Sharp Spurt in Demand for Data Analytics Courses

  Jun 13, 2016

Bengaluru: A final-year chemistry student, Aayushi Agarwal, wonders if she is the only undergraduate contemplating a career in analytics. “I was gripped by a sudden interest in data. I joined an online course and learnt things I had no idea of. I realized I was good at it and though I am studying chemistry, I will look for a job with analytics companies,” she pointed out.

Details of a survey conducted by Jigsaw Academy reveal that non-IT professionals account for 52% of those pursuing analytics courses, bucking the trend of the IT sector constituting the majority.

The survey also indicates a growing interest among college students for data analytics courses. Student enrolment increased from 5% in previous years to 17% this time, with entrepreneurs making up for 11% of those taking up the course.

Aditya Chavali was initially sceptical of taking up data analytics, since he was pursuing MBA in finance. However, the 24-year-old attributes his current position as a senior analyst with a market research company to his decision to study data analytics. “After I told them how useful it the course was, 15 friends decided to take it up. The course was challenging but worth every bit of it,” he pointed out.

Puneet Jada, a civil engineering student, turned to data science after he grew disinterested with his course. “I had always been good at mathematics and found coding, finance and analytics easy,” said Jada, who has landed a job as an associate consultant (analytics) with a firm.

CEO of Jigsaw Academy, Gaurav Vohra said, “Besides IT, finance, marketing, BPO and KPO are also increasingly driven by data today. IT professionals need to pick up more skills if they are to survive in this field. We have engineering, BCom and MBA students taking up our course. Data analytics is becoming a life skill.”

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