Best of 2022: 5 Most Popular Cybersecurity Blogs Of The Year


Are you a Cybersecurity enthusiast looking to know the latest trends and goings in the cybersecurity industry? Or are you just a tech enthusiast who likes to be updated with the ongoings around them? Then you are at the perfect place. As another year comes to an end, we decided the best way to look back was to revisit the most popular and sought-after blogs of Cybersecurity and list the same for all our Cybersecurity enthusiasts. Every piece of article on this list is a must-read and will help you be updated with the latest ongoings in the industry. Do not miss them, it’s time to binge! 

1. How To Know Your Phone Is Hacked? A Basic Insight In 2022 

According to a report by, “unique” mobile users reached 5.48 billion in October 2022. This just means two-thirds of the world has gone digital, making their data more vulnerable to breach if proper precautions are not taken. Phones are one of the most personal things individuals have, it is important to protect them or at least be able to identify when it is hacked. Do not miss out on reading this article and learning how to identify if your phone has ever been hacked. 

2. How To Remove A Hacker From My Phone – An Easy Guide (2022) 

Once you’re done identifying your phone is hacked, the next important step is to know how to remove the hack. Removing a hack from the phone and further protecting the data might often need some professional help. However, taking some basic protection and implementing a few first levels of firewalls can be done by us as users. This is an educative piece of reading elaborating on how to remove a hack from your phone and further continue to protect your data. Do not miss out on reading the same. 

3. Types Of Hackers Based On Their Intent | Who Are Ethical Hackers? 

The biggest menace faced by companies today that thrive on data is hackers. The need to be constantly vigilant, find ways to protect their precious data, and ensure it’s neither leaked nor hacked calls for a specialized team of experts who are on the constant lookout for trouble. Knowing the different types of hackers not only helps to find out their agenda but also helps to understand their psychology, their motive, and target. This helps in preparing defensive strategies to protect the data. Check out this interesting piece of article that elaborates in detail on the different types of hackers. 

4. Interesting Cyber Security Projects For Final Year Engineering Students 2022 

Cybersecurity enthusiasts? Looking to kickstart your career in the Cybersecurity domain? Or are you looking out to do something interesting and worthwhile in the domain of Cybersecurity? Worry not. We have got you covered. In this article, you will find an exhaustive list of Cybersecurity projects, that are unique, interesting, innovative, and educative to help you master your Cybersecurity knowledge. Check them out and let us know which project idea quipped up your interest. 

5. 20 Important Types of Cyber Crimes To Know in 2022 

According to a report by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, 2,37,658 cases of Cybercrimes were reported in the second quarter of 2022 alone. That’s right, with the pandemic, the dependency on digital platforms to even perform everyday activities has increased manifold thereby increasing their susceptibility to Cybercrime. This article on types of cybercrime will help you understand in detail the types of cybercrime and also how to fight Cybercrime to protect your sensitive data.


Cybersecurity has gone from being a luxury to an absolute necessity in recent times. Owning to the innumerable crimes, hacks, and data breaches that occur, it’s important to have a basic knowledge of cybersecurity and the necessary precautions that need to be taken even by laymen. We hope you enjoyed our pick of the best Cybersecurity articles in 2022. If you are looking out to learn in-depth and start a career in Cybersecurity, do check out our UNext website for more interesting reading materials to keep you informed and engaged. 

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