Data Science Career Path – Comprehensive Guide(2022)

An Overview of the Data Science Career

Data science career has been evolving, and it is in high demand. Data science is involved in the process of collecting and analysing data. It helps organisations in a great way to manage and use a huge amount of data to make important decisions related to the business. On the basis of analysis of data, business organisations can conclude. With the development of modern technology, we can collect and store a large amount of data. It has been found that approximately 90% of data are created worldwide within two years. Collecting a large amount of data cannot benefit an organisation if there’s no good way to interpret it.

Let’s Know About Data Science

In simple language, data science is analysing data using technology, algorithm, and inferences. Different software transforms data patterns and makes predictions applicable to a business. These tests and experiments are designed by scientific methodology. The findings of these predictions help make an accurate decision. 

Thus with the help of data science, organisations determine the patterns by extracting essential data from a huge collection of data. It helps an organisation determine the important aspects related to cost, competition, and market dominance. 

Therefore the demand for data scientists and other data science professionals is increasing. Anyone who desires to pursue a data scientist career path should have deep knowledge of mathematics, statistics, deep learning, artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc.

Why is Data Science Important?

Data science helps mine large amounts of data to derive insight into the customer of a business organisation. Since a huge amount of data is generated daily, businesses now make decisions based on the pattern of data. Whether an eCommerce website or social media platform, online business platforms make their business decisions using data science. These platforms can collect customer insights and behaviours. 

Some of the other benefits of data science in the business are as follows:

Help in Augmenting Sales

With the help of data collection, businesses can fulfil the expectations of their customers. After rapid digitalisation, business organisations emphasise data-driven marketing. Data science helps to augment sales by giving the customer insight into a product with the help of the collection of data. The organisation uses data science professionals’ insights to develop a market strategy.

• Ensure Security

Security of the data is one of the essential things for an organisation. Data science ensures the security of the data by implementing security measures. Data science professionals help organisations keep their customers’ data safe and secure. Data science also helps to find architectural flaws in the pattern of data in the organisation.

• Help to Reach a Conclusion

Another benefit of using data science is that it helps the organisation decide on its business. Since data science provides insight into market trends and the behaviour of customers, organisations can make decisions based on those insights. Data science professionals observe data using tools, and the insight they provide helps the organisation do business effectively.

• Easy Recruitment Process

Sometimes companies have to spend a lot of time dealing with the resume selection process. For example, top companies receive a large number of resumes, and it takes a lot of time to find out the resume of the right candidate amongst them. Data science helps to find out the resume of the right candidate. With the help of data science, data is processed using different algorithms to find the right candidate.

• Help to Interpret Data

Data science helps the business to understand the trend and the market by interpreting the data in the right direction. It also helps to combine the sources from both the physical and virtual worlds.

• Helps to Make Predictions

Data science can help an organisation make future predictions by giving an idea of the market by analysing past and present data. Using tools like Artificial Intelligence and algorithms, data science analyses and interprets data to give insight into the market. Based on the help of data science, businesses can predict the market and can take decisions accordingly.

Job Roles in Data Science

There are many opportunities for those who want to pursue a career in data science. Some of the options in the field of data science are mentioned below.

• Data Scientists

The main responsibility of the Data Scientist is to analyse the data by extracting them and solving the business problems. Data Scientists have to offer a business’s patterns and trends by finding accurate insights. They also have to manage databases apart from analysing the data. Their findings directly help businesses to reach a valuable prediction. They also have to provide information to the organisation by creating a blueprint.

A Data Scientist should have some important skills, including applying mathematics, using many tools for data mining and integration, extracting data using Artificial Intelligence, etc.

A data scientist’s salary may range between Rs. 4.5 Lakh to Rs. 25 Lakh. 

• Data Analysts

Data analysis is an entry-level position for Data Scientist. Data Analysts study and create reports using tools like Tableau and Excell. Data analysts start working with raw data to help an organisation’s marketing and customer support team. The reports prepared by the data analysts help the organisation understand the current trend and visualise the predictable outcome. They also have to manage and maintain the database.

They also help the organisation conclude by analysing the behaviour of the consumers. Finally, analysts help digital business platforms by evaluating the market and making the strategy accordingly.

The salary of a Data Analyst is almost Rs. 5.50 LPA.

• Data Architect

A Data Architect designs the process of data management. They also have to understand the organisation’s strategy and ensure the security and stability of a project prepared by the organisation. The main responsibility of a Data Architect is to collect, maintain, organise, centralise, and protect an organisation’s data. Data Architects work closely with Data Engineers. A data architect is also a popular data science career in India.

The average annual salary of a Data Architect is almost Rs. 23 Lakhs.

• Data Engineer

The major role of a Data Engineer is to make the data accessible for the team to analyse. Data Engineers play a crucial role in interpreting unstructured or unformatted data. They make it easy for the organisation to access essential data by maintaining a huge amount of data. They study and process data using an algorithm so that the clients or organisations can access the raw data. Data engineers should be able to understand the requirement of the organisation so that they can provide the required data.

The average salary of a Data Engineer is Rs. 8.3 lakhs per annum.

• Statisticians

Statisticians collect data from an organisation and conduct surveys for various purposes. They are appointed by government organisations, educational institutions, and healthcare organisations. The data collected is interpreted by doing research using various models. They also test the accuracy and reliability of data. They also analyse and organise data for different purposes. By analysing the data, statisticians help find solutions to real-world problems.

The salary of statisticians is between Rs. 4.0 lakhs to Rs. 14.9 lakhs.

• Project Manager

The responsibility of Project Managers is to supervise and execute a project. They prepare a blueprint to optimise data and operate data mining by testing and analysis. They also act as the medium of communication between the team and clients. If any changes have to make in the projects, the Project manager communicates between the team and client.

The salary of a Project Manager is between Rs. 4.8 Lakhs to Rs. 26 Lakhs per annum.

Top Recruiters After Pursuing Data Science Course

There is a very good scope for those who want to pursue a data science career. Once you complete a course in data science, you may get hired by some top recruiters, including Amazon, LinkedIn, Flipkart, Accenture, Myntra, Deloitte, etc. They hire data scientists by offering handsome salary packages. Once you get hired by these companies, you will see huge data science career growth. Data scientists’ salary is one of the main attractions in these companies.

Why Should You Choose Data Science Career Now?

Data science professionals have amazing opportunities to grow their careers in data science in the present era. Apart from other countries, India’s demand for data science professionals is also increasing. Due to the increasing demand, even an entry-level professional can expect a salary between Rs. 4 to 6 lakhs per annum. Around 19% of data science professionals with less than five years experience occupy an organisation’s senior position.

Due to the increase in digitalisation of most business industries, they prefer to take the help of data science professionals to take accurate business decisions.

How to start a career in data science as a fresher?

Before choosing any course, you should consider certain things and research properly. It would help if you always took care of the following things while choosing a career in data science:

• Know About the Required Skill

Before pursuing a career in data science, you should always check the skills required for pursuing a career in this field. Because without proper skill, you won’t be able complete the course and all your time and money will go waste.

• Be Clear

You should be clear about which job role you want to pursue after completing the course. For example, many job roles include Data Architect, Data Scientist, Data Engineer, etc. The different job role requires different skills. 

• Prepare the Budget

Before taking a course, you should also check the expenditure for the particular course and prepare the budget accordingly. 

• Do Research About the Platform

If you are going to take an online course, do the proper research about the platform which will provide the course. Go through the reviews provided by the previous candidates. Conduct research about the faculties who will teach the course. Approach the previous candidates who completed the course from that platform and ask every possible question about the course and platforms.

• Check the Syllabus

Check the syllabus of the course. Then, check whether a course is an advanced or basic level. Many people make mistakes by enrolling in an advanced-level course and regret the same. Therefore, the course is of basic or advanced level is usually mentioned. 

• Check if the Course Provides Certificate

Most of the paid courses are certified. However, there may be some that may not provide a certificate. Therefore conduct inquiries about whether the course you are going to take is certified. Although employers prefer your skill, it is better to have a certificate to show the employer. It is better to have both the skill and certificate to show as proof.

•  Select the Best Course

Some many courses and platforms provide data science courses. But you should select only the course that has been recognised as the best by others. Again, it would help if you carefully reviewed the reviews, comments, and ratings.  

• Duration

You should check the duration of their course. The different course has a different duration. You should pick the course you think you will be able to complete within the stipulated period. If you are a job person and have less time, you should go for a short period. But if you are a fresher and want to take your data science career seriously, you should always prefer courses of long duration.

Popular Data Science Courses

There are many data science courses. Some popular courses include Certifications in business analytics, Data Mining and Applications Graduate, Biomedical data science graduate certifications, SAS Certified Big Data Professional, Certification of Professional Achievement in Data Science, Certificate in Business Analytics, Certificate in Analytics and Information Management, Certified Data Architect, Data Scientist Associate Certification etc.


Due to the ever-increasing demand for data science in almost every sector, the demand for a career in data science is also increasing. Many have taken their career to a soaring height by pursuing a career in this field. Once you acquire the required skill for pursuing a career in data science, you will always be in high demand. Once you are able to kick start your career in top-level companies, you will be able to receive high salary packages along with other opportunities.

If you are interested in making a career in the Data Science domain, our 9-month-long (Live Online sessions on Weekends) Post Graduation in Data Science Course can help you immensely in becoming a successful Data Science professional.

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