How Women Can Overcome Barriers In HR Tech By Mastering Digital HR And People Analytics

  Oct 9, 2022

To make it less strenuous for women who want to get/get back into the HR tech field, here are some ways they can overcome barriers through upskilling in digital HR and people analytics.

Bias is a term we often use in the tech space with respect to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data science. It is a noun that translates to a preconceived notion or an opinion/fact strongly inclined towards a specific entity. Tech professionals in this field work hard to eliminate bias in systems, which is quite ironic because while we hire the most able workforce to do this on computers, we conveniently dismiss prevailing biases in our workplaces. We involuntarily give rise to workforce bias in terms of representation, where the tech industry is male dominated. Without getting into details on number of women professionals in the tech industry (done and dusted), let us acknowledge the fact that disparity in women representation exists and working towards solving it is vital. If job application-interview-recruitment is the standard process in the employment system for men, women have a few more steps they need to tackle and prove their capability for a job profile. While this is also being abolished in a lot of companies through conversations and education, it’s still not gone completely missing from the spectrum. To make it less strenuous for women who want to get/get back into the HR tech field, here are some ways they can overcome barriers through upskilling in digital HR and people analytics.

A strong certification
Career comebacks are often associated with women and despite a woman being extremely talented and ideal for a job profile, once they take up a sabbatical, they are forced to start from scratch. This break that stems from diverse reasons becomes a barrier in their career growth. To overcome this, a strong certification that complements and strengthens your portfolio and past experience is inevitable.

The 3-month online Certificate Program in People Analytics & Digital HR is one such program that awards you a certificate from IIM Indore post successful completion. By getting certified by one of the top institutes in India puts you on the radar of recruiters without having to prove your expertise again.

Getting hands-on with relevant tools

HR analytics is all about making sense of existing data and visualising it. From tackling attrition to reducing overhead expenses, data can do wonders. However, only to those that can speak its language. That’s why getting hands-on “do & learn” experience with relevant advanced HR Analytics tools is extremely essential to break barriers in career progressions and appraisals. By working on relevant tools, case studies and real-world datasets during the program, you become ready for a job profile right from day 1 (no more mansplaining). With this, women also have more opportunities and visibility to get into technical roles and responsibilities.

Exposure to AI and automation

AI is a buzzword for a reason. The potential it offers to pull off tasks is incredible, and it heavily boils down to the capabilities of the master who capsules an AI module. With the right program, you get the best exposure and experience learning AI and automation tools that will help you get more clarity on your career path and aid you become competent & future-proof.

Final thoughts

Changes start from within. I understand this is a cliché, but this statement has stood the test of time for a reason. By breaking tangible and intangible barriers in your career path as an HR tech through a robust program, you are bestowed with a new responsibility – to change things that opposed you. With new skills and competencies, you become part of the larger picture with the power and time to fix intricate problems like gender-based wage gaps, diversity, inclusivity and more. The certificate programme in People Analytics & Digital HR would initially sound like an upskilling program but in the longer run it is an empowerment programme, not just for you but for those like you and around you.

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