10 Python Books For An Easy Start For Beginners in 2021


Python is a programming language that can be used to make different applications for a variety of platforms. Its one of the most widely used programming languages and was built in order to help one with the development of apps. The complexity of the language resulted in the need for python books to help one better understand how to get about using this language.

There are many reasons why Python happens to be a preferred language for many. The best python books will tell you that the app has much refined and simplified syntax, that helps those who are writing programs using this language find it easier to do so. While the language happens to be rather easy to use, the best books to learn python can help one better understand how to get their program to function.

The language also has a massive library built into it which when used correctly can make may mainstream tasks such s connecting to web servers, an easy job to deal with. This can also be made easier if one opts for some python data structures books or books for python learning that explain the uses of this programming language even better. The language also happens to be multi-platform, which makes it easy for one to use irrespective of the platform of choice, be it Windows, MacOS or Linux.

List of Books

Just like any programming language, Python also happens to need specific knowledge to make the most of the same. There are plenty of tips and tricks associated with the language and a proper command over the same can help one get desired results from whatever they wish to get the best of the same. python books are a great way to understand the basics of the language. Some of the best python books are in the form of best python book for beginners that help one clear concepts and understand the basics of the language.

Here are the top 10 books to learn python for everyone:

  • Python Crash Course, 2ndEdition: A Hands-On, Project- Based Introduction to programming

The first on the list of the best programming books for python is one that goes straight to basics. The fundamentals of Python is all that this book is about and it is divided into 2 parts which take you over all that there is to know about the language, making it one the best intermediate python books in the market

  • Python Pocket Reference: Python in your Pocket

The title of the books describes it best. It’s a pocket-sized guide that acts s a quick referencing tool for all the developers who work on Python. The books contain the basics of Python along with a variety of Python specific information that can come handy when required.

  • Python Programming: An introduction to computer Science

Adding to the list of python books for beginners is this gem, that’s best described as text-book for the subject that is python. It’s continuously updated with all the basic information one needs to know about the language and also features graphical examples.

  • Python fro Data Analysis: Data Wrangling with Pandas, NumPy and iPython

If one need to understand how to manipulate, get around the task of processing and work with crunching datasets, then this book has it all. It has a variety of examples to learn from.

  • Python cookbook: Recipes for Mastering Python 3

If one needs to understand how to get around working with Python 3, then this book has it all. This book is handy for experienced programmers who wish to know it all. Gives the readers a variety of core language topics that they can learn from.

  • Learn Python the Hard Way

Probably not the kind of book you were expecting when you went looking for top 10 python books for beginners, this book teaches one Python by making them practice the wide variety of practice questions and problems it comes with. it focuses on a variety of topics such as basics of coding and how to work with different aspects of Python 

  • Learn Python in 1 day: Complete python guide with examples

Unlike the previous book, this a mention you were definitely hoping to come across. This book is for those who shy away from the complex code that Python can be and instead works on clearing concepts so that one can make the best of it. 

  • Python Machine Learning: Machine Learning and Deep learning from Python, sci-kit-learn, and TensorFlow

This book adds to the list of top 10 books to learn python and offers various techniques to develop machine learning, work with deep learning and also understand data analysis of algorithms. It also is continuously updated with the latest features from Python and has an updated library.

  • Python Data Science Handbook: Essential Tools for Working with data

This book helps one understand why Python is a useful programming language.it helps the reader get a better grip over the language and understand how to use various Python related tools for better results.This book is well suited to those who have a proper idea of how to use Python already, and adds to their pre-existing knowledge of the same 

  • Natural Language Processing with Python: Analyzing Text with the Natural Language Toolkit

Last on the list of top 10 python books this book helps one understand the concepts of writing programs on Python. It also helps one understand the concept of unstructured texts and how to get about working with them and helps tackle any basic everyday problems one may run into. 


Python is a language that needs basic understanding from the user in order to make the most of it. The fact that it is an open-source programming language left around freely for use and modifications by all only adds to its popularity. There are many takers for the language, however, not all of them are able to make the best use of the same. this list of the best python books contains a wide variety of options for all users of Python to choose from.

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