IDC’s Top 10 Predictions for Big Data Analytics in Asia Pacific for 2014

In a study released this month, the International Data Corporation(IDC) presented its top 10 predictions for the Big Data Analytics Industry in Asia Pacific (excluding Japan) for 2014. For data scientists or wanna be data scientists in this region, the predictions bring good news (and we are not surprised). It was announced that the region will see a significant increase in investments on Big Data and analytics infrastructure, software, and services. IDC had already predicted last year that growth in the data analytics and big data industry will be driven by markets in India and China

Here are a summary of the predictions as announced in the news release in PR Newswire:

Prediction #1: Geolocation Matched to Individuals Will See Telcos and Retailers Pursuing Personalized Services, While Pushing the Boundaries of Consumers’ Expectations of Privacy

Prediction #2: High-Profile Data Breaches Will Drive Regulators to Draft Specific New Policy Measures

Prediction #3: Spending on Search, Mining, and Visualization Software Will Increase by 39%, Fuelled by Enablement of Business Analyst

Prediction #4: Big Data-as-a-Service Will Be Implemented and Taken to Production by Early Adopters in Mature Markets, Completely Leveraging Cloud Services (Including Storage, Compute, and Application) Non-Transactional Data Available to Ingestion Services on Cloud Data Storage Services Offered with Adequate Availability Compute Resources Offered by Same Cloud Provider of Data Storage Analytic Tools and Products, or Industry Applications on Same Cloud Services

Prediction #5: Smart Cities Pilot Projects Will Include Processing Some Sensor Data for the First Time, Including Smart Meter, Noise Detection, Traffic, CCTV, and Air Quality

Prediction #6: Infrastructure Investments Will Outpace Software and Services, with Storage for Big Data Growing Rapidly by 45% from that in the Previous Period

Prediction #7. Open Data Initiatives Will Become Cross-Governmental Discussions, with Plans to be Laid for Implementation in 2015 and Beyond

Prediction #8: Wider Sources of Data Will Be Used for Precision Marketing in Private Banking, Determining High-Value Customers, Including Family Standing and Other Structures of Influence

Prediction #9: Data Marketplaces Will Appear, Both for Buying Data Outright, and for Pay-As-You-Use Models against Data Services

Prediction #10: Vulnerability and Advanced Persistent Threat Detection Will Gain More Attention than Real-Time Detection and Handling of Attack

A full copy of the report can be purchased at Report Buyer

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