Boost your career with an online BBA degree

Foreseeing the growth in digital learning, universities and colleges in India have shifted their focus to online education. Educational institutions are now following a unique teaching style that blends theory and practical. Leveraging digital technology, many institutions have started online management courses to create engaging, relevant, and personalised learning experiences.

Of the many management programmess, online BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) is one that is steadily gaining popularity. The reason for its growing popularity is its focus on preparing students for management positions by teaching the fundamentals of business and management. With an online BBA degree, you can either jumpstart your career or use it as a gateway for higher studies.

Why is online BBA relevant?

Business administration and management skills cannot be acquired overnight and need to be nurtured. BBA is a business management program that allows you to gain distinctive business skills. An online BBA degree will provide you with the foundation in business management. From business law to entrepreneurship development, this course covers all the management topics and their applications.

An online BBA degree is relevant to those who want to start a career in management and administrative positions. This online business management program is a comprehensive course that teaches managerial skills to help you grow in your career. It gives an in-depth knowledge of the intricate business management and administration skills needed to succeed in today’s world. As the course is fully online, a computer and an internet connection are all that you need. So, completing your education and getting a BBA degree is easy even in a pandemic situation.

Facts about online BBA with Manipal University Jaipur Online

  • It is a three-year, fully online undergraduate program
  • Academic and career support from faculty
  • Unique login ID and password to access the university website
  • Access to study material 24/7
  • Students can create their own schedules to study
  • Complete assignments at home and take exams remotely

Who can join the online BBA programme

Students who have completed higher secondary education or an equivalent diploma programme with 40% marks from a recognised board or university are eligible for this online programme. Candidates with a three year diploma from a State Board of Technical Education or other competent body can also apply for the online BBA degree.

Why should you choose an online BBA degree

  • Cost: The cost of an online BBA degree is less when compared to the offline/campus-based BBA programme. This online programme also helps students avoid expenditures on commute, accommodation, etc.
  • Exposure and experience: Workshops and lectures which are a part of the curriculum provide the needed experience and help students improve their skills.
  • Easy learning methods: Create your schedules and learn at your convenience. Classes are both synchronous and asynchronous, so it gives more flexibility to students.
  • Networking: The online programme lets you communicate with peers from across the globe, hence, there are more opportunities for networking.
  • Career and salary growth: As this is an online programme, you can take up the course while you continue your part-time or full-time job. It’s a great option for working professionals as it helps them perform better at their jobs by applying the knowledge gained from the course. As the online BBA degree is equivalent to a regular course, candidates can expect a salary similar to a candidate who completes a regular degree programme.
  • The online BBA degree provides in-depth knowledge of the different aspects of business management. The course covers all the topics of business management including finance, international business, marketing, information system, etc. If you want to start a career in business management or administration, the online BBA degree is an ideal option.

Job opportunities and career growth

An online BBA degree teaches the concepts of business administration and management. Organisations prefer candidates who possess the managerial skills to work with the operations team and senior management. The knowledge you gain through the online programme will help you perform better in any organisation. Once you have learned all the fundamentals of business management, you can apply the lessons in your business too.

Last but not the least, a BBA programme lays a firm foundation for future degrees. For students who are interested in pursuing a master’s degree, BBA opens up a wide range of choices.

If you want to boost your career, an online BBA is a perfect choice. But finding the best university is a tiresome process, as only a few recognised colleges offer this course online.

With Manipal University Jaipur you are guaranteed a credible degree as it is UGC-recognized and A+ NAAC accredited. The team of academic experts and mentors are friendly, and they guide you through the entire course duration. Once you have completed the course online, we also provide you career support to find your dream job. Explore this excellent opportunity for career growth.

Online degree courses at Manipal University Jaipur – All you need to know

The Internet has made many things easy and flexible, and education is one of them. The market of online education in India was worth $247 million USD in 2016 and was expected to approximately reach $1.96 billion USD by 2021, and this estimation was even before the pandemic was a factor. The growth expected now is above and beyond previous expectations.

As a pioneer in the field, Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ) has just added an interesting approach to the already growing space of online education. The renowned university aims at providing online degrees in BBA, MBA, BCA and MCA programmes. With these courses, students will go through the rigours of a dynamic and mainstream course, while also learning from the comfort of their homes.

What makes online education a hit?

Online education was a growing space and the current pandemic situation has made the students and parents more understanding and accepting of the online way of learning. With schools and colleges shifting to online teaching methodologies during the pandemic, students now have an option to choose a college which is physically far away from their homes.

Here are a few benefits of online learning –

  • Professionals can now plan to upgrade their skills without the need of being physically present in class
  • Lectures can be recorded and replayed when needed
  • Online education is highly affordable as you do not have to pay hefty fees for your campus ventures
  • It provides you access to classes, irrespective of your location

With MUJ’s online app, your online MBA or online BBA classes are now more accessible than ever before.

How does MUJ make online education better than other universities?

Listed below are ways how MUJ elevates the online education space for its students:

  • To start with, MUJ is the first-of-its-kind digital campus in the country and offers a digital library for its students
  • MUJ provides UGC-recognised online programmes. This means that students cannot only study from the comfort of their homes but also gain a recognised degree, increasing their credibility
  • MUJ has a NAAC A+ accreditation
  • The courses are delivered by experienced faculty members and industry experts who come on board to train students for all the necessary skills
  • MUJ utilises a dynamic learning methodology. It aims at making online education an enriching experience
  • The course-structure adheres to the rigours of the professional world. Your online courses would make you capable of the same stature as its offline counterpart
  • MUJ vouches to be a game-changer for students looking to excel. Be it your online BCA or BBA degree, it ensures that students acquire the right skills to give them the required traction in their respective fields
  • The specialised study modules help students grow as entrepreneurs and even build their own business
  • MUJ doesn’t stop just with providing a degree but also provides career support to find your dream job

What courses does MUJ provide online?

Currently, MUJ offers four degree programmes online and batches will start soon. You can choose from the following courses:

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Pursuing a BBA online degree from MUJ allows students to explore the business as well as the entrepreneurial world from a larger perspective.

Eligibility: 10+2 from a recognised board, a three year diploma (10 + 3) from a State board, or an equivalent qualification as recognised by the Association of Indian Universities or other competent bodies, in any discipline with at least 50% marks in aggregate (45% for reserved categories).

The duration of the programme is three years. The programme adheres to industry standards by getting the students aligned with the best learnings and practices. It helps students develop an entrepreneurial mindset to help them see the world from a different perspective.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

An online MBA with this pedagogical shift is a dynamic proposition for any student as it opens up several avenues.

Eligibility: The candidate should have a three-year bachelor’s degree in any discipline from a recognised university after 10+2 with a minimum of 40% marks in aggregate.

The candidate needs to qualify in the entrance test conducted by Manipal University Jaipur. Candidates who have cleared an aptitude test (MAT/CAT/GMAT) conducted by a recognised institution need not take MUJ’s entrance test. Such candidates should have scored 40 percentile or above and the scorecard should not be more than one year old at the time of admission.

The duration of the course is two years. The course offers specialisation across Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, and Operations.

As one of the top online MBA programmes, it incorporates all the rigours and needs of the professional world.

Bachelor or Computer Applications (BCA)

We are discussing various aspects of online education only because of the various advancements in the field of technology and computer science. MUJ provides top online BCA programmes that will help you participate in the growth seen in the field of computer science.

Eligibility: The candidate should have passed 10+2 from a recognised board or its equivalent qualification as recognised by the Association of Indian Universities (AIU), or have a three-year diploma from the State Board of Technical Education and Training, or any other competent body with a minimum of 40% marks in any discipline.

The course gives you industry-ready training in software development and helps you build critical skills for the technology world. It is a three year programme, which gets you acquainted with computer science and related technologies.

Master of Computer Applications (MCA)

MUJ helps you to deep dive into the world of computers with its online MCA programme. It allows students to be a part of the rapidly growing technological world by helping them participate in it with relevant skills.

Eligibility: The candidate should have a Bachelor of Computer Applications/Computer Science, or a B.Sc./B.Com./B.A. with Mathematics in class 12, or any bachelor’s degree with Mathematics as a subject.

MUJ gives students access to the rigours of the industry with ample theoretical and practical exposure. From advanced computer languages to required tools and applications, it makes its students adept in skills needed for enhancing career growth.

The duration of the programme is two years.


MUJ makes the best use of a dynamically growing mode and format of education with the right courses backed by effective and efficient resources. It allows students to pursue education and career advancement from the best educators in the world, with a high degree of flexibility.

Education in India is going digital: Why you need to keep up

Top reasons to adopt the online mode of education  

The impact of COVID 19 on the education sector has been unprecedented in every sense. The closing down of educational institutions in the wake of the virus outbreak has accelerated the rapid shift to digital-learning models across the country.

Online or digital education is already a norm in several countries across the globe with reputed universities offering full-time degrees including online MBA, online BCA, online BBA and other similar certifications.

It would not be wrong to say that India’s education system is going through a transformative phase and, as a society, we need to catch up and move forward with this global trend.

Transition to digital and why you need to keep pace

Online education is primarily conducted in two ways. The first is via recorded classes, which, when opened to students, are referred to as Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). The second is via live online classes conducted as Zoom sessions or webinars.

Accredited universities are leveraging online live classes as well as MOOCs, along with various education delivery platforms or learning management systems to make online education more accessible in India.

Here’s why you need to keep up with this ongoing trend of learning through robust online education courses –

  • Multiple options

The biggest advantage of digital or online learning is the vast number of options or courses available to students. In digital mode, students can explore literally any field that they are interested in.

There is no dearth of accredited MBA online degree programmes for those looking to enhance their career prospects. It allows college students to look beyond the traditional or obvious academic options and expand their horizons.

  • Anytime, anywhere learning

In today’s fast-paced life, everyone is pressed for time. Digital learning takes care of this problem. Online courses give students the flexibility to access it anytime, anywhere, as per their convenience.

  • Affordability

The financial limitation is another big challenge that keeps students away from pursuing higher education in their desired field. Unlike the classroom method that requires you to invest money into multiple resources, transportation, and more, online education has no such financial constraints as all you need is a computer or a smartphone with an internet connection.

Whether you choose to pursue business or computer programming, top online BBA and BCA degrees come with their own resources and help you save a lot of money.

  • Expert assistance

Most of the education programmes available online from reputed institutions enjoy accreditation from various agencies, including NAAC and UGC. Some of these programmes also have tie-ups with top industry leaders and experts to guide students through the online programme and allow them to directly resolve queries by connecting with students.

Additionally, students can also connect with their peers and build their student network to leverage each other’s strengths and learning capabilities.

  • Personalised learning

Going digital can give students the opportunity to get the advantage of personalised learning. This way students can find the right online course in terms of their field of interest, level, preferred format or schedule.

Online education offers a customised approach to learning that can assist college students in finding the right course as per their learning capabilities and doesn’t necessarily burden them with conventional or standard choices. Such kind of personalisation makes learning much more intuitive, fun and exciting.

  • Interactive mode of study

Online education offers a greater scope for learning to be engaging. The main reason for this is that the course material is innovatively designed and offered in various engaging formats like quizzes, presentations, games, and projects. In addition to this, video conferencing enables peer to peer discussions that also encourage shy students to participate and engage via chat.

  • Gain work Experience while studying

Online education presents the perfect opportunity for students to balance both work and study. Students can make use of internships or freelance opportunities while completing their education. For example, Manipal University Jaipur offers an online BCA online degree programme, that is great by itself, but when combined with industry experience, it will open doors for you that seemed impossible earlier.

Final thoughts

With the Indian education sector undergoing digital transformation, we must radically alter the way students learn and what they learn. Adopting digital education models wholeheartedly can encourage an independent inclination among students to learn and engage themselves in the vast sea of knowledge available to them.

Why an MBA from a renowned university makes all the difference

To start with, let’s briefly look at the reasons for pursuing an MBA in the first place.

Quite simply, the inputs you receive during an MBA programme from a reputed university can be invaluable in a competitive job environment.

  • You can improve your people and leadership skills
  • You have access to a network of connections
  • You become an expert in management tools, techniques and challenges
  • You develop an eye for new business opportunities, whether it’s in a large organisation or as an entrepreneur
  • The various specializations, from finance to HR and more, will groom you into a dynamic and efficient professional

Companies prefer to hire MBA graduates simply because such graduates have undergone comprehensive training and education. They already have a grasp of the essentials, they are ready to take the initiative, and they are a valuable addition for future growth.

But not all MBA programmes are the same.

As you know, enrolling in the best university for an MBA programme can involve significant investments in terms of time and money. That’s why you need to be careful before you decide which place to pick. With the pandemic, many institutions have started offering online MBA programmes. This is an excellent option when it comes to flexibility and affordability, but not all have the same quality of education. Here, too, one must choose with care.

Here are some things to look for in top online MBA programmes:

  • Does the institute have the experience and reputation for academic excellence? Try and find out how many years it has been in the field of education, as well as other aspects such as the teacher-student ratio.
  • Is it recognized by the University Grants Commission? Does it have a high NAAC rating? If the answers to these questions are yes, you know that the institute has valid credentials.
  • Does it have a comprehensive and professional curriculum and an adequate number of specializations? Are the professors noteworthy and experienced? This, naturally, is important as it will affect your entire experience and education.
  • Has the institution been awarded by independent organizations as a model of distinction? This shows that the institute has an independent and enviable reputation.
  • Does it have a good placement record and a thriving alumni association and network? After you complete your MBA online degree, this will enable you to network and begin a remunerative career.

The answers to the above will determine whether your MBA programme will be a game-changer or not.

What the right online executive MBA programme can do for you

With the right MBA, the sky is the limit when it comes to your career. Be it in technology, finance, management, marketing, or manufacturing, you will find greater opportunities for growth. Your salary potential and increment cycle will also be greatly enhanced.

Along with the opportunities and financial reward, there will be greater respect, more advancement and professional success. The result is that you gain an invaluable perspective. You will be part of a global network and enjoy greater job security.

At Manipal University Jaipur, an A+ NAAC-accredited university, we know all about the many ways in which an MBA can boost your career prospects. We have been shaping minds for over six decades, and now we’re taking this rich legacy online.

We offer a professional, result-oriented curriculum. There are specializations in Finance, Human Resources, Marketing and Operations. To top it all, it takes just 24 months to get the degree.

If you’re looking for an affordable, flexible and recognized MBA that can put you on a professional path to success, check out our website today.

Common myths debunked about opting for an online degree

For years, traditional education has given online learning a bad rap. In fact, before the pandemic pushed education into the digital realm, the common masses thought of online learning as a scam or a side hobby to acquire new skills. However, online learning programs have now found their time to shine.

As more and more learners are opening up to the idea of pursuing an online degree, here are a few myths that are worth dispelling:

Myth #1: An online degree doesn’t have the same value as its traditional counterpart
There used to be a grain of truth in this belief. However, that was almost a decade ago when online learning was still in its nascent stages. At present, the University Grants Commission (UGC) has authorized top universities to offer their programmes online. In the landmark UGC (Online Courses or Programmes) Regulations Act of 2018, the UGC announced that educational institutions can offer online certificate, diploma and degree programmes in disciplines that have the same programme in the classroom teaching mode.

The impact of this act is that these online programmes will bear as much weight and value as offline degrees. And whether you apply for the programme to gain practical or theoretical knowledge or for better job prospects, online degrees will hold the same merit as traditional ones.

Myth #2: Online learning offers low-quality education Initially, universities and colleges did not have the direction or resources to conduct online programmes. This resulted in a minor trade-off with quality. Fortunately, now we are living in a time where technology is ubiquitous, and it would be a criminal waste to miss out on the opportunity.

With a growing number of students and improved channels for communication, educational institutions are finding the best possible ways to cater to the changing needs. They are also recruiting top-notch educators and faculty members to be a part of their programmes. As a result, you can now trust your future in the hands of highly skilled and knowledgeable faculty members.

Additionally, as part of regulations, online learning portals have to adhere to the highest standards of quality to retain their accreditation and recognition. Therefore, as long as your education provider is accredited, you do not have to worry about the quality of education.

Myth #3: eLearning is easier On the contrary, e-learning is tougher and more rigorous than traditional classroom programmes. The primary reason for this difference is that online learning calls for sharper reading and writing skills. Further, you are in charge of your education. It requires a greater amount of discipline and dedication to stay on top of all the deadlines, assignments, tests, and other schedules.

Myth #4: I will have to purchase a high-end laptop or computer. I will be spending more than I would on a regular course As stated previously, technology has made progress by leaps and bounds. Resultantly, you are no longer confined to laptops and desktops to get an online degree. You can leverage the power of your smartphone to download official apps from your education provider and get learning anytime, anywhere.

Plus, think about all the money that you would be spending if you had to travel daily to your classes. Or worse, think of the situation where you would have to relocate to an entirely new city to earn your degree. The total costs of shifting, rent, and other expenses would surely make traditional learning more expensive.

Myth #5: Online learning is boring
Naturally, when one thinks of online learning, they may assume that it may feel like a lonely and boring option. However, the online learning sphere is supported by an active and thriving community of learners and educators who add a personal touch. From discussion forums to live chats and online clubs – there is a wealth of possibility if you crave a complete campus experience.

With cutting-edge technology, you can enjoy real-time conversations, interactive sessions, and educational content in various formats. Online learning programmes attempt to emulate the traditional model of learning with digital platforms. So, you can participate in group discussions, projects, interactive seminars, collective assignments, and more. You end up getting the best of both worlds!

Concluding thoughts As one can conclude from above, the reality of online learning is quite different from its perception. It may feel overwhelming at first, but it is not very different from the traditional learning environment. And while you are juggling assignments, coursework, and tests with other life commitments, you will grow to appreciate the flexibility offered by online education.

Preparing for the post-Covid-19 world

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has had and is expected to have significant and perhaps lasting effect on pretty much every aspect of our lives. Among those areas expected to be the most affected is the field of education, especially professional education such as engineering and management.

From an educator’s perspective, more than the content of engineering and management education, it is the delivery of the content that is expected to change significantly. It is expected that there will be a strong move towards the online model of delivery or a mixed or hybrid model of delivery.

From the students’ perspective, potentially seismic changes are expected. It could be in terms of what they learn and the cost of education and also in terms of their job prospects. Moreover, the concept of a career itself could change in a big way.

Changing job profiles

It’s been known for quite a while that the productivity revolution brought about by automation in the manufacturing process has been reducing the number of traditional ‘corporate’ jobs for students of engineering and manufacturing while opening up opportunities in other fields. Workflow tools in servicer and other efficiency multipliers have added to this. For example, 20 years ago, who could have thought that a VFX or an animation engineer would be solid career choices? The corona crisis is expected to accelerate this trend further.

In the short term, as the economy staggers and recovers from this crisis, hiring for these jobs may also slow down. Thus, reduction in employment opportunities, especially for engineers may be caused by two separate causes. One would be due to the continuing structural and ongoing reduction because of automation. And the second would be because of the temporary reduction caused by the economic effects of the coronavirus. All in all, there is sufficient reason to worry for the students about to graduate and possibly, for the coming batch too.

It is true that the structural causes and temporary causes will have immediate effects on placement and career prospects. However, one should not overlook potential opportunities that will be created by the response of various economies to respond to the effects of the pandemic, both in the short term and the long term. These opportunities may arise from many responses to the pandemic which may be short term as well as ongoing trends which may persist in the longer term. The effect of three such trends is described below.

Contactless economy

One of the strongest trends forecasts is the move towards a contactless economy, i.e., move towards making transactions, discussions, negotiations and so on without requiring physical contact such as face to face meetings. This is expected to affect the fields of payments, e-commerce, entertainment, business meetings, travel and education very significantly. Thus, there will be tremendous career opportunities in building and offering services and products enabling this trend. Some of the technologies involved, like identification based on voice, are yet to be developed or are in development. But most of the requisite technologies are already available and much of the value addition will be in the areas of developing a suitable architecture, and more importantly, a business plan, to exploit opportunities emerging from this trend. This would call for a deep understanding of the market and customer requirements and skills in developing a value proposition in meeting these opportunities.

Re-engineering global supply chains

Over the past few decades, supply chains have become sophisticated along with the trend towards globalization. While this has resulted in tremendous gains in efficiency, lowered costs and improved quality, most supply chains have also become vulnerable to a single point of failure due to the predominant dependency on a single country, for example, China. Thus, any perturbation caused by that country has had the effect of disrupting these supply chains, adversely affecting the economies of many countries. And this is still in process.

This realization has led to moves towards diversifying supply chains to protect against such vulnerabilities. Already there is the news of Japan offering incentives to its corporations to move their supply chains away from China to its own shores or other countries. We can expect similar actions from most other advanced economies also.

This would create a tremendous demand for engineering graduates with skills in Supply Chain Management (SCM), business process analysis and consulting in re-engineering and repurposing the global supply chains to make them multi-nodal and robust. It would also offer tremendous opportunities to entrepreneurs in manufacturing and in support services such as logistics, cross-border financial management and SCM coordination. The most critical skills needed to leverage these career opportunities include analytical capabilities, understanding of business dynamics, communication skills and entrepreneurial skills, more than technical skills alone.

Emerging technologies

Many technologies in areas such as blockchain, cryptocurrencies, Deep Learning and artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and related technologies, knowledge management, data management and analytics, alternative energy systems among others, have resulted in entirely new products and businesses. These trends may be expected to continue at a similar rapid pace but make suitable adjustments to accommodate some of the changes in human contact and other aspects.

Some of the changes in behavioral patterns induced by the pandemic may actually increase the pace of development and adoption of these technologies. Career opportunities will continue to be created in developing these technologies where technical knowledge is the key driver. However, more opportunities will be created in leveraging these technologies to bring new products and services to the market. In those areas where start-ups and other companies have already brought these into the market, management skills would be critical in scaling up these niches to their full potential.

Besides these three, more trends, both expected and unexpected, are likely with associated effects. There is no dispute that the ongoing pandemic will have negative effects on the economies of nations resulting in significant loss of jobs and opportunities, especially in professional fields like engineering. However, the crisis will be temporary for there is a strong incentive for nations and governments to return the situation to a normal, or rather a new ‘normal’. The effects of the pandemic will lead to significant changes in the things we do as we go about our endeavors and also the way in which we pursue them. These changes will surely throw up new job prospects, career paths and also entrepreneurial opportunities.

We will be entering an even more technology-driven world and much of the opportunities will be created by technologies new, maturing and by technologies still in the labs. What is important to remember is that more of the opportunities exist in not just developing the technologies but in getting them into the market to address the market needs or create new market niches altogether.

How to succeed

Succeeding in this world requires not only a sound understanding of technology but managerial and marketing skills too. While an engineering student can develop a sound understanding of technology during the four years of their undergraduate program, they will need to develop one or more of the other skills. Hence, unless one is looking to continue on the technology path, students should seriously consider a degree such as an MBA to develop and burnish the other skills to increase their chances of getting into the new job market and then to succeed in it. In the new and emerging economic landscape driven by technology, a technical degree will probably not be enough to gain an entry, let alone succeed.