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Structured Query Language or SQL is a universally accepted programming language that is used as standard and SQL books focus on this very language. The language can be used for the purpose of bringing about modifications to database records by providing a variety of functions such as inserting records, searching for existing ones, updating an old or incorrect record or deleting a single or an entire database worth of records as the user deems necessary. 

SQL books for beginners will tell you that at its very crux, SQL isn’t a database itself. It’s simply a query language that deals with and operates with the databases it is used for. Good SQL books for beginners will also give you some examples of the database that work well with SQL queries such as Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB, etc.

When talking about the what kind of data SQL manages, it is usually the kind that’s stored in relational database management systems (RDBMS). SQL can be used to work with this data and be asked to perform functions such as creation, deletion and working with rows that contain data.

SQL allows its users to access the database in various ways and also allows one to use basic language with statements in English to work with the data available. The best SQL books will also give you an idea of various other functions that a SQL query can provide and help in better understanding of the same.

List of Books

Just like any subject, the use of SQL queries has a learning curve to it that can be better understood to make the most of it. There are a variety of SQL books available in the market that can better explain to the readers the best ways to get the job done on SQL. Depending on the level of understanding of the user and their experience with SQL, there is a variety of best SQL book for beginners and advanced SQL book which prospective or existing users of SQL can look into before going ahead and purchasing. 

Here’s a list of SQL books for one to choose from that can help users of all kinds to better understand the language that is SQL:

  •  SQL in 10 minutes by Sams Teach Yourself

The first book in the list of the best SQL book for users who wish to get fast results with SQL. The answers given by this book that happens to be written by Ben Forta are straightforward and practical, thus making it a breeze to understand for those who already have basic knowledge of the subject. The book can also help one better understand how SQL statements are structured as it features a host of colour-code examples. 

  •  SQL Cookbook by O’Reilly

This book is written by Anthony Molinaro who has very helpfully gone ahead and shared what he himself describes as some of his favourite features and techniques of SQL. A wide variety of topics are covered, ranging from the likes of Windows functions and pivoting based techniques. Topics such as working on histograms are also covered.

  •  SQL Practice Problems

Another useful SQL book this one is written by Sylvia Moestl Vasilik. It provides a variety of SQL related problems for one to practice on, which helps one get a more advanced idea of how to use SQL, thus making it one of the best book to learn SQL for beginners

  • SQL: The Complete reference

This is one of the best books to learn SQL and is written by James. R Groff. It covers a wide variety of topics and can help a reader understand basic topics that focus on how to work with SQL commands, setting up RDBMS and basically work with the data.

  • SQL Queries for mere mortals: A Hands-On Guide to Data Manipulation in SQL

This one is written by John L. Viecas and is one for absolute beginners. Covers a wide variety of important aspects of SQL and also on how to deal with various aspects of data. Also helps one perform complex calculations which makes it one of the good SQL books for beginners

  • SQL Pocket Guide: A Guide to SQL Usage\

Adding to the list of the best books on SQL for beginners this book is written Jonathon Gennick. It focuses on the basic functions of SQL, how to use the syntax of regular expressions and how to go around typing conversion functions. It also goes one step ahead and focuses on Oracles support, something that many may find useful.

  • Effective SQL: 61 Specific Ways to Write Better SQL. 

This book is all about getting the reader familiar with the basics of SQL. It’s written by John L Viecas and offers a variety of insights as well as solutions to common problems faced in SQL.

  • SQL Antipatterns: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Database Programming.

Written by Bill Karwin, this book helps one understand SQL by dividing itself into 4 different parts. These parts range from the design of the database to development of the application and everything In-between.

  • Oracle PL/SQL Programming 6e

Steven Feuerstein is the author of this book that can be best described as a definitive guide that helps one make the best of use of a database made in Oracle. It explains simple fundamentals and ensures its sticks by using varying degrees of humour. 

  • Learning SQL: Master SQL Fundamentals

The final book on the list of best SQL book for beginners is written by Alan Beaulieu. The books are full of a variety of illustrations, examples and practise questions to help one get a better grip on SQL and make the most of it with ease.


SQL is a tricky language to learn, but by no means impossible. It’s vital to have good control on the same for those who wish to work with databases of all kinds with ease. This list of SQL books for beginners and best-advanced SQL books should help one do well with SQL, regardless of being an early adopter or experienced user.

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