10 HOT Tech Careers

While dealing with the pandemic, the word ‘unpredictable’ sums up everything.

In the past two years, several businesses have had to change their operations to survive.

Unfortunately, there was a massive wave of layoffs too. However, hiring is trending again, with major IT organiSations looking to speed up the hiring process.

According to a recent TeamLease report, 50% organisations intend to hire in Q4 (Jan-March 2022).

With technology evolving at a breakneck pace, we expect more demand for emerging technology jobs in 2022.

To have successful career growth in 2022 and beyond, you must be familiar with the top 10 effective New-Age Technologies regardless of your profession or designation.

Presenting the top 10 cutting-edge technologies that will guarantee you a lucrative career:

1. Data Science

Data Scientists will be in high demand in the coming years as the world is all set to undergo significant technological advancements due to the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Data Science is gaining popularity as a result of its multidisciplinary nature.

According to the recent US Bureau of Labor Statistics report, the Data Science domain will create roughly 11.5 million new jobs globally, by 2026.

2. Business Analytics

Business Analytics is expanding rapidly as almost all organizations from various industries seek to implement Big Data Analytics in their operations.

Business Analytics and Big Data make it easier for organisations to work with large amounts of data to discover hidden patterns, information, and correlations for building profitable business strategies.

It is now possible to analySe data and gain business insights in real-time.

According to UK-based market research firm TechNavio, by 2025, Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics platforms will have a market share of $21,72 billion.

3. Product Management

Product management has always been critical in the modern business world, and the need and demand for these skills will only increase in the years to follow.

Product managers should possess expertise in the 5i-Framework (Ideation, Innovation, Implementation, Industrialisation, and continuous Improvement) of product development to help them communicate and execute product requirements and strategies effectively.

As per Naukri.com, there will be 22 million product management job openings globally in the next decade, whereas India has only 20,000 product managers today.

4. People Analytics and Digital HR

The human resource department in businesses worldwide has evolved from an auxiliary wing to a strategic partner in today’s dynamic work environment.

This transformation was brought about by using people analytics and digital HR across all human resource and people management functions.

Digital HR is regarded as a critical tool to navigate work and people cultures in a post-pandemic world.

HR professionals utilise people analytics to improve HR functions and make data-driven decisions.

5. Strategic Sales Management

The digital transformation has catalysed a rapid shift in multiple domains. And Sales is not excluded from the list.

Over the last decade, sales has evolved into strategic sales management, moving away from a tactical approach to a strategic-focused process.

Existing employees will need to upskill to meet the changing demands of the market and industry to equip themselves and stay relevant to the latest job requirements.

According to Allied Market Research, the global sales intelligence market size will reach $7.35 billion by 2030.

6. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Today, Artificial Intelligence is one of the most critical new-age technologies, with applications in a wide range of industries worldwide, and its potential is rapidly expanding.

According to Forbes, job opportunities in Artificial Intelligence are increasing at a rate of 74% per year.

Not just in India, learning AI will provide you with numerous career opportunities internationally as well.

7. Machine Learning

To say that Machine Learning is a developing field is an understatement.

According to PRNewswire, by 2025, the global Machine Learning Market is expected to reach $96.7 billion.

The exponential increase in data generation, combined with the need for data analysis for forecasting and predicting future outcomes, has fueled the demand for Machine Learning technology.

Organisations like Netflix, Facebook, etc., from almost every sector, are using Machine Learning algorithms to drive business profitability, resulting in an increase in demand for Machine Learning professionals.

Currently, there are more than 32,000+ Machine Learning jobs in the country available on job portals like LinkedIn.

8. Cloud Computing

While the transition from hardware-based infrastructure to remote Cloud servers was already underway, the pandemic has compelled millions of businesses to consider cloud services to achieve cost-efficiency and business continuity while working remotely with zero interruption.

According to research firm MarketsandMarkets, the global Cloud Computing market size is predicted to grow from USD 371.4 billion in 2020 to USD 832.1 billion by 2025.

Cloud Computing is one of the most popular technologies, and qualified professionals are in high demand.

With most organisations (large and small) now migrating to the Cloud, there is a massive increase in Cloud Computing jobs.

9. Cyber Security

Rapid digitisation and the use of massive amounts of data have made organisations increasingly dependent on complex, interdependent technologies.

Attackers today, armed with highly sophisticated methods, are looking for and exploiting vulnerabilities, as well as compromising systems and networks.

Companies are aware that the risk landscape is constantly changing, and they are investing more than ever in cyber security to manage their risks.

According to a recent PWC report, 41% of organizations in India predict double-digit growth in their cyber budgets in 2022.

There has never been a better time for upskilling in this emerging technology and building a lucrative career.

10. Full Stack Development

Full Stack Development is becoming more popular than most other areas of IT, owing to the increased demand for software and applications as the world becomes more digitally connected.

Everyone from start-ups to multinational corporations needs full stack developers.

They are preferred because they handle the entire process from start to finish. Full-Stack developers are valuable assets to any organization due to their versatility and field expertise.

Naukri.com currently lists over 1,12,000+ job openings for full-stack developers at all levels in the country.

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3 ways the BFSI Sector is benefiting from predictive analytics

Written by: Sarita Digumarti, Co-founder & COO, Jigsaw & Chief Learning Officer at UNext Learning

One thing we as humankind were sure of was the fact that the future couldn’t be predicted. It has always been definite and real but never certain. Until, revolutionary tech concepts like Big Data, analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning became mainstream.

Today, most of us are aware  that with an adequate volume of quality data, we can try to use trends in historical data to make reasonable predictions about the future. This is what predictive analytics is all about and despite being a concept dating back to the 1940s, its implementations have garnered significant momentum fairly recently thanks to the boom in our ability to not only generate but store and process colossal volumes of data.

With major improvements in predicting outcomes and scenarios,  there’s one industry that is making the most of predictive analytics for a variety of purposes – the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance sector (BFSI).

As more ways to transact money and money’s worth and banking continue to pop up, BFSI companies are finding it hard to keep up with volatile shifts in customer demands, adapt to new workflows and tackle newer security challenges. Predictive analytics is a key strategic bankable solution the BFSI industry is able to leverage.

Projected to be a $28.1bn industry by 2026, the predictive analytics market is fast changing conventions in the ways banking and financial institutions operate. With over 52% of the companies using predictive analytics models for their operations and purposes, let’s look at some of the most eminent ways predictive analytics is solving diverse real-world problems in BFSI space.

Fight Financial Frauds

Currency is not the only way to transact money and money’s worth today and physical banks are not the only places to manage our finances and accounts. Today, there are digital payment systems, wallets, cryptocurrencies, mobile banking and more avenues for us to utilize. With so many options, what has simultaneously increased apart from customer satisfaction and ease of banking is the number of financial frauds and counterfeit transactions.

To bring some perspectives, let’s note that India reported 229 banking frauds (valuing up to 1.38 lac crore) every day between 2020 and 2021. The more alarming insight is that less than 1% of the amount has been recovered as yet.

To tackle this, financial institutions are increasingly relying on advanced algorithms powered by machine learning and predictive analytics to accurately predict instances of fraudulent transactions and identity thefts, improve KYC automations, detect unusual patterns in individual usage and more. Predictive analytics, in this aspect, is helping companies mitigate crimes and concerns before they occur.

Minimize Risks

From a financial institution perspective, there is always a significant amount of risk involved whenever a loan is disbursed. For a bank, therefore, accurate assessment of risk of default is critical. To make the process of loan approvals as well as collections more airtight, banks are leveraging predictive analytics models. This helps them gauge the repayment ability of applicants, understand patterns in previous loans and more.

Besides, such models also shatter conventional ways of approving loans by coming up with newer parameters for disbursals which would get otherwise rejected in legacy ecosystems.

Insurance companies, too, are making use of such models to come up with customized insurance plans and premium amounts based on individual profiling and assessments such as driving records, medical history, credit scores, weightage of documents submitted and more.

Better Customer Management

Cluttering market conditions is something that every business across every industry is facing currently and BFSI is no exception. With so many conventional financial institutions existing and new-age unicorns springing up, organizations must take very precise approaches to retain their existing customers and acquire new ones.

With abundant data at disposal, companies are now utilizing predictive analytics models and algorithms to revisit their engagement strategies:

Newer loyalty programs and incentives are replacing conventional ones
Patterns are studied on customer churns
Precise recommendation engines are being tested to exactly understand what customers require at specific timings and more to deliver value in maintaining relationships
Cross-selling is being done by organizations to better retain and engage their customers
Even before a customer is onboard, institutions are making efforts to sharpen their targeting through predictive analytics and conveniently find customers who are looking for them and more

This is making BFSI companies more holistic and end-to-end in terms of their operations and positioning.

Wrapping Up

We have just scratched the surface of predictive analytics’ potential and its application in the BFSI sector. As we increase the number of data touch points, develop advanced models and proceed further with developing narrow AI, we could look at more exciting and reassuring ways financial institutions could offer banking services to customers.

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Will Covid-19 bring edtech closer to overcoming challenges of virtual schools, colleges? Here’s what experts have to say

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in early 2020 interrupted all businesses across the world and forced organisations to look at alternatives for business continuity. A culture of remote operations emerged as part of the pandemic protocol. For example, work from home became the prime mode of working.

Likewise, remote learning and teaching became prevalent when institutions shut their classrooms. Digital technology and tools started playing a pivotal role in the delivery of education.

Educational technology (EdTech) entities have been operating since the emergence of niche technologies. The EdTech sector witnessed exponential growth following the disruption due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

The continuing pandemic situation has boosted EdTech expansion; the global EdTech market was valued at around USD 85 billion in 2021. According to a report by market research firm Research And Market, the market will reach USD 218 billion in 2027 with a CAGR of 17 percent between 2021 and 2027.

India-based data confirms that the EdTech revolution is not going to subside anytime soon. It is an ongoing process with newer and better developments in the pipeline.

The industry was worth USD 735 million in 2019, and by the end of 2020, it had grown to USD 2.8 billion, thanks to growing internet users, positive government policies, and increased investments. Over the next decade, the EdTech market in India is expected to reach USD 30 billion, according to industry experts.

Currently, India has over 9000 EdTech start-ups operating in different segments, including K-12, skill development, test preparation, higher education, and online certifications.

Some companies are focusing on business-to-business solutions by developing learning management systems (LMS) for educational institutions, and other digital products and solutions.

The industry is growing by adopting more and more segments and introducing innovative solutions.

Technology for effective educational administration

The lack of a proper tool to operationalise the virtual classroom is the primary challenge in online education. Most institutions are just relying on video conferencing tools and messaging applications to run the classes.

These may be adequate for communicating with learners. But an ideal virtual class must be more than learning and teaching and must provide a near-classroom experience for students. The learning should be flexible for students to learn conveniently at their own pace.

The current mechanism also lacks the right tool to evaluate the progress of each student.

Online education is effectively delivered through a learning management system (LMS). An LMS contains all the learning resources for learners to study at their convenient time and pace. It helps monitor attendance and learning progress in real-time and updates students, parents, and teachers time-to-time.

Thus, the evaluation process becomes transparent and effective.

EdTech companies adopt new technologies:

At present, EdTech companies are adopting emerging technologies such as AI-ML, Data Science, Cloud Computing, IoT, AR-VR, and blockchain to develop Learning Management Systems that substitute the classroom in the virtual world.

These technologies are used in different areas of education to ensure smooth learning, teaching and assessment, thereby enabling effective administration of education.

These technologies also help automate the learning process and enable higher personalisation based on individual capacity and cognitive level. Adopting gamification in LMS facilitates fun learning and increased student engagement.

The LMS-powered virtual classroom with hybrid/ blended learning is here to stay. UGC has already recommended higher education institutions (HEIs) to adopt blended learning. Additionally, experience-based learning using AR/VR/XR and the growth of adaptive learning will contribute to the rapid growth of the EdTech sector.

EdTech companies are competing to provide a better educational experience for students in the virtual world. They are spending a considerable amount of money on research and development to improve their existing learning systems by developing innovative technology solutions to improve the efficiency of virtual education.

As a result of all this, the number of online learners is steadily increasing and this number is going to go up even further in the years to come.

-Article by Gaurav Vohra, Chief Business Officer, UNext Learning.

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7 Strategic Sales Management Skills to Keep an Eye on in 2022

Sarita Digumarti is the Chief Learning Officer at UNext Learning. She is responsible for academics, content, and delivery for online degrees, certifications, and enterprise (B2B) programs at UNext. Prior to assuming her current role in UNext Learning, she was the COO and Co-founder of Jigsaw Academy. She also worked as a Group Manager for 5 years and as an AVP for 1 year in Genpact LLC and with GE Capital International Services as an Assistant Manager for 8 months in Bangalore. She holds an M.B.A. in Finance from T.A. Pai Management Institute and a Master in Arts, Quantitative Economics from Tufts University.

Nobody can add value to a product or service with as much conviction as a seasoned salesperson. Pandemic or not, the Sales Team continues to be the driving force behind the success of all organizations across industries. However, the whole culture of remote working and no physical meetings did open a whole new can of worms for this particular segment of professionals, making the already difficult situation more challenging.

Taking on the problem head-on, these dynamic professionals have gotten creative with their approach to customers. They have successfully managed to change the landscape of how sales work. With the year 2021 getting over in the blink of an eye, it is now the right time to acquire these 7 Strategic Sales Management skills:

  1. Generating Demand and Identifying the Right Lead

It is crucial to pursue prospects and convert cold calls into meetings proactively. This can only be achieved through specific strategies and approaches designed based on customer needs and creating a sense of demand to pipe up their interest. By projecting the right qualities, one must help generate demand amongst potential customers before identifying and converting the right leads.

  1. Identifying Competition

Observation and critical thinking are vital to identifying and dealing with competition in any game. A successful sales strategist must recognize the unique selling points of their product or service compared to existing or potential competitors. They must study and understand the sales strategies used by other competitors and curate unique sales plans to safeguard the business from rivals.

  1. Digital Sales Strategies

The pandemic has increased the importance and necessity for digital sales strategies. To convert customers, one must know how to incorporate various digital tools like personalized emails, messages, WhatsApp text, etc. However, these cannot be sent out randomly, instead, adopting strategies like sending out emails immediately after an event or a telephonic conversation can go a long way.

  1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

According to the 2021 Sales Trends Report, 92 percent of sales teams currently use or plan to purchase a sales CRM. CRM aims to simply improve business relationships. Adopting CRM helps manage your company’s associations and interactions with customers and potential customers.

  1. Leveraging Data and Predictive Analytics

With data making tremendous contributions to all aspects of business, data analysis can significantly benefit sales teams. It becomes easier to predict and prepare strategies that might work and give effective results by collecting and analyzing data regarding customers, sales patterns, etc.

  1. Excellent Communication Skills

Communication is the key to building long-lasting relationships. According to a study by Forrester Research, only 15 percent of clients said yes when asked if they valued conversations with sales representatives. This indicates the urgent need to change the salesperson’s approach towards the customer. The conversation needs to be more engaging, interactive, and customer-centric, emphasizing upon the customer’s benefits from the particular product or service.

  1. Team Management

Unlike our good old Jack, leading a team does not involve just standing in front of the ship and shouting out the order in the name of being the captain. Team management is a crucial skill that helps ensure the productivity of every member of the team. There is a constant need to manage expectations, be result-oriented, hire coachable representatives, set high but realistic goals, and chart out good business with the entire team’s support.

Sales is no longer just interaction between two individuals. Today, the focus is on building an elaborate, effective and efficient strategy that would help in higher conversion rates and keep the customer’s faith without much face-to-face interaction.

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Choose from the best data science courses online

Industries require data for them to make informed judgments. Raw data is churned into valuable insights via data science. As a result, industries require data science. A Data Scientist is a magician who understands how to use data to produce magic. A proficient Data Scientist will be able to extract useful information from whatever data he encounters. He aids the organisation in making the proper decisions. He is a master at making solid data-driven decisions, which the company requires.

Moreover, the development of information analytics will only grow as the amount of data produced and captured grows exponentially. Firms will continue to hire data scientists to uncover important ideas and expertise in marketing strategies. We’ll give you an introduction to some of the best data science courses online that will positively build a path towards this lucrative career.

Some of the best data science certifications online can play a major role in qualitatively levitating employment rates. Data science programs will help you gain the critical abilities employers are searching for, whether you are a scholar seeking a bright start to your career or a professional looking to extend your work options. They include both free and commercial data science certificate programmes offered online and have helped thousands of students and professionals, and are recognised.

How to choose from the best data science courses online?

The essential factors you need to keep in mind while selecting any one of the best data science courses would be – 

Decide where you wish to focus your efforts

Before you can do all the data and quantitative designs to find patterns and outliers and build methodologies, the primary job of a Data Scientist is to keep a clean dataset, and it helps a lot if your company has indeed thoroughly checked out and formed viable workflows that create and process data for future analysis, every day. It’s also a matter of deciding what job you want to have in this field. Do you wish to work as a consultant, a freelancer, or a professional? You can also choose to stay employed and put your newly acquired talents to use in your actual or potential position.

Keep a Check On The Curriculum 

Analytics, machine learning, computer science, and programming languages like Python are all data scientists’ skills. It is always good to contact experts in your domain to learn more about the topic and data science courses. People who have previously worked in data science can help you choose a more relevant data science curriculum depending on the market trends.

Planning out your budget 

Massive open online data science certification courses have exploded in popularity, making quality education accessible to individuals all over the globe. For as low as $0, you can learn the primary theory and applications from renowned institutions like Harvard and many more on Youtube. However, a proper data science certificate online can vary from as low as $49to as high as $1350. So, despite your budget, there is something for everyone. All you have to do now is decide what’s best for your objectives and budget.

best data science courses online

Keeping an eye on the practical sessions

Although a conceptual comprehension of the subject is essential to grasp the basic principles, a data scientist cannot work without a practical approach to the notions. A good data science training course ensures that students gain the practical experience to solve complex problems. Depending on your choices, you can choose from various online data science courses.

Experience of the trainers/mentors 

Extracting useful industry information requires assessing your mentor’s or trainer’s competence beforehand. Select a course that has instructors with significant professional experience in the field. Do ensure you finish this homework before you end up with a conclusion. 

Time and space you can devote 

In case you are employed directly or operate a business, you may choose to attend data science online courses at your speed, enrol in courses with after-work and weekend timetables, or register in 2–3 day intensive type training if you cannot manage to be away from the office for an extended period.

Placement review 

When you join a study programme, you hope that you will be put in a good firm. However, not all companies follow through on their claims. Before enrolling in a programme, be sure you have completed your research.

A review of the alumni 

Because graduates have the most in-depth knowledge, it is the most effective thing to study more about a program and its method from the alumni. Question about their study placement history, tutor experience, course details, curriculum applicability, and learning technique if you approach them. If you are dissatisfied with the course’s placement, ask about future opportunities in data science to broaden your employment options.

A truthful evaluation of your present skill level

Understanding what you don’t know and having the attitude and desire to learn and study new abilities are the initial steps to learning and becoming more than you are now. As a result, knowing your present skills will assist you in prioritising and deciding which courses to take first and then building on that. You can either go right to the highly technical training or start with the ones that will offer you a high-level and more conceptual understanding of utilising and combining analytics to derive business value.

Manipal University, Jaipur,  provides one of the top online data science certification courses. The PG Certificate Program in Data Science and Machine Learning offered by Manipal ProLearn is meant to give you a wide understanding of concepts such as statistical analysis, exploratory data analysis, data visualisation, and machine learning with 300 Hours, 130 Learners and 104 Hours of Live Webinar. 

Business analyst certification without any coding experience

Business analysis is a vast field that has begun evolving rapidly in recent years. The expectations of a business analyst differ greatly from one company to the next. Within the same organisation, it’s from one project to the next. Business analysts play a variety of functions in a variety of sectors. Read on for some tips on how to become a Business analyst with Business analyst certification without any coding expertise in this article.

What is business analytics?

Business analytics is the process of using an organisation’s data to solve problems and make quick, strategic choices.

Business analysts utilise statistics to find trends and insights from firm data, allowing executives to make informed, data-driven decisions that drive growth, enhance operations, and raise revenues.

Business analysts analyse previous business performance and forecast future performance to give realistic recommendations for increased efficiency and better business results. As a business analyst, you play an important role in a company’s day-to-day decision-making process.

Contrary to popular opinion, Business analytics does not require substantial coding, math, or computer science knowledge. It’s an excellent job choice for those who appreciate solving challenging problems and providing actionable recommendations based on real-world facts.

How to Become a Business Analyst If You Don’t Have Any Coding Experience

A professional must master a few key skills to become and flourish as a business analyst.

The first step toward becoming a business analyst is to be enthralled by the seemingly limitless possibilities of your new profession. Research job descriptions on LinkedIn and compensation ranges on payscale.com or Glassdoor to learn more about what business analysts do and the expectations for the position.

Business analysts have slightly varying job descriptions in different firms, so start learning the terminology connected with the profession.

Communication Capabilities

A business analyst must have excellent verbal and writing communication abilities. A business analyst must communicate with various stakeholders from various fields and with varying levels of experience. They must be able to communicate in a way that the other party can understand and be a competent listener to absorb the appropriate quantity of information.

business analyst certification

Skills in Formal Business Analysis

A business analyst must conduct successful business analysis abilities such as elicitation, specification writing, modelling processes, and data modelling (data flow diagrams, entity-relationship diagrams).

Business/Functional Understanding

Business domain knowledge, also known as functional knowledge, refers to knowledge about a domain, industry, or process. A business analyst’s job entails interacting with key business stakeholders, analysing their needs/requirements, recommending solution possibilities, and enabling the chosen solution’s implementation. Without substantial business expertise, none of these crucial actions would be possible.

Functional Testing

Functional testing is one of the most important tasks that a business analyst conducts. Business analysts should understand the fundamentals of functional testing since they can expect to use productivity tools for business analysts to validate the solution and ensure that it is implemented according to the requirements. They are also required to assist in the creation of test scenarios and even UAT.

Is getting a business analysis certification beneficial?

Obtaining a business analyst certification from a reputable institute is an excellent choice to get the necessary skills and competencies. Present yourself as a strong applicant for an entry-level business analyst position.

UNext’s business analyst program is one such well-known qualification. It acknowledges individuals who are ready to advance their business analysis knowledge and skills as practising business analysts. It boosts your marketability and employability by preparing and equipping business analysis experts with expertise and critical competencies. It is appropriate for BA professionals at the starting level. It makes no difference if they choose to work in IT or non-IT business analysis.

Non-IT people can become business analysts with the help of the UNext business analyst certification training program. Without an IT background, making the switch to a business analyst career.

Build a solid foundation of knowledge.

If you don’t have a history in coding, get a jump start on learning the fundamentals of statistics and statistical software like R and SAS. Before you start your program, you can strengthen your foundation by learning about some of the software tools and statistical approaches you will utilise.

Be an excellent student.

Set yourself up for success once you start your business analytics program by practising the basic good habits of a successful student:

  • When you have questions or need assistance, communicate with your professors and fellow students. They are your most significant sources of information and assistance.
  • Set aside time to study and complete your homework in a quiet location.
  • To make things easier, break down your workload into smaller chunks.
  • Maintain a consistent sleep schedule and get at least 8 hours of sleep each night.
  • As soon as possible, begin working on assignments. Don’t leave it till the last minute to finish mediocre work that you’re not proud of.

Hunt the best job position.

You can start a career in business analytics without having any coding experience if you complete the business analytics curriculum. Of course, the ultimate step is to apply for business analytics employment and demonstrate your new skill set.

Companies in healthcare, software development, manufacturing, banking, education, and other industries are eager to engage you as a business analyst to evaluate their data and make better business decisions, ranging from small startups to global businesses.


Business analysis is an essential discipline that requires specific skills and competencies to be successful. Whether you want to work as a business analyst in IT or non-IT. There are a few crucial proficient skills that must be acquired. It is necessary to transition to this role and perform to acceptable standards. To be considered for the BA position, you must acquire these competencies to acquire a significant competitive advantage over other applicants. Try to figure out what is your expertise, and then work on acquiring them as needed.
Get a professional UNext Business analyst program to improve your chances of transitioning to business analyst without any coding skills.

Reasons to pursue a data science online course

In today’s data-driven era, understanding and studying data science is essential for every firm, making it an appealing prospect in the field.

Data scientists investigate, analyse and synthesise data to get relevant data analytics conclusions. A skilled data scientist can collect massive amounts of data from many sources, apply data analysis tools to get insights, analyse the results to explore options and convey the findings to the business development process. Data science is extremely important for digital organisations since the ultimate goal is to extract useful and informative findings from data and help companies maximise data’s potential.

In this article, We have outlined the top reasons for pursuing a data science online course and the reason why a data science career is not just in demand now but will persist in growing more in the near future.

There are several career opportunities available.

Several careers and responsibilities are accessible for data scientists in industries such as IT, the healthcare sector, and security. You can be a  data analyst, data engineer, or data science manager based on your technical skills.

In today’s data-driven era, a data scientist is a lucrative job opportunity because they can produce helpful output for businesses. Data science offers extensive networking prospects because it has become one of the best sought-after jobs in recent years and will continue to grow in the near future, with many renowned corporations actively hiring data scientists.

The salary cap is really high.

Salary ranges for various industries are determined by several factors such as sector, location, and services provided. By utilising data analysis approaches, data scientists provide substantial value to brand building.

The pay of data science specialists is determined by their contribution to the company. For example, if you upskill yourself through a data science online course, you can provide insights to businesses and potentially earn more money yearly.

The demand is always increasing.

Because the digital world is growing more swiftly, there is a worldwide demand for data scientists to improve performance in data-driven operations. Any organisation should engage a data science specialist capable of obtaining, analysing, and interpreting huge amounts of data for business growth purposes.

This is certainly relevant for digital firms, which are always on the hunt for qualified data scientists since they need personnel with the essential data science skills to ensure effective data analytics output.

The demand surpasses the competition.

Because data science is a constantly growing field of research, there is still more demand than the competition. It is still a developing field when compared to other traditional IT positions as there is less competition in data science, which gives you a higher chance of being well-known in a short span of time.

It can be concluded from the present situation that there is a demand-supply imbalance for data scientists because the number of data science experts remains low.

data science online course

Learning data science online is convenient.

You do not need the traditional schooling method if you want to understand data science and advance in this industry. Regardless of when or where you take the course, various online platforms provide quality data science education with a flexible learning environment.

Learning from data science certificate programs allows you to drive and redefine yourself through self-paced learning courses that enable you to learn data science at your own grasping power and comfort.

Being at the root of decision-making

Although many various talents and responsibilities contribute to the success of data science, being in a decision-making role provides you with more opportunities to shine. Data scientists learn a variety of abilities, ranging from statistics to IT understanding. As a result, they are at the centre of making critical decisions that will lead to greater results.

You have valuable skills that will help you launch your business.

You can learn data science to obtain a good career or start your own firm since you can get the essential expertise through online data science certificate programs. This is one of the advantages of employing data science effectively.

You can have a fair opportunity to broaden your qualifications and develop your start-up if you have a varied range of data science talents.

Essential for business optimisation

Learning data science provides an excellent chance to build the technical abilities required to contribute to company optimisation significantly.

Because data science is an important subject of study for company development, specific knowledge and expertise in data science provide quick career progression for data scientists.

Getting to know cutting-edge technology

As a data science professional, you will gain a set of technical skills, including the usage of the latest technology, that is essential for ultimate success in data analytics.

A competent data scientist is well-trained in analytics, fundamentals of computer science foundations, communication and data visualisation. Data science advances technical skills and motivates individuals to learn about the latest technologies like machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AL).

Providing a career with a future

Data science is a great career option for people who wish to learn more about it because data is the driving force behind corporate success. It is not difficult to put oneself in a strong position if one possesses data science abilities. Mastering data science provides you with a significant tool that will be beneficial to your future job ambitions.


To improve digital presence, firms require data science experts. Data science gives marketers a collection of data gathered from numerous sources. Through data-driven solutions, data scientists working for marketing analytics tools assist firms in tracking data, making efficient decisions, and boosting their performance.

Data science is a burgeoning trend in the digital era with a variety of work options and promising future prospects. Learning a data science online course allows you to advance your knowledge of data analysis while also saving time due to the flexibility of learning.Kickstart your career with data science certificate programs at UNext. Build data science skills, learn Python & SQL, interpret and visualise data, build machine learning models.

Enrol in Data science courses in India that are well renowned in the professional world

Data science has become one of the trendiest professions because of the enormous volumes of data being generated, gathered, and evaluated in the current world. With the quantity of data not expected to decrease anytime shortly, it’s fair to presume that the demand for data scientists will only increase in the foreseeable future. 

Organizations are investing in a data science team that uses all the previous and existing data according to emerging advancements. Professionals from all business areas are increasingly turning to data science as a workable future choice as this field is pretty demanding. Hence, a substantial certified program is necessary to gain information and hands-on experience with specialized techniques and practices.

You can explore data science by taking the professional data science courses developed to cover vital and advanced elements of data science. Thus, to advance toward this lucrative career field, you need to pick a data scientist certification course that will help you build the abilities for your desired data science career.

Need for Professional Certified data science courses in India

Data science is one of India’s and the world’s most profitable industries. Every day, a massive amount of data is generated. As a result, the function of a data scientist is critical in evaluating vital corporate choices. Many individuals aspire to work as data scientists, and only a few people understand what it means and that the courses or certificates require multidisciplinary abilities. 

Anyone can now get certification and call themselves a data scientist, but it doesn’t work that way when applying for jobs. Employers receive many applications and do not have the patience to read via all the credentials and verify their legitimacy. Rather, they concentrate on the essential skills and projects that have been achieved. The accreditation is worthless unless the requisite skills accompany it. Always opt for a course that will improve your talents rather than merely provide you with a certification. You can work in various domains and businesses after opting for the data scientist certification course provided by UNext. With its hands-on projects and demonstrations, you will gain a thorough understanding of data science principles to apply in real-life.

Why enrol in Data science courses in India that are well renowned in the professional world?

Enrol for the data science courses in India that are well renowned in the professional world to gain comprehensive education and skills for a promising tomorrow. A professional data science course benefits you to enhance your professional career. Advanced data science programs are convenient for individuals with a solid basic knowledge of data science. The basic concepts include orientation to statistics, data analytics techniques provided by Excel, probability, and other essential ideas. 

Data scientists, data visualization experts, data analysts, data engineers, and many other careers are available in data science. Your educational background and qualifications will determine the optimal position for you. There are many data science courses in India that make you competent in all techniques and practices needed by a skilled data scientist. The following are the primary advantages of enrolling in a professional data science certificate program:

Extensive field

Data science is less over-saturated as compared to other IT careers. It’s because just a small percentage of the population is competent or skilful enough to accomplish a data science Professional Course. There are abundant chances for data analysts, scientists, engineers, and researchers. As a result, if you pursue a career in data science, you will find plenty of opportunities.

data science courses in india

Handsome salary and bright prospects

Data science experts have one of the top pay scales in the Technology sector. A six-digit salary is not a big deal for specialists in this field. So, if you choose this field, your earnings will sustain an elevated level of life. You will establish a problem-solving mindset by engaging in data science challenges, and it will encourage self-improvement that will benefit you throughout your profession. As a proficient data scientist, you will gain managerial and technical abilities that will make you highly valuable and desirable to any company.

Renowned position 

Anyone who can evaluate, analyze, and extract information in the workplace is valuable. That’s because data serves such a significant part in most corporate choices. Data scientists are used by businesses to enhance the integrity of their statistics. In conclusion, it is a renowned discipline in the IT industry.


Data analysts, researchers, and scientists work in various areas, including healthcare systems, information technology, e-commerce, finance, and consulting services. The professional data science certification training has a strong market for graduates, making it a dynamic career to pursue. Corporations can produce solutions geared toward improving client interactions with the top professional data science programs. These abilities are in acute need in a variety of areas, including the healthcare system, e-commerce, and others.

Redundancies are minimized

In the past few years, machines have been programmed to undertake redundant work in place of persons. Most manual work has now been decreased because of automated techniques, which are only possible owing to data science. You can simplify most data collecting and storage operations after earning an advanced data science certification. So, you will be fully accountable for eliminating a firm’s redundant information. Businesses will offer you a premium wage because of the deceased effort and user interference.


Data is a valuable asset that will outlast the technology itself, and data science is a comprehensive compilation of different data processes. In the not-too-distant future, Data Scientists will tackle business-critical issues and a variety of complicated issues. It will make it easier for firms to achieve upcoming exponential breakthroughs. These factors combine to show that data science has a promising future.

Professional data science experience is becoming a must for prosperous employment. It is recommended to enrol for data science courses in India that are well renowned in the professional world if you have the relevant abilities and ambition. Digital learning institutes such as UNext offer a creative and engaging data scientist certification course designed for individuals who wish to get real-world exposure while learning. It will allow you to work with powerful analytical practices and methodologies to extract insight from actual statistics. This training will help you improve your data-driven talents while increasing your self-assurance. As a result, you’ll have an advantage over your competitors in this growing field.

Propel your career with the best data science courses in India

Organizations worldwide have boosted their efforts in data science in direct relation to the rapid acceleration of digitisation. As businesses realize the significance of data science in the functional and corporate sectors, the need for talented employees in these domains is on the upswing. Managing data science software and tools needs a unique blend of talents, understanding, and characteristics that many individuals lack. The demand-supply mismatch in these industries provides a chance for beginners and veterans to upskill and advance their careers.

Nobody can become a specialist in data science in a day. Acquiring those abilities and achieving the expertise necessary for today’s world takes time. If you don’t understand the foundations and simple mathematics and stats involved in data science, you won’t be able to comprehend data science concepts. And this is where data science courses come into play. Undertaking the best data scientist course can keep you ahead in this competition-driven world and will benefit you on your professional route.

Propel your career with the best data science courses in India

Data science has a tremendous impact practically on every industry we can imagine. Data scientists with proficient skill sets are in short supply, resulting in another severe personnel shortage in the sector. As a result, data experts must upskill themselves with specializations by enrolling in the best data science courses in India to remain ahead in the market.

For individuals who want to improve their competence, online courses have proven to be extremely useful. A leading educational institution or organization course can provide your CV with a significant advantage by acknowledging your accomplishments and showing your abilities. Also, these courses may be the right approach for professionals who want to advance their careers while also grasping the crucial aspects of data science.

How can data science courses propel your career?

Data science competence is in high demand across sectors. Using data science tools is no more constrained to the IT sector. Almost every industry is embracing this innovative technology to achieve improved results. So, they are always on the lookout for employees who can gather, evaluate, and interpret data to improve project outputs. Thus undertaking a suitable data science course is essential to survive in today’s rapidly changing technological industry.

Career prospects abound, with plenty of opportunities for advancement.

The field of data science has appealing employment possibilities because of its potential for growth, salary, job stability, and notoriety. There are many opportunities available not only in enterprises but also in academics and research. Enrolling in the best data scientist courses in India prepares you with all the competencies required for a promising career.

Even amid the current economic downturn, businesses across all industries are looking for data science skills. As the skill reservoir does not meet the growing requisites, qualified experts are in significant demand. Larger organizations are also providing training and support in data science and free online tutorials to overcome the talent gap.

best data science courses in india

Preference by recruiters

Data science courses and their certifications demonstrate necessary expertise and also provide subject expertise, which is critical to thriving in this industry. Recruiters prefer individuals with specialized certificates for certain tasks. So, these credentials are beneficial not only to their resumes but also to their career development. This suggests that data science upskilling through a variety of short- and long-term training will influence job possibilities. Also, onboarding people with accreditations saves a lot of time and resources for businesses that would have to upskill the workforce.

Testament to abilities

Data science courses have a stronger influence on the portfolios of individuals who are just getting started or who have been badly affected by the current crisis. Since data scientists are among the top current jobs, organizations have become increasingly picky about employing them. As a result, these courses can serve as a testament to one’s abilities and help you get employed. When a candidate adds certifications to their profile, it gives employers the conviction to hire them. 

Advancement within the organization

Certifications are required for advancement across many organizations. Enrolling internal workers in needed online courses is also crucial for their advancement within the organization. Even though the worker is enrolled in the course, earning the certification will necessitate further exertion. Because, to be certified, the employee must take time away from work to study for the online program and clear it with a particular percentage.

Earn better incomes

Data science courses have been proven to assist data science professionals in earning better incomes than their peers. Taking the course will assist the worker in comprehending data science and help them progress in their vocation. The average salary for DS experts is often substantial, and they often earn fair raises when changing employers. 

Why is it critical to choose the right Data Science course?

Although several certification programs and online courses provide certifications in the market, some essential criteria can help individuals choose the right certification for themselves. Finding the ideal online course depends on several aspects.

1. One should look at who the facilitator is and how much experience they have in data science.

2. Verify the curriculum because understanding the fundamentals is just as important as acquiring advanced abilities. If the course offers advanced skills without covering the fundamentals, don’t go for it.

3. In this discipline, language comprehension is crucial. As a result, the course should emphasize Python rather than SQL and SAS.

4. Individuals who desire to develop in their learning should know how the program evaluates their learners. The course should include weekly quizzes, assessments, and a comprehensive certification mechanism to track the students’ performance.

So, keeping in mind the above factors, opt for the best data science courses in India and make your way ahead for a bright career in this field.


Thanks to data science, many aspects of human life are being transformed and improved. Data science is a multidisciplinary industry that is constantly expanding. Courses are a brilliant method for data science practitioners to maintain their competitive edge by learning additional skill sets needed in the current circumstances while also validating their talents.

So sign up for the best data scientist course offered by the popular digital institute UNext and be an asset to your organization owing to your skills and data-driven approach.

Benefits of pursuing a data science certification course


Data Science has risen to prominence as a game-changing subject that everybody appears to be talking around. As per commercial projections, data science is a burgeoning profession with possibly widespread job opportunities in the coming times. To distinguish themselves in today’s technological world, individuals need to pursue a Data Science certification course.

But what if you could master data science without paying for a postgraduate classroom degree? What is the greatest approach to get ready for this impending surge of employment opportunities and increase your prospects of landing one? You can’t deny that the knowledge you attain during a degree in the classroom has become limited to dealing with the actual area of employment you will do in the workplace. If you want to think out of the box, the best option is to pursue a data science course that puts you a step ahead of others. This post is meant to highlight the benefits of taking up a Data Science course and ponder over the possibilities after completion.

Benefits of following a data science certification course

Progression in career

Compared to conventional IT careers, Data Science technology has revolutionized many new employment specializations that reward well. Data Science is no longer exclusive to the IT industry but has expanded throughout all major businesses. As a result, the future is dazzling for a qualified Data Science Practitioner.

Getting a data science accreditation is a vital step to undertake if you want to kick-start your professional life. Even if you have prior data science expertise, a specialized qualification from an elite data science program will assist you in your job growth, stand out from the competitors in the market, and potentially raise your earnings.

Versatile and flexible

Data science is a versatile field that is the route to pursue if you want to get credentialed in the domain. You’ll constantly possess a wide range of possibilities and never be dissatisfied at your job. It is being used in various companies, including health, banking, retailing, and entertainment. The value of statistics and the necessity for competent data science experts are recognised by almost every sector and firm nowadays. You’ll get the leeway to practice anywhere in the globe as a qualified data scientist. Also, it provides you with the flexibility to attend your classes at your time of convenience.

Keeps you updated about the recent market dynamics

Participation in a data science course will keep you updated regarding the current developments in the field. There is no end to learning whenever it implies expanding your skillset. If you are a working professional, it’s tough to learn from numerous sources. Enlisting in a data science course at an approved university is usually more effective in improving your educational experiences. This can make you a top priority in your present job and help secure your future career. 

data science certification course

The Chance to Engage with Data Science Professionals

Learners can learn a great deal from specialists in the field via the UNext learning modality. Participants will also get the option to network with expert data scientists and ask them questions. It enables learners to communicate with data science professionals and peers, yet another advantage of registering in the online data science postgraduate program.

Ed-tech platforms like UNext offer an intriguing Data Science certification course that will educate the trainee on all the relevant information and abilities needed to undertake the work projects and assignments associated with a Data Science career. So without wasting any more time, sign up for this certification to advance your profession.

Significant Reduction in Time Constraints 

A master’s degree in data science takes five years to complete, but if you enrol in a data science program in just a few quarters, you’ll be job-ready. So it’s advisable to enrol for the data science program, as a period of experience you take up in your mid-twenties that is crucial for most organizations recruiting nowadays, as they perceive you to be a strong ‘cultural fit’ in mid-twenties setting, particularly if you have fewer than 3-4 years of exposure.

Get trained by instructors having real-world experience

If you have an instructor with the priceless commodity known as domain expertise, you’re in for a treat. In a data science certification course, you get to interact with instructors who have functioned on real corporate projects. They will be capable of teaching you from a critical-professional perspective. Precisely, that’s what you require. 

Facilitate employment

Individuals who work in the sector understand how important it is to get corporate recommendations during the recruiting phase. It can significantly impact the selection process if you have someone currently recognised within the firm you’re applying to. Every market specialist will have connections in a range of organizations, putting them in a distinctive stance to support you for job changes. You could also go to experts or approach them for advice after you’ve been placed, which most college lecturers won’t be capable of doing until they’ve also worked in the sector.

Acquire non-technical professional qualifications

Although knowing the fundamentals is vital, a dearth of soft skills such as collaboration, teamwork and communication becomes a factor in why smart students underperform in the workplace after graduation. A career in the sector entails far more than just the abilities learned in the classroom. You would gain command at communicating and performing efficiently in groups directed by business experts and mentors with their hands-on experience in the field. Experts can advise you on this element of your knowledge because it is a case of being in that position.


As the volume of data processed becomes more and more substantial, professional data scientists are getting absorbed in data associations of all fields possible. It is clear to comprehend how a data science certification is far superior to a master’s degree in data science in several respects. So, the pivotal conclusion from this post is that if you want to pursue your career in data science, then these certification courses are the best options for you. These data science courses are extremely cost-effective, flexible, and versatile compared to a full-fledged master’s degree in data science. So, anyone with a desire to learn Data Science can do it with the help of expert Data Science courses. So, get Data Science training and become the trendiest technology specialist around.