Is Philippines The Next Big Hub for Big Data Analytics?

There are innumerable articles and resources on how big data analytics are shaping enterprises, businesses and our future and there hasn’t been a field that has failed to praise analytics. With the Harvard Business Review calling it the sexiest job of the 21st century and LinkedIn mentioning analytics under the top 25 skills to get you hired, most of the businesses and industries have woken up to analytics. Gradually, analytics has made its way from being used in big tech companies to niche enterprises, offering tons of crucial insights on customer behavior, supply chain, process optimization and more.

Big Data Analytics Goes Global

Apart from the industries, it has touched, analytics has made its presence felt across countries as well. From being used immensely by the US and European countries, analytics has found its valuable space in developing countries like India and the Philippines, too.

Global estimates suggest that there will be a shortage of over 3 million data scientists globally by 2018. In developing countries like India and the Philippines, the shortage is expected to further shoot up because of the boom in the number of start-ups and enterprises. While India already has its fair share of data scientists requirements and analytics talent, it’s the Philippines that is considered the next big hub for big data analytics.

Just like how SEO and digital marketing made their way into the market, generating thousands of fresh roles and employment opportunities, big data analytics is expected to seep into the IT industry, only with a more powerful impact. A lot of companies and businesses are slowly becoming data-centric and are more inclined towards making data-driven decisions, making big data analytics further inevitable.

Next Big Market for Analytics

With the big data analytics market being comparatively fresh and considering the huge pool of analytics that is available in the Philippines, big data analytics will spread across a diverse niche of industries ranging from healthcare, BPO, and e-commerce to finance, banking and retail.

In the coming months, more data analytics jobs will open up in the Philippines, requiring a huge number of qualified data scientists taking care of the huge incoming chunks of data from various sources.

The importance of analytics was acknowledged in the Philippines a couple of years back when Riz Oades, the Vice President and CEO of the coffee chain that has the license for running Starbucks Coffee in the country commented on analytics saying that analytics had helped his company get a seamless flow of information.

The government also acknowledged the role of analytics and had commented on the importance of analytics in facilitating faster and appropriate business decisions.

With the analytics market in the Philippines being lucrative and perfect for career shifts, it’s the best time for any aspirant to venture into making analytics as a career. Also, a lot of analytics training institutes are coming up in the Philippines that are further helping aspirants in getting into the analytics industry. The industry is further expected to explode in terms of its requirement and reach in the coming years and if you intend to get started with learning analytics, you should right now.

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