Role of Data Analyst: All You Need To Know in 3 Important Points


Today, Data Analysis has become one of the hottest career choices. The field has bolstered ever since the dawn of the tech-driven society. A Data Analyst retrieves or gathers raw data from a particular source and organizes it by performing statistical analysis to find a meaningful conclusion.

Let us learn all about the role of Data Analyst, and the educational background required to become one. But before that, let us acquire a better understanding of what a Data Analyst does.

  1. What Do Data Analysts Do?
  2. What Is The Job Of A Data Analyst?
  3. Data Analyst Job Requirements And Qualification

1. What Do Data Analysts Do?

Companies often hire Data Analysts for analyzing the data from users and identifying the trends within industries. They have been paying hefty packages to hire the best in the field.

From Google searches to Facebook stalking and asking silly questions to Siri – all this time, you have been generating data for these companies. Data Analysts analyze this data to serve you better ads on Google, Facebook, and other platforms, organize your feed, and spot trends. According to Techjury, humans produce nearly 2.5 quintillion bytes of data daily. Every day, over 306.4 billion emails are sent, and nearly 5 million tweets are produced on Twitter. This is where a Data Analyst comes into the picture.

2. What Is The Job Of A Data Analyst?

So, what does a Data Analyst do? These are some of the common Data Analyst roles and responsibilities that you must know about.

A) Data Mining

Data Mining is the first task that Data Analysts perform. A Data Analyst works to process and structure raw data to figure out important trends and patterns through mathematical and computational algorithms.

B) Data Cleaning

Data Cleaning is a fundamental component of various Data Analyst responsibilities. Here, the professional is required to identify and clean the messy, raw data. The cleaning of data involves removing the data that may distort your result.

C) Analyzing Data

Needless to say, this is a fundamental role of Data Analysts. A Data Analyst is required to analyze data to spot trends and patterns to answer specific questions. This role requires rigorous knowledge of tools and programming languages.

D) Creating Reports With Clear Visualizations

You need to prepare reports to explain your analyzed data to your team in clear visualizations for them to function accordingly.

3. Data Analyst Job Requirements And Qualification

There are prerequisite qualifications and an educational background that are required for the role of Data Analysts. Having the right skill set is vital in pursuing this career.

Since Data Analysis is an advanced IT field, a bachelor’s degree in IT or Statistics is required. Further on, pursuing a postgraduate diploma or a master’s degree in Data Science or Business Analytics is needed. 

These are some Data Analyst job requirements:

  • Technical Skills

A Data Analyst needs to master numerous programming languages. From R to Python and C++ to Java — your strength lies in your proficiency in these languages.

  • Soft Skills

Data Analysts simplify the technical data for the organization to understand.

  • Mathematical Ability

Solving mathematical functions and calculating numbers are an important part of the job. The most common math problems that a Data Analyst solves are Compound Interest, Depreciation, Algebra, and Statistical Measures such as Mean, Median, Mode, etc.


The job of a Data Analyst has been dubbed as ‘the sexiest job of the 21st century’ by the Harvard Business Review. And, if that isn’t enough motivation for you, then according to LinkedIn, a Data Analyst average salary ranges from INR 8 Lakh to INR 9.2 Lakh in India – along with potential foreign opportunities.

It is also important to find the right place to learn and become proficient in all these skills and languages. UNext offers an Integrated Program In Business Analytics for enthusiasts in this field. The course runs for 10 months and is conducted live online. Learners are offered a joint certificate by the Indian Institute of Management, Indore, and UNext.

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