IoT India Salary Study 2017

Tons of articles have been written about the amazing changes IoT is bringing about in different industries. Hundreds of explainer videos have been made on what the technology is about and how it’s slowly shaping our lives. You would have also read up a lot about the career opportunities IoT is offering. However, what you wouldn’t have read about is the insider information such as the trends in the IoT industry, jobs available, the essential skills required to become an IoT expert and more.

Now, if you’re someone who is interested in IoT or are looking forward to taking up a career in it, these are the information you should get access to. Apart from knowing the emerging technologies in IoT and their technical aspects, you should also know what skills you should develop to actually venture into IoT and other crucial information on how you can make it big in this career. That’s why Jigsaw Academy is excited to present you the IoT India Salary Report 2017 – a comprehensive study on the IoT industry that will give you complete insights on a range of topics concerned with the field.

Jigsaw Academy and IoT India Magazine have been doing continued research on the IoT industry, reaching out to authorities and influencers in the industry for the report.

This will offer you information on –

  • the jobs available in IoT
  • roles emerged in the IoT industry
  • the various job roles and responsibilities
  • companies hiring IoT experts
  • salaries IoT professionals get
  • and salary trends across cities, experience levels, and functional area.


Apart from these crucial insights, the report also delves into the future of IoT and how it would evolve in the coming days. You can download the report from here.


This is a really resourceful report that will give you an idea on how you can come out of a stagnating career or a low-paying job. Especially, during the retrenchment season, when tons thousands of layoffs are happening across the IT sector, this report will give you an idea of why it is essential to upskill to something that’s very much in demand and make way for a rewarding career. Check out the report and get started with IoT today.


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