space and faculty-to-student ratios.

Online MBA degrees are more versatile

The biggest advantage of online MBA course over traditional MBA course is their flexibility. Studying MBA from home, on their terms, is convenient for busy working people. Of course, with a residential program, you must be there at specific locations and times. If you have full-time work and other adult obligations, you will undoubtedly struggle to complete a residential program. Still, you are less likely to suffer similar difficulties if you pursue an online MBA.

Possible Gaffes

Most students find online MBA programs to be adaptable and simple to navigate. That is if they are self-disciplined enough to complete the task. Some folks require the structure that brick-and-mortar schools give. As long as you can be your boss, an online MBA program should be quite easy for you. However, if you want more instruction and face-to-face engagement, you may find an online program to be quite tricky.

For many people, Online MBA programs are the most accessible option

Online MBA programs are not inferior to traditional MBA programs. The real labour will remain difficult. Of course, after you obtain your MBA, all of your hard work will be rewarded handsomely. However, from a logistical standpoint, completing an MBA online is by far the most convenient option. By pursuing an online MBA, you will be able to experience the best of both worlds by keeping your regular employment while also receiving an advanced degree. Doing the same thing while enrolled in a residential MBA school is more effort than it’s worth.

Excellent MBA programs across the globe

Earning an online MBA degree will provide you with a unique perspective on how organisations are run. Throughout your studies. This will enhance your cultural horizons as well as your job opportunities in international business. You can look for firms where you wish to work and set up appointments with possible employers. Who knows, after graduation, you could wind up remaining and working in that nation.

 With an online MBA program, you can progress and rise upward

If the concept of completing an MBA sounds too demanding in general, it is probably because you do not see how you can fit further study into your already-busy schedule. Well, applying to online MBA schools is much easier than you would imagine. As an extra plus, if you are worried about your GMAT scores or have other reservations about being admitted to traditional institutions, you will have an easier time getting into an online MBA program. Investigate your alternatives and apply to online MBA schools that appear to be a good fit for you.

Online MBA Courses

Online MBA degrees have no age bar

The best part is that age is not a factor in the admissions process for online program. Full-time employment experience is a crucial requirement, and older students have enough of it because they’ve been on the job market for a long period. You should be clear about your goals for pursuing an online MBA degree, stay motivated, and have a long-term strategy in which you have faith.

Accessibility to an extensive corporate network

You have a lot of networking possibilities as an MBA student. You will engage with other students, teachers, and faculty. And this background will help you improve your company management skills.

You receive access to the vast alumni network of that specific MBA program. Your relationships will provide you with an excellent perspective of the corporate world. Prepare to get a thorough awareness of even the smallest changes in the business environment and learn new strategies to adapt quickly. You can think about some major business challenges and draw links between numerous global events and global activities. You will understand how to communicate effectively and why it is essential for every organisation’s success.

Create your own business from the ground up

Many students enrol in an online MBA program because they want to be entrepreneurs and learn how to establish and expand their businesses. They have a tremendous dream and want to know how to make it come true. The best online MBA program in India may help you become a successful entrepreneur as well.

MBA lecturers who have firsthand experience starting a business can advise you on the primary pitfalls to avoid and what you should do to ensure your firm develops and remains stable over time.


The advent of technology has resulted in more adaptable and convenient means of delivering instruction. These online courses assist recent graduates and working professionals in adequately managing their personal and professional lives.

Despite several online MBA degrees available in the prevailing situation, choosing the best online MBA programs in India depends on the demands and future purposes of the individual. 

Think about what you wish to learn from the program you are going to take and make sure it aligns with your career goals.

Does Completing Online MBA Courses Get You Better Salary?

You are a working professional and looking at boosting your career graph by adding to your educational qualification. If this is you and you have been contemplating enrolling in an online MBA course; this article will help you decide on how to manage higher studies while you continue to pursue your career at the same time. And above all; we’ll look at if an online MBA course is worth the effort and time.

As a working professional wanting to pursue an online MBA program in India is no cakewalk but not impossible when you enrol yourself with reputed institutes that can help you along the way.

It is a proven fact and many MBA professionals would testify that pursuing online MBA courses in India gives you better chances in increasing your income by over 30% – 40% on average. An MBA program does create a significant impact on your career growth and no better time than deciding to upgrade yourself now!

It is affordable

Online MBA courses in India are much affordable as compared to full-time on-campus classroom MBA programs. It is almost one-tenth the cost of a traditional MBA program. After all, the obvious expenses associated with a regular MBA program like transport & travel, accommodations etc.

No need to quit your job

MBA online programs in India can be taken from the comfort of your home. You can access their online course material at your best suitable time that helps you manage work and studies together without having to quit your current job. Moreover, it adds experience to your work profile without any break and you are in touch with the industry.

Can pursue an executive program or specialization

Most working professionals opt for an executive program or a specialization like data science and business analytics, entrepreneurship development, administration, business development, human resource management, supply chain management, marketing, etc. Majoring in these courses helps executives grow in their career.

Expand your professional network

As you continue to work on your career and also pursue your online MBA course, it gives you insight into interacting with your professors who are also professionals in their fields. Working on MBA projects helps you interact with several interwork in various fields and help you gain better prospects in the industry with the connections you make.

No need to relocate

You do not have to go through the hassles of relocating your residence to pursue your dream MBA. The costs incurred with arranging accommodations & canteen etc and eliminated in an online MBA course.

The comfort of remote learning

Remote learning is the way to go, thus cutting off the major decisions of having to shift altogether, quitting jobs, taking hefty loans towards these studies and fees can be a whopping amount for simply pursuing an MBA.

Does completing an online MBA course get you a better salary?

  • Employers these days are on the hunt for the right skills backed with knowledge and certifications. There’s no better way for working executives to do so than with an online MBA. 
  • There is an increase in the payout structure on the remunerations ranging from a 30% – 40% average increase in the income. 
  • It helps working professionals increase their level/grade in their designation and role, thus attracting better pay packages.
  • Helps achieve specific career goals because of subject specializations available in online MBA courses in India. The scope of remuneration also gets better.
  • As per Forbes, the hike in salaries for professionals pursuing an online MBA has significantly increased the salary potential.
  • An MBA degree is one of the best ways to advance your career path and speed up your earning capacity.
  • MBA programs open ample avenues for mid-level and higher-level management roles in an organization. Chances are higher you might get selected with an online MBA course.
  • The amount of money and time invested in pursuing an MBA pays professional dividends in the years to come since you stand out from the crowd with your experience and qualification.
  • It helps increase your earning potential where your prospect for promotion is higher or leads to a higher post in a new industry.

Companies are looking for working professionals who have that work experience and are also self-motivated to invest in themselves towards self-development. MBA online programs in India can be the best bet for working professionals who can maintain the discipline of a study routine, religiously prepare and expand knowledge along with good time management skills. And also ensure a good balance between work and studies. 

Especially in these times when the pandemic hit our economy, where everything happens remotely. The whole world has had to switch to online operations and remote working thus changing the face of how people look at online education. More and more choices have been offered for pursuing education remotely because of the flexibility it offers without having to sacrifice your income, career, or make major decisions that could affect your pocket steeply. Hence there are clear trends pointing to the most preferred option being online learning. There is definitely a substantial return on your investment in MBA online programs in India.

A springboard to success

No matter where you are in your career journey—first-time jobseeker or a mid-career professional making a switch to a new field—interviews can make you feel nervous, anxious, and overwhelmed. While it’s perfectly normal to feel this way, the good news is that acing an interview is not tough if you’re well prepared for it.

Before you apply for a job, take time to assess your skills by closely studying the job description. A cover letter which summarises what you can bring to the company to successfully execute the job requirement will increase your chances of being shortlisted. Reaching out to your network of professionals will help you in getting that interview call. Building a professional network will assist you in going a long way in opening future career options. While strong skills and the knowledge you already possess will help you answer the technical questions, the STAR method is a structured manner of responding to behavioural-based interview questions (like ‘what is the most challenging situation you have faced/solved?’) by discussing the specific Situation, Task, Action, and Result of the scenario you are describing.

A springboard to success in a career starts with building strong skills. Skills can be built by putting all the effort that is required to do the job, plus the extra effort that is needed to build additional as well as future skills. While building skills, remember the 10,000 hour rule (propounded by Malcolm Gladwell in his book “Outliers”) which states that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to achieve mastery of a skill. While some skills might need only 5000 hours to achieve mastery, the important thing is to be at it.

“Being at it” is the attitude one should have in order to succeed. Sticking solely to the job at hand with the minimum required skills will limit your growth and push you further into your ‘comfort zone’. This is detrimental to skill enhancement and career growth. A career professional should consciously develop the Growth Mindset: the innate urge to learn and challenge oneself to achieve not just what is needed for the job, but to do more than that. One can develop this mindset by having the determination to achieve a goal despite the difficulties or failures one faces. Having a growth mindset is willing to fail and then starting over again keeping in mind the lessons learnt. Growth mindset is knowing that failure is not a permanent condition. Always look forward to challenges and accept negative feedback in the spirit of learning to grow. One should see every effort put in as the path to mastery, for mastery is the key to success.

Top scholarship offers at MUJ

Any higher education degree can be a major investment. But one that can open a whole new world of career options and employment avenues. Fortunately, today a lot of universities and reputed institutes are offering innovative payment options to make these degrees more affordable and accessible. Besides, there are a whole lot of funding options you can rely on to fund your education and repay later. So, don’t let financial constraints get in the way of the management degree of your dreams.

1. Scholarships

One of the most sought-after ways to pay for any professional higher education degree, be it in your own country or abroad, is scholarships. Almost all leading B-schools and universities offer these scholarships. Their appeal lies in the fact that students can focus entirely on their education, without worrying about the cost of education as under these, students get a discount on the academic fees.

However, since scholarships are based on certain pre-requisites, they also require applicants to meet certain eligibility criteria such as past grades, a timeline for completing the degree, and performance-monitoring. You may also be required to submit essays or letters of recommendation to support your application. Besides, these scholarships are often offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Here are top five scholarships being offered at Manipal University Jaipur for aspirants of online degree education:

Merit scholarship

MUJ offers 10% discount to aspiring students who have achieved 60% or more aggregate marks in their 12th (10+2) or equivalent examination from any recognised educational board in India

Defence scholarship

Respecting the sacrifice of the Indian Armed Forces and Paramilitary Forces, MUJ offers a 20% discount to all defence personnel whether serving or retired.

Divyang scholarship

As per the Govt. of India’s directive to promote healthy environment supporting physically challenged individuals, MUJ has rolled out a 20% discount. All aspirants in occupancy of a govt. Divyang certificate are eligible for this scholarship.

PSU scholarship

To aid government employees (Central and State) in pursuing higher studies in professional courses, MUJ is offering a 10% discount. All employees in Govt./ semi-Govt services are eligible to avail of this discount.

2. Student loans

The next most popular option for self-funding higher education is student loans. These are long-term loans with a provision of repayment after you’ve completed your degree. However, the terms of these loans vary greatly. While some cover all expenses such as tuition fee and living costs, others only cover the academic cost.

A lower interest rate as compared to other loans is what makes these appealing to students who don’t have the immediate resources to bear the cost of a professional management degree. A lot of banks also have tie-ups with institutions offering courses. This makes the process of the loan application and approval a lot more streamlined and hassle-free.

3. Paying in EMIs

Online courses are preferred options for young professionals as well as students, as these present the perfect combination of flexibility and affordability while offering high-value degrees from prestigious business schools and universities. In terms of financials, not only are online programmes more cost-effective than an on-campus one but they are also easier on the pocket since you have the option of paying the fee in easy EMIs.

Another key benefit is that you can pursue your course and a full-time job at the same time. Your earnings can, thus, be used to fund your education. This means no debts to deal with later on.

4. Employer-sponsored education

Today, upskilling has become a major focus in organisations across the world. Employers have finally woken up to the fact that helping their existing workforce acquire new skills proves far more cost-effective and productive in the long run than hiring and onboarding new employees. If you’re a working professional, you can look for a sponsored degree programme supported by your employer.

These are mostly executive education courses, but you can earn your degree without spending a single penny from your pocket, and repay your organisation with your newly acquired skills.

5. Part-time earnings

Many students work part-time jobs to pay for their higher education degrees. This is typically the case when they’ve either secured scholarships or student loans that only cover the cost of education and no other expenses for this period. Tutoring, teaching, taking up research projects or working as assistants are some of the common profiles that students consider for part-time work to support themselves while pursuing a degree.

The bottom line

There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to funding your own professional education degree. The right fit depends on your circumstances and vision for the future. That said, the option to pursue an online degree and pay for it as per your ability remains unmatched in terms of flexibility and affordability, even more so for those who cannot secure a full scholarship.

Online vs. campus learning: What should you opt for?

When online learning was in its infancy, employers were usually skeptical of hiring resources with online credentials. But today, online learning programs are recognized and are at par with their on-campus counterparts. However, there are three factors that employers look for while evaluating online degrees:

1. Accreditation that ensures that the institution meets certain standards and its graduates have the requisite professional skills

2. Reputation of both the institution as well as programs. 3. Existence of a traditional campus that reassures them that the institution is reputable and established.

3. Existence of a traditional campus that reassures them that the institution is reputable and established.

Online learning represents a different experience than traditional on-campus learning. It is an option that empowers flexible learning, especially among non-traditional learners and busy working individuals. However, with its increased adoption, the question has arisen on whether online education is effective in getting students the knowledge they need to earn their degrees, enhance their careers, and even move on to the next phase of their academic quest.

Due to these unprecedented times, campus shutdowns led to a quick rush to “remote learning,” exposing the fragmented adoption of high-quality education technology and digital capabilities across thousands of colleges and universities. On-campus classes ceased overnight and were replaced by online and blended options. But the bigger question is, can online classes recompense for the campus experience?

As we already know, the pandemic has affected all areas of life and the higher education sector was not spared. But we worked around it and various universities have developed their own online courses and adopted new methods to adjust to new realities. The improvisation of already existing techniques and technology has ensured an uninterrupted academic experience for students. We delve a little deeper into what the model entails and how it may impact your study plans.

Online programs: Once a niche form of education, online education is now the norm. Earlier, it was mainly working professionals & distance learning students who used it as a learning tool for the convenience, flexibility, and affordability it offers. Today, this situation has totally changed. Technology has ensured that online programs emerge as a great asset to education at large. It has also created some interesting and realistic questions which will need addressing once the world reopens fully.

There are a few things we need to keep in mind to deliver a program online. For starters, use a technology platform that creates a rich-content and immersive learning experience. Immersive technology pushes students into a virtual environment, where they not only gain academic knowledge but also practice problem-solving, critical thinking, and technical and creative skills, both individually and in collaboration with other students. With the use of appropriate technology, educators can create different scenarios so learners can see and understand the material in a more interactive way.

Secondly, we need a robust student lifecycle management (SLcM) for better student-teacher engagement. With increased competition due to alternative learning models, universities need to look at new ways of increasing student engagement and improving student retention. SLcM is a holistic and data-informed approach that focuses on the entire student journey from admissions through to graduation to ensure student success.

Lastly, institutions need to invest in a reliable examination platform with a proctoring system which will effectively improve the credibility of evaluation. Today, online examinations and online talent assessments have become quite the norm. Most universities, educational institutes, and schools are conducting their exams online to overcome disruptions and ensure learning and education continuity.

Hybrid or a mixed approach: Online programs may not offer the edge that some learning elements provide. Hybrid learning is nothing but a way of combining traditional and digital delivery methods, using the best option for each learning objective. That means unlike blended learning models, the hybrid approach varies widely according to the subject matter and the needs of specific groups of learners. A hybrid or mixed approach is a better option for programs having both knowledge and skills elements. The flexibility and multiple episodes of online and offline delivery can bring better learning or experiential learning for students.

Campus and contact programs: Campus programs are going to be an option for students who can afford it. However, the pandemic proved that campus programs need to be adaptable. As NEP 2020 intended to bring flexibility in terms of time, modules, and courses, many campus courses can be transformed into mixed segments. This allows the faculty to reach more students and save their time spent on managing the on-campus programs. This way, an institute can earn more geographical coverage, status, and better ranking. Online learning has already made quite an impact. A plethora of recognised institutions – in India and across the globe – have shown the model is successful and, more importantly, growing rapidly in popularity. So, while the traditional classrooms may not go away completely anytime soon, online and hybrid learning is the need of the hour in these dynamic times.

Why an MBA is still a winner among graduates today

After the financial crisis of 2008, the equity of MBA programmes slightly diminished as markets crashed around the world. Yet, recent statistics indicate that the equity of MBA programmes is once again going up, as more and more graduate students who are looking to rise in the management ranks, enrol for the programme. Let’s look at why this programme seems to be an evergreen one.

All streams are welcome
One of the core benefits of an MBA is that students from all streams – law, humanities, social work, science, BBA, commerce, BCA, design and beyond – can enrol. Traditionally, those who wished to work in investment banking or consulting were key applicants, but today, the programme is becoming popular among graduates of all streams as they set their sights on management roles in a wide range of sectors. Leadership, problem-solving, and business decision making are focus areas of the programme.

Pursue an online MBA
A top trend on the horizon is the rising popularity of online MBA programmes. This mode of study comes with several advantages. The flexibility of the online MBA programme enables graduates to also pursue part-time jobs that offer experience alongside the knowledge they gather in the classroom. You can also pursue a quality programme from a top tier university without shifting to a new country or state. You will, of course, still need to take an entrance exam and bring your best to the programme to graduate with excellence.

Another advantage is the innovative use of technology to enhance the quality of education via app-based learning. Manipal University Jaipur, for example, offers one of the best online MBA programmes, for a two year duration. Manipal University Jaipur offers online degrees entitled by UGC and the programme itself offers a healthy mix of classroom lectures, interactive study modules, networking opportunities and online assignments. Online MBA also tends to be more affordable.

Get industry exposure
Whether you pursue an online MBA or one on campus, this programme is designed to empower graduates to grow their real-world exposure from day one via industry guest lectures, internships and networking opportunities.

Several institutes host business pitching challenges that encourage students to push the boundaries of innovation, encourage thinking on their feet and help them learn about real world market challenges. Internships are mandatory, offering students an opportunity to build skills and showcase themselves to potential employers.

A rich cohort
Peer-to-peer learning has several benefits, and one of the biggest USPs of this programme is the opportunity to engage with students from diverse streams and backgrounds. This creates a multi-disciplinary learning environment that brings with it innovative approaches to problem-solving, diverse perspectives and collaborative learning, which mirrors the dynamics in the real world.

Choosing the right MBA
During admissions, make sure you check the history and legacy of the programme and university where you plan to enrol. Check the accreditation score of the university, as well as the overall reputation of the programme. Does it have a good placement record? What is the quality of faculty, and does it have strong industry connections? A superior MBA programme balances all these factors and offers you an experience that sets the foundation for an impressive career.