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Alberto Rinella is currently enrolled in the Jigsaw Academy – MISB Bocconi Executive Program in Business Analytics (EPBA), Class of 2017. An Italian national working in India for the past 4 years, he talks to us about his reasons and motivations to pursue the course and build a career in analytics.

  1. What has been your professional background and experience until now?

I work for an Italian multinational company in the confectionary space as an Organization & Improvement Manager, and have been living in India for about 4 years. My role broadly involves organizational improvement, organizational development, execution of improvement projects both at the group level and local level, and strategic development of the company. I help implementing at a local level Group processes and procedures and work on the development of the local market by analysing the macro and micro trends and internal company data.

I graduated in Economics with a Master in International Business from the UK, followed by an International MBA at Polytechnic of Milan. I worked in the domain of consulting for a few years before moving to my current job, where I have assisted in the evolution of the company from a phase of market development towards the consolidation and a much more efficient business unit integrated with a multinational group.

  1. What motivated you to pursue a course and career in analytics?

While I did have the opportunity to pursue Finance or other concepts, Business Analytics had my attention as I see its importance in my workplace and understand that its application has shown tremendous growth. I wanted to strengthen both my professional and personal knowledge. While do work with data, I noticed a lack of structured expertise. Many people talk about analytics but there is no established professional knowledge, which I wanted to change by studying analytics as a professional course.

I learnt statistics as part of my MBA program but needed a more specific training to tackle business problems. I think that analytics is a good addition to strengthen my profile and augments well with my business understanding. Skills in Business Analytics will make me a better equipped professional and help me face the current challenges of the work environment. I believe a course and career in analytics blends well with my background and learning curve.

  1. How did you know about and zero in on the EPBA course?

Being an Italian citizen, I already knew of the Bocconi brand as it is one of the top-ranking universities in Italy and worldwide.

Bocconi boasts of well-known alumni such as the former Prime Minister of Italy and the Chair of the European Banking Authority. To me, this seemed like a beneficial factor as I know the reputation that Bocconi adds.

When I was sourcing information about Business Analytics courses, I came across the EPBA course and found that Jigsaw Academy specifically trains on analytics. With Jigsaw Academy being ranked the #1 analytics training institute in India, my interest and confidence in the course and its curriculum was cemented. A partnership between a business school and an institution that does professional analytics training convinced me that this would be the apt program for me and this was my point of preference over going for other programs.

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  1. How do you see yourself using the skills you will gain in the program in your career?

My idea is that the course will help me in my current job, which is very wide in scope. Adding this to my skills will be beneficial as I will be able to take a much more holistic view of the data and apply it to solve my business problems. Right now, my goal is to look at the amount of data I see every day with much better eye, and a much more informed mind.

In the future, this could also lead to a change in work function, but this is not the goal right now. As I work in the area of process improvement, I look forward to using the analytics skills to tackle the everyday challenges.

Keep watching this space to read about more such interesting profiles. 

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