World Youth Skills Day 2021: Check 5 domains that can upskill the youth to become job-ready

  Jul 15, 2021

For the country’s youths graduating from colleges this year, the ongoing pandemic has made a bad situation worse. Before the pandemic, they had encountered an increasing inconsistency between skills they were learning in school/college and those that they required to get hired. Now, the entire world is under the shadow of Covid-19 and despite having higher education, it has become increasingly challenging for youngsters to kickstart their careers in these dichotomous scenarios.

According to the India Skills Report 2021 by Wheebox, “Only 45.9 percent of the youth were considered highly employable resources.” It has become more imperative than ever for the youth of today to upskill in industry-relevant skills to join the digitally intelligent workforce.

This shifting work ecosystem requires a change in the way we think about learning. They must be encouraged to “learn to learn” and “learn-unlearn-relearn” in order to gain new skills and adapt them to stay relevant with the current trends in the industries that will help them secure a recession-resilient job.

In today’s digital-fast world, getting groomed, be digitally fluent and be job-ready has become crucial. Looking at the current scenario, where working remotely is the new normal, every industry is looking for skilled professionals who can help them navigate this tectonic shift.

Therefore, it has become important for youngsters to have hands-on experience in emerging technologies, such as Data Science, Business Analytics, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, People Analytics, Digital HR, to name a few. Knowing how to develop data-driven strategies and decision making, having full-fledged knowledge of Cloud solutions, etc, shall surely make them digitally literate and ready for the job market.

Check five top domains that can upskill the youth to become job-ready

1. Business Analytics

Data has become critical to business success for organisations and to develop new growth strategies. Business Analytics helps organisations understand consumers’ changing demands and create new strategies to overcome the pandemic’s effects. It assists companies in obtaining profound understanding and support in data-driven decision-making and has become a key requirement for every company. And that is why Business Analytics and management leaders are highly sought-after.

Today, Google search shows more than 34,60 million Business Analytics jobs are vacant in the country. Not only this, this domain offers one of the lucrative career paths for youths to fast-track their career growth. Reportedly, a Business Analyst with less than one year of experience earns Rs 3 lacs to Rs 5 lacs annually. Upskilling in this domain will empower youths to advance more quickly in their career ladder.

2. Artificial Intelligence

While Artificial Intelligence (AI) remains an emerging field, its extraordinary market success has yielded considerable potential. Acquiring talents with AI skills has become a huge attraction and requirement for companies. In the years ahead, various industries will see advancement and development in terms of AI as it is placed to be a successful emerging technology in the Indian industrial ecosystem.

As revealed by the Artificial Intelligence Report 2021 by Stanford, “India is ranked sixth globally amongst all the countries that are working relentlessly on AI and its implementation in the market.” Upskilling in the Artificial Intelligence domain will provide the youths a competitive edge in the job market’s rat race.

3. Cloud Computing

Cloud, the world’s worldwide server network, has emerged as one of India’s most reliable emerging technologies. According to IBM’s recent survey, “65% of companies say investment in IoT, Cloud, and mobility will be a priority this year.”

As organisations migrate their business operations and resources to the Cloud, it has become of utmost necessity to have highly qualified professionals. As a domain, it has a lot to offer in terms of business scalability as well as lucrative job opportunities to skilled youths. Acquiring high-level knowledge of Cloud solutions such as AWS services and Microsoft Azure, along with hands-on experience, will allow them to kickstart their careers effortlessly.

4. Data Science

Companies are able to optimise their business profitability by collecting, analysing enormous volumes of data, and drawing insights from it to discover solutions to business challenges.

Data Science has become a major asset for decision-making and profitability. An Analytics India Magazine’s study on the availability of opportunities in the Data Science space revealed, “In India, the number of vacancies for Data Science-related jobs has increased by 53%.”

Building proficiency in Data Science techniques and tools will allow youths to fast-track their careers in the competitive market with lucrative packages. According to Payscale, “An entry-level Data Scientist with less than 1-year experience earns between Rs 5 lakh to Rs 7 lakh annually.”

5. Product Management

The ongoing pandemic has dramatically influenced consumers’ mindsets and demands, leading businesses to enhance their products and services to stay competitively relevant and sustainable. Whether the organisation is a big IT giant, building a state-of-the-art product or a small startup offering food services, it doesn’t matter. Organisations have realised that today, success is possible with efficient Product Management.

Thus, they are actively hiring professionals with proficient Product Management skills to join their product teams. Not only this, as a domain, it offers lucrative career opportunities to everyone with relevant skill sets, no matter from which educational background they come from.

Today, there are more than 20,000 vacant Product Manager positions available in the country, which means this is the best time for youngsters to upskill in this domain for building a promising career.


Today, education is not confined to what is taught in schools and colleges, but the scope of learning has become wider, owing to the evolving market and technological advancement.

To secure a career in the competitive and evolving job market, upskilling and remaining industry-relevant is crucial for youths. Acquiring expertise in the above-mentioned domains will offer great placement opportunities to the youths and help them build a promising and recession-proof career.

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