KNIME Analytics Platform: An Interesting Guide(2021)


The open-source software, which is a coinvent way for the creation of data science, is explained as the KNIME Analytics platform. It always focuses on development and integration, which makes the data understandable and designing data science effectively. It is assisting in reusing the components for taking the necessary decision. In this platform, the workflow runs with an interactive interface and with batch modes. The platform creates the visualization for workflow and supports the common database management system.

In this article let us look at:

  1. What is the KNIME Analytics platform?
  2. What can I do with the KNIME Analytics platform?
  3. How do I learn the KNIME Analytics platform?

1. What is the KNIME Analytics platform?

The path through which the complex data can be navigated and one can have the freedom while accessing means there is no barrier for the entrance, and the comprehensive and strongest platform for the machine learning, statistics, ETL and drag-and-drop analytics is defined as KNIME Analytics platform. In this platform, no paywall and locked features are involved, which execute the operations easily. It assists in making the transitions of data means from connectors to data sources conveniently like SQL server to Azure, Google sheets to Amazon Redshift and many more. It also blends tools with different domains with KNIME tools into a single workflow. It always controls the flow of data and maintains consistency in the workflow of data.

2. What can I do with the KNIME Analytics platform?

KNIME analytics is suitable for various processes such as ETL in which data movement is very convenient, machine learning, deep learning, National language processing, API integration and Interactive visual analytics, which have beta features. It assists in data analyzing by univariate statistics, text mining, image processing, data mining, time series, web analytics, network analysis, multivariate statistics and many more. KNIME helps in customizing and growing the system according to the company’s needs with the help of scalability. By considering the possibilities of the KNIME system, the interface becomes an easy way to speed up the learning curve.

Many KNIME users are collaborated due to the import and export of workflows between them. KNIME workflow is helping in exchanging and enhancing the data so that companies can able to work on different aspects of work. Many organizations are giving preference to the KNIME analytics platform. The reason behind this is that it works based on the multi-core system, which helps them executing various at one time. 

Its applications like parallel execution added value to headless batch executions by using the command line version. The system functions on multiple operating systems like window32 bit version with XP and Vista, window 64 with Vista and window 7, multiple Linux systems and many more. 

3. How do I learn the KNIME Analytics platform?

KNIME is an open platform to which one can deploy and learn easily. There are different ways through which the users can get the answers for “how to use KNIME”.

Users will download and create data by downloading the CSV file first and place it on the workbench editor. After that file reader node will appear and shows the configuration dialogue box. After that, filtration of data will be processed with the help of a column filter node. With the help of the row filter node, the unknown values and options will be excluded. At the next step, visualization of the data will be done by Pie/Donut Chart nodes and stacked area chart. At last, one can execute and get the results for the processes.

The individual task is presented as the nodes in the KNIME Analytic platform, in which nodes are in the form of coloured boxes having input and output ports. Tasks like reading and writing files, transforming data, creating visualizations, training models and so on.

Different courses are organized are levels of L1 basic, L2 advanced, L3 deployment and L4 specialized. It helps in learning more about data science, data wrangling, big data, text processing, deployment and collaboration.

Extensions help in accessing and processing complex data as well as knowing the advanced machine learning algorithms.

One can learn the KNIME platform by Keras for deep learning, Apache Spark for big data processing, H2O for high performance and Python and R for scripting. All of these projects are accessible by integration.   


The KNIME platform is an open platform where there are no barriers during usage and provides the visualizes and insights to execute their operations efficiently. It helps in taking the decision wisely and working efficiently. The platform blends the data from any source and shapes them according to the usage of them in the operations. It also leverages machine learning and AI. It also assists in sharing insights and discovering the facts and information related to business activities. An individual can easily access and deploy the KNIME analytics by using the nodes and taking the courses at a different level. With the advanced machine learning algorithms, one can take the knowledge for operations.

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