Everything Best Of Analytics for 2023: 7 Must Read Articles!


If you have access to data regarding every aspect of the business you work for, then you are sitting on a goldmine. Data is the most crucial, important, and valued asset of today’s technology. Every emerging technology – Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, Machine Learning, etc., are all dependent on data. They either work towards extracting, storing, or protecting data, making it one of the most priceless assets an organization could own.

Knowing the role data plays in our everyday life and the enthusiasm of Data lovers to always know about what’s trending in this domain, we decided to enlist the most popular data blogs for you to enjoy. Check out here the best articles of 2022 around data and analytics that will help you kickstart 2023 on a knowledge high note.

#1 Top 14 Applications Of Data Analytics to look out for in 2022 

Worried you are not completely updated with what’s happened in 2022? Well, worry not! We have got you covered. This article encompasses 14 unique applications of Data analytics that found prominence in 2022. over the years, Data Analytics has found innumerable applications across vertices from manufacturing, military, communication, travel, etc. Enjoy this piece of article to know the different areas of businesses Data Analytics has found applications. 

#2 53 Crucial Hive Interview Questions With Answers (2022) | UNext 

If you are already pursuing a career in Data Science or aspire to do so, then you know Hive is one of the most important software tools to master in this domain. It provides a centralized data warehouse component for summarizing, querying, and analyzing the data pulled from any database. Here is a list of the most frequently asked Hive interview questions, that will help you ace all interviews and propel your career ahead. 

#3 Difference Between Analysis And Analytics | Which Is Better? 

A common man most often cannot differentiate between analysis and analytics. However, a tech enthusiast whose primarily focused and interested in data can make out a difference easily. Yet, if you are new to the whole humongous sphere of data, then you would most likely consider Data Analysis and Data Analytics to be one and the same thing. Do read this interesting piece of article that elaborates on the difference between Data analytics and Data Analysis. 

#4 Top 30+ Excel Interview Questions – An Easy List Of Q&As 

The most basic and important tool of Data Analytics is Excel. Excel as a tool has innumerable formulas, data visualization options, data storage facilities, and advanced features to offer to its users. Therefore, knowledge of Excel is very important and essential for Data enthusiasts. Check out here the list of Excel interview questions curated exclusively to help you EXCEL in your next interview. 

#5 Data Manipulation: Definition, Purpose, Examples

One of the most critical and essential steps in data processing is Data Manipulation. If not done accurately, it can lead to errors giving incorrect conclusions. Knowing the process and its importance greatly helps in understanding its process. This article on Data Manipulation is a comprehensive read on the nuances of Data Manipulation. Give it a read without fail! 

#6 50 Best Mainframe Interview Questions In 2022 For Experienced & Beginners 

A mainframe computer is the primary necessity of any large company that is looking out to process huge amounts of data. If you aspire to be a part of such gigantic organizations and add value to their business, then knowledge of Mainframe is a must. However, it’s not just possessing the knowledge that is important, one should be able to communicate the same in an interview to bag just competitive coveted jobs. Don’t forget to check out this list of best Mainframe interview questions designed in mind the current market trends. 

#7 8 Types of Data Processing – A Comprehensive Guide 

Unprocessed data is like uncooked food. There are only so many times you can consume them and get the desired results. Having knowledge of different types of data processing will not only help to add value to your skill set but will also help to make your life ridiculously easy. This article explains in detail the various types of data processing. It is one of the most important topics in Data Science. It’s a must-read for all data enthusiasts.


Knowledge is a tricky entity. It’s not enough just to acquire them. The discretion to know when to use what makes all the difference between a literate and a genius. As we enter yet another new year, we hope you found our treasure trove of knowledge relatable, enjoyable, and informative. Do check out our UNext website for more such interesting reads to keep you occupied throughout the year. 

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