3 Degrees that Will Prepare You for a Career in Analytics

Merriam-Webster defines analytics as “the method of logical analysis.” In business, analytics is the process of analyzing quantitative data to glean information about performance. This process is often used in marketing departments and in risk management. Analytics is also a very important tool for the management and maintenance of websites.

The field of analytics is growing, as more companies realize the benefits of the method. This is especially true for internet-based companies. As the field grows, so does the number of jobs. If you are interested in statistics, research and marketing, a career in analytics may be ideal. Although specific undergraduate programs in analytics aren’t very common, the following three degrees will prepare you work in the field.


, 3 Degrees that Will Prepare You for a Career in Analytics


Statistics is a branch of mathematics dealing with the collection, analysis, interpretation and presentation of masses of numerical data. This is the degree that comes closest to matching the field of analytics and will prepare you the most for handling and interpreting data. Statistics is a degree that can be earned completely online, so if you are interested in switching careers, you can attend online school without having to quit your current full-time job. In addition to analytics, a degree in statistics is also valuable for a career in several other fields and is one of the most sought after degrees in the current job market.

Information Technology

If you enjoy learning about computers and are fascinated by the internet, a degree in information technology will allow you to apply these interests to the field of analytics. Information technology is field that involves developing, maintaining and using computer systems, software and networks for the processing and distribution of data. This degree is offered at technical colleges, both on-campus and online, at the associate’s level, allowing you to make a quick career change through a rewarding two-year program.


Marketing is a business process or technique that works to promote and sell products and services. Although a marketing degree technically prepares you for a career in sales and marketing, analytics is an integral part of most businesses’ marketing strategies. The topic of analytics is often reviewed as a part of your studies, and additional training is usually provided once you gain employment in a marketing department. Marketing is subject that can be learned both through traditional and online schooling.

More information about a career in analytics and any of the above degrees can be found through a quick internet search, or you can contact the admissions department of your local college or university.

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