8 Analytics LinkedIn Groups to be Part of

LinkedIn is the best professional networking platform. Not only can you interact with people from the choicest of job roles, but also be a part of groups as per your interests. These LinkedIn groups are great place to look for job openings, keep oneself updated with the latest news, know what the influencers and thought leaders are posting, and in general interact with peers and like-minded individuals through professional discussions.

We have picked out some top LinkedIn groups that analytics professionals/students can be a part of to gain the needed exposure and enjoy the discussions and articles that are posted.

1. KDnuggets Analytics, Data Mining, and Data Science Linkedin group:

14,740 members

It is a group for Analytics, Data Mining, and Data Science Professionals and Researchers, interested in solving real-world problems. KDnuggets is a well-known platform for all things analytics right from stories and news to discussions and courses.

The group has been founded and is monitored by Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro, a well-known data scientist who is a top influencer in this space. The discussions in this group revolve around the trends in the analytics and big data industry, updates from analytics companies, hiring trends, job scenario, latest tools in analytics, where to study analytics, tips on tech topics, data mining, and upcoming analytics and data science events & conferences.

2. Advanced Business Analytics, Data Mining and Predictive Modeling:

216,738 members

A huge group of expert analysts and researchers which lists its description as dealing with Data science, big data, visualization, business analytics, predictive modeling, data mining, web analytics, six sigma, econometrics, business intelligence, computational finance, quant, operations research, machine learning, data analysis, data warehousing, risk management, cloud computing, text mining, BI.

Created by Vincent Granville, the co-founder and executive data scientist of the popular page Data Science Central, the group has regular discussions and posts on the above-mentioned areas of analytics.

3. Machine Learning and Data Science: 

30,717 members

Created by Data Science Central, a leading data science and analytics media platform, this group is composed of numerous data science authorities. A definite for people new to the analytics domain.

The posts and articles focus on technical topics or tool based discussions such as on statistical modelling, Embar data, Hadoop etc.

The above three groups are composed of working professionals who want to stay connected with the latest tools, technologies and trends. It is both for newbies as well as thought leaders and senior managers/analysts. In these groups, a lot is being discussed on salaries, upcoming skillset one should pick up, tips and guidance on how to handle data etc.

4. Analytics Professionals – Jigsaw Academy

3,957 members

Owned by Gaurav Vohra, the founder of Jigsaw Academy – a leading online analytics education firm, this group discusses SAS training, data mining, courses in analytics, marketing analytics, risk analytics, CRM, analytics jobs, SAS jobs among other topics.

With the group’s focus on analytics training and courses, this is must join group for someone who wants to gain a stronger foothold in the analytics and data science domain.

5. Big Data Professional Network:

59,701 members

An amazing group of Big Data professionals who interact and share relevant information, this is a haven for people in Big Data.

A networking focused group composed of people in the Big Data industry wanting to build their contacts and also share their side of the industry story. The discussions are usually on the latest tools and technologies that companies are using. They also share news articles on industry trends etc. The group consists of senior analysts and chief data scientists among others.

6. SAS Professional Forum:

31,305 members

An exclusive group to discuss SAS. This is a great group to receive job offers, consulting opportunities and engage with peers.

This is a great place for people with SAS skills to expand their network in the SAS community in an exclusive and dedicated manner. This group is restricted to discussions about the SAS software and technology, and every member is expected to have read the strict group rules before posting, as they are rigorously enforced!

7. Big Data and Analytics:

182,047 members

A highly active networking Group for individuals with a special interest in Big Data, the posts usually discuss ideas, conferences, seminars, workshops, technology updates. Discussions are centred on Big Data & new technologies in this domain. Quite a few influencers and known names in the analytics sector a part of the group.

8. Big Data | Analytics | Strategy | Finance | Innovation

146,314 members 

This group provides cutting edge content across 7 distinct channels including Big Data, Analytics, Strategy, Innovation, Finance, Digital & Operations. They also provide information for business leaders who are influential in their sectors, with focused channels for the CFO, CTO, Chief Innovation Officer, Chief Strategy Officer, Chief Digital Officer & Chief Data Officer.

There you go, now you know where to look for when you need professional discussions and feedback on anything analytics.

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