Design is the new management

Publication: The Hindu
January 9, 2021

In today’s competitive world, to survive and thrive, organisations need a design-driven and innovative mindset. From businesses to experiences, services to systems, everything is changing at an unprecedented pace and career opportunities for management candidates are growing in tandem. Management students are trained in functional areas such as marketing, finance, HR, etc., which prepares them to be productive. However, the key faculty of management studies is design strategy that focuses on creatively planning, efficiently designing, developing, and executing a strategy.

Design and innovation provide a deeper understanding of how to design and administer various strategies, keeping in mind organisation goals, function, and economics while ensuring a great end-user experience. These subjects encourage students to create highly valuable and innovative work environments that benefit individuals and inspire imaginative and creative workplaces. As creators of tomorrow, we need to understand the fundamentals of design in management, social behaviour, entrepreneurship, gamification, designing strategies to service and systems design, creative strategic leadership, etc.

Programme and scope
Design is the new management. In our ever-changing world, it is the fundamental element of planning and strategy for every business. Ultimately, it is good design – be it in the product, the experience, or the technology – that truly differentiates an innovative organisation from the rest. MIND’s PGCP in Design and Innovation powers-up learners’ imagination and enables them to apply design to every aspect of life, to create an impact. This course is a unification of socio-economic, administration, technology, and originality. Also, the employment opportunities for Design Strategy Management candidates is on the rise in India.

In-depth market research has shown that organisations need learning programs in applied design, strategy, and innovation to address real-world challenges. Businesses today are required to have the ability to create opportunity out of the vague, tangibility out of the intangible, and create worth and wealth out of the limitations. This can only be accomplished by the ability and the power to constantly reinvent, innovate, and ‘design’ business strategies, processes, tools, and techniques.

Therefore, people who have the ability to design contextually relevant imaginative, creative, transformational, and intuitive strategies, business processes, tools, and techniques are essential. A practice-oriented school that encourages students to take industry-driven challenges and create phenomenal methods, concepts, and ideas will stretch the human imagination with best practices in design, innovation, strategy, and creative leadership. At the same time, management schools need to offer insights and tools that make problem solvers more collaborative, effective, and resilient, and changemakers to apply design to everything they do from ideation to creation. Design strategy can build thought leaders and a new breed of managers who can help organisations achieve their strategic goals and maximise worth from business.

Career prospects
In the post-Covid world, as the pandemic has thrown the rule book even further, organisations need a workforce that’s trained to think in design terms. This will help drive sustained success in physical service, and digital settings, in no particular order. For that, organisations will need champion thinkers who map their own paths and make it simple with their ideas and dreams for the future.

To reimagine business, renovate systems and recreate value in the new normal, organisations need dynamic visionaries, changemakers, and pathbreakers to positively embrace and create disruptions. Every industry will need fresh value creators who can help organisations learn, adapt, and seize new opportunities. Therefore, with the transforming industry trends, job opportunities in Design Strategy is set to witness continued demand in India.