Top 15 Predictive Analytics Tools For 2021

Ajay Ohri


Predictive analytics plays an important role in the growth and expansion of the business. It helps to find out the future condition of the market and then makes it easier to take necessary actions accordingly. These can be done only with the help of future predictions or predictive analytics. Predictive analytics tools help in prediction for efficient and correct results.

  1. What is Predictive analytics?
  2. Predictive Analytics Tools

1) What is Predictive analytics?

Predictive analytics includes an assortment of measurable strategies from information mining, prescient displaying, and AI, that dissect current and recorded realities to make forecasts about the future or in any case obscure occasions with the tools of predictive analytics.

2) Predictive Analytics Tools

 Predictive analytics tools excel in the methodologies and strategies to direct prescient examination can be characterized by relapse procedures and AI methods. Prescient investigation manages to separate the data from crude information and utilizing this information to foresee patterns and standards of conduct for the future.

There are a lot of free predictive analytics tools. Some of the best predictive analytics tools are as follows, which will help you in your growth in all aspects:

  • Q Research:

This is a predictive analytics tool for marketing which focuses on one market. This profoundly mechanized stage smoothes out the prescient examination measure so clients can invest less energy running the apparatus and additional time planning.

  • Information Builders WebFOCUS:

Data Builders offers a total set-up of BI examination and information the executives’ instruments that incorporate predictive and prescriptive analytics tools capacities. Likewise, it offers instruments for both information researchers and business clients.

  • SAP Predictive Analytics:

SAP Predictive Analytics is an answer that permits you to gather information and construct prescient models on this information that foresee the course of ensuing occasions. 

  • Infer:

Infer is predictive analytics tools and techniques focus on advertising exercises. The product empowers clients to recognize target market and potential clients who are probably going to change over to genuine clients of the organization.

  • Board:

BOARD is an incredible choice for banking and protection, retail, assembling, and coordinations.

  • Halo:

Halo is a user friendly and altogether cloud-based, so you can get to your information from any area and watch out for your store network continuously.

  • Radius:

Radius gives a few information investigation administrations, with an emphasis on prescient B2B marketing. The stage likewise assists advertisers with sharing information across divisions and find new records from interior information bases.

  • EverString:

EverString offers information curation and planning for a huge number of B2B accounts and thus, helps in the prediction process.


The software mindful, with substance investigation that de-copy your information and find connections that can be applied to security arranging and client the executives.


The software is R code-compatible and gives information base and application benefits in-memory or in the cloud.

  • TIBCO Statistica:

TIBCO puts the accentuation on convenience, with a ton of coordinated effort and work process highlights incorporated into the apparatus.

  • SAS Advanced Analytics:

SAS is the pioneer in the examination advertises and has a staggeringly considerable rundown of various prescient investigation items accessible and gives assortments of devices.

FICO Predictive Analytics

The FICO Predictive Analytics stage is a decent decision for choice administration based abilities, particularly for associations in the monetary administration’s area.

Cortana Intelligence Suite

The Azure cloud-based Cortana Intelligence Suite coordinates instructional exercises and layouts to help raise new clients to an acceptable level with the stage, it’s frequently dominated as an apparatus by Microsoft’s famous Power BI stage.


Predictive analytics tools help in analyzing the future and provide a great range of tools by providing tools also for predictive analytics tools for share market, predictive analytics tools for higher education.

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