Can you do a B.Com online? 9 benefits of an online B.Com course

  Nov 7, 2022

By India Today Web Desk: Commerce is a key industry for any nation. As a country’s economy grows, employment opportunities in the commerce sector also increase. Thus, a bachelor’s in commerce paves the way for one to launch a lucrative profession.

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) is one of the most preferred undergraduate degrees for students after Class 12. This three-year course is highly career-centric and trains students in various aspects of commerce and entrepreneurship. It can lead to employment in a variety of fields, including design, management, advertising, finance, and accounting.

Online learning has been gaining prominence in recent years due to the various benefits it offers. With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, this trend has hastened faster than expected as there’s been a significant rise in the number of students enrolling for an online course. India, along with a few other nations, has been investing significantly in e-learning.

An online BCom course is specifically designed for students looking to learn without time or space constraints. It helps students comprehend and analyze data and utilize multidisciplinary methodologies to address current business issues and create unique business opportunities.

Since everything is done at the student’s convenience, geographical boundaries between students are no longer an issue. In this article, we’ll discuss the several advantages of pursuing a BCom degree in online mode.

Here are the many benefits of an online BCom course:


A BCom degree programme covers wide a range of subjects like business communication, accounting, statistics, economic policies, taxation, finance, and marketing.

Learning all these subjects makes a BCom graduate resourceful and equipped to proceed further in a career path of his choice.


An online BCom will be an added advantage for Charted Accountancy (CA) aspirants. Candidates can choose to pursue both CA and BCom simultaneously, provided they are eligible for both.

The topics covered in the CA Foundation and Intermediate course are quite similar to the topics covered in the BCom syllabus except that the CA subjects are higher in difficulty level.

Moreover, the flexibility and convenience of pursuing an online BCom allow students to concentrate in both programs from time to time.


While pursuing an online BCom, learners will have enough time to hone a new set of skills that help them advance in their future careers. They can, for instance, acquire computer skills, accounting software skills, learn a new language and much more, while pursuing an online BCom.


The main advantage of enrolling in an online BCom programme is the flexibility to work or pursue a hobby in addition to your studies.

With an online BCom programme, you can study whenever and wherever you wish and allocate time for everything you wish to do.


An online BCom programme is much more affordable than a regular on-campus one. There are no additional costs for commuting and accommodation.

You can also save on relocation costs if you need to move to a new location in pursuit of a BCom from a reputed institute.


Pursuing BCom in online mode from a reputed university almost negates the effect of geographical distance as you get to interact with students all over the world who enroll for the same programme in the same university.


Many working professionals are opting for online BCom courses as it helps them acquire knowledge and skills to stay relevant, and in line with recent industry trends.

It also helps them get a promotion or a better salary hike.


When you enroll for an online BCom programme, you can make the most of the vast repository of e-learning material that you can access 24/7.


Time management is a valuable skill that will serve you well in the long run. If you’re a working professional, it’s important to balance your learning schedule and working hours.

Online learning improves your time management skills significantly.

By pursuing an online BCom, you can enhance your career, build a professional network, gain immense knowledge, and get a high-paying job — all at the same time.

An online BCom programme will provide you with the skills you need to blend in and excel in the dynamic business world.

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