Building a robust career with business analytics

  Sep 7, 2021

This domain offers one of the lucrative career paths for any data enthusiast to fast-track their career growth. Reportedly, a business analyst with one to four years of experience earns ₹5 to ₹8 lakh annually, while a mid-career professional earns ₹8 to ₹10 lakh annually. Not only does a career in business analytics provide handsome compensation but it also opens opportunities for professionals to grow into C-suite roles. Like many others, Derek Steer, CEO at Mode Analytics, started his career as a business analyst.

To give their business analytics careers a kick-start, learners can choose to upskill their skill sets with the help of online certification courses. They can take help from some good online courses with hands-on learning experiences on essential tools and techniques like data extraction and manipulation, SQL, Python, R, Tableau.

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