Big Data has Helped Create a Driverless Vehicle

According to forecasts published at the end of last year by American auto industry consultants IHS Automotive, driverless vehicles – cars that can drive with ‘no attention needed by the driver’ – will account for 9% of global car sales by the mid-20. Let’s take a look at one of the first prototypes, the BMW M235i . It is one mean machine. BMW has proved that not only do they use analytics technology to optimise its cars from a repairs and maintenance perspective by using the insights it gathers from big data analytics into both the software application development process used to power BMW cars and, also, the physical manufacturing element of the cars themselves but, they can also use the power of big data to create a  really cool machine. Want to read more? See a video of the car in action? Take a look at the article BMW: the ultimate big data machine? by Adrian Bridgwater in Computer Weekly.

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