Latest Artificial Intelligence Projects Ideas and Topics for Beginners!


The ability of a computer or a computer-controlled machine to carry out tasks that humans would typically carry out is known as Artificial Intelligence (AI). The field of AI is highly rewarding for students as diverse opportunities worldwide are available. There’s no industry left where the role of AI is not present. Therefore, opting for AI as a career is a smart decision. 

You can find many Artificial Intelligence applications in this blog that you can use as project ideas for your academic assignments or personal growth. Let’s get started on this. 

Artificial Intelligence Projects for Beginners

, Latest Artificial Intelligence Projects Ideas and Topics for Beginners!

Building an AI system involves mirroring human traits and skills in a machine and then utilizing its computational power to outperform our skills. One must go thoroughly into the different sub-domains of Artificial Intelligence and understand how those apply to various businesses to understand how Artificial Intelligence functions. The following are the AI project ideas for beginners, easily fitting into the top 10 Artificial Intelligence projects with source code in Python. 

Face-Recognition System 

Face recognition, also called “Biometric Artificial Intelligence-based application,” is a biometric software program that analyzes patterns based on a person’s facial outline to identify or verify that person’s identity. These may be a notch ahead of the Artificial Intelligence Projects for students.  

To create facial recognition systems, it applies the principles of machine learning, deep learning, face analysis, and pattern recognition. 


  • Social Media Companies 
  • Healthcare Apps 

Self-Driving Vehicle 

Companies like Google and Tesla have been active in this industry for a while. However, despite significant advances in this field. AI propels the car in congested traffic and hazardous road conditions.  


  • Autonomous Vehicles 
  • Line following Robots 

Product Recommendation Systems 

The rise of web services like Netflix, Amazon, and YouTube has increased the use of recommender systems in our daily lives. They are algorithms that assist users in finding information that is pertinent to them.  


  • Technology Giants 
  • Advertising Firms 

Handwritten Digit Recognition 

Artificial neural networks are used to build a system that correctly decodes handwritten numbers. A convolution neural network (CNN) recognizes the numbers on a sheet of paper (HASYv2 dataset with 168,000 images from 369 different classifications).   


  • Universities 
  • Corporation 

Spam and Phishing Filters for E-mail Segregation 

Email segregation, which uses AI to detect, track, and analyze the keywords in emails to filter out spam and phishing emails, is one of the newest trends in the cybersecurity industry. Spam emails are risky because they take up space, spread malware, and create security flaws if they are not managed. 


  • Firms 
  • Banks 

Housing Price Prediction 

The numerous variables involved make it difficult for many realtors to predict housing prices. The size of the home, the number of rooms, the location, the local crime rate, and changes in real estate prices are all relevant factors. 

Real estate agents, developers, and home buyers can benefit from Artificial Intelligence by knowing a home’s actual value. Datasets are obtained, and forecasts are made using a regression approach. 


  • Online Realtors  

Heart Disease Prognosis 

This project is helpful from a medical aspect because it is intended to offer online medical advice and direction to those with cardiac issues. This smart technology uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques to identify the disease most likely to be connected to the patient’s data. Users can then consult specialists for medical guidance using the system’s diagnosis. 


  • Healthcare Firms 

Chatbot for Banks 

The majority of bank chatbots are Android programs that respond to frequent queries. They help banks save money by cutting labor expenses. These bots employ AI algorithms to comprehend customer questions about credit cards, accounts, and loans. These are the perfect AI Projects for students. You’ll get to experience Python programming and machine learning techniques. 


  • Real Estate 
  • E-commerce 

CV Analysis 

This is one of the more exciting project ideas for Artificial Intelligence. This project aims to create innovative software that can provide a fair and legal CV ranking system. All other crucial considerations, including soft skills, interests, credentials, etc., will also be considered. 


  • Universities 
  • Hiring Firms 

Sales Forecasting 

A sales forecaster can be useful in this situation. It enables you to keep track of out-of-stock and new product arrivals. The project Sales Predictor easily counts as one of the top 10 Artificial Intelligence projects. It is used to anticipate sales for a product weekly or monthly. You must create an algorithm to ascertain how many units are sold every day. 


  • E-Commerce 
  • Online Firms 


If you are new to AI, practicing by working on various projects is a good idea. Artificial Intelligence projects for students may seem like a complicated place to start. In order to help learners get an idea about the different AI projects and the use of Artificial Intelligence, the Executive PG Diploma in Management & Artificial Intelligence by UNext in collaboration with IIM Indore is one of the best ones.

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