Take a Leap in Your Career with Business Analytics

The inception of a successful business starts with the understanding of the needs of your possible consumers and how your business, whether it is product-based or service-based, can help fill in that gap. That’s one of the many critical areas where companies require the help of business analytics.

Business Analytics holds the potential of taking your career to the next level. Business Analysts have several responsibilities that define the long term growth of organizations. According to a report by Business Analytics Times, around 54% of the working population needs significant reskilling & upskilling. Across sectors, there’s a lack of talent in the business analytics area. As per the statistics provided by the Indian Express in 2019, 97,000 analytics jobs were vacant across many industries. 

Jigsaw Academy’s Integrated Program in Business Analytics, in collaboration with IIM Indore, is one of the most prestigious programs that cater to future leaders. The 10-month online program with live sessions is specifically designed for managers and senior executives and leverages the powerful tools of analytics to make business decision-making efficient. Let’s hear it from some of our former students of the Integrated Program in Business Analytics who’ve completed this course and have had tremendous success in their careers.

“The Integrated Program in Business Analytics course by Jigsaw Academy is an excellent course for budding Data Scientists who are completely novice like me in the world of data analytics. The program is a combination of IIM Indore on-campus sessions and weekend online classes. It provides an excellent platform for students to interact and network with faculty and peers from different fields with similar interests as well as develop a good understanding of the basics of data analytics,” says Ramesh Rajan, Vice President at JP Morgan Chase. He also talks about the comprehensive curriculum with hands-on learning that helped him get clarity on various topics. He adds, “Real-time examples along with ample working sessions and online classroom training help you to get a good grip on the subject and learn new tools like Python, R, SQL basics, Hadoop, Pyspark & Tableau.” 

, Take a Leap in Your Career with Business Analytics

Ramesh Rajan, VP at JP Morgan Chase

The experience has been almost the same for other students as well. Abhiraj Shrivastava says, “The IPBA Program is one of the best online courses with an in-person component. I really enjoyed the classes at the IIM Indore campus. It was a great experience to meet mentors and scholars from different places. In this course, you get the highest-quality materials taught by the experienced faculty of IIM.”

, Take a Leap in Your Career with Business Analytics

Abhiraj Shrivastava, Quality Analyst at Accenture

Gowri Sandhya, Project Manager at OpenText, says her share of the tale. She says, “The best part of Jigsaw, I feel, is that they always have a listening ear. They are keen to know the challenges of the students and resolve them immediately. ”

, Take a Leap in Your Career with Business Analytics

Gowri Sandhya, Project Manager at OpenText

This 10-month program offers holistic learning and allows professionals to expand their network. Through this course, learners are not only able to get a good grip on core subjects but also get in touch with industry experts and professionals who’ve been in the domain for a long time. Rishal Mathew at QuEST Global says that this program gave him easy access to the alumni network of the premier management institute in India, the IIM. According to Rishal, the course materials are very comprehensive with timely classes. He says, “The classes are taken by industry experts, and they make sure that you understand all the concepts. The student support team at Jigsaw Academy is also excellent.”

, Take a Leap in Your Career with Business Analytics

Rishal Mathew at QuEST Global

One of our students, Santosh Koppa Balasubramanyam at IBM, strongly believes that the Integrated Program in Business Analytics is a very good option for people who are looking at a mid-career switch like him. He goes on to say that he had always wanted to pursue a career in the field of Analytics, and Jigsaw Academy & IIM Indore’s training program has helped him expand his views on the diversity of the domain.  He adds, “ The IIM Indore faculty is very knowledgeable. The classes were very interactive, and all the doubts are well clarified with real-time examples.”

, Take a Leap in Your Career with Business Analytics

Santosh Koppa Balasubramanyam, Tivoli Expert at IBM

For any business, analytics is an integral part of its functioning. Not only in the executives and senior management, but companies require skilled professionals at entry-level as well. So whether you are a fresh graduate straight out of college or have already joined the workforce, the analytics and data science area can make a secure pathway for you to take a huge leap in your career. Eager to know more about our upskilling program in Business Analytics? Explore our Business Analytics section at Jigsaw Academy.

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