15 Amazing Data Science Books

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We have stepped into the times where online data is more of a reliable source for almost anything. But these free sources sometimes fail to satisfy the readers and going back to the good old days seems much better. Hence, we have handpicked a few data science books from many and listed them out in this article. All the books listed below have something valuable to offer. So let us head on to these best books for learning data science and get to know a few details about them.

  1. List of Data Science Books

1. List of Data Science Books

A) Naked Statistics

This is one of the books for statistics for data science that can promise you that you will not bore you. You will surely have a fun time with this one. You will not have to be bored throughout to know a little about data science. One can learn all about the technical details about the statistical details from this amazing one amongst all the books on statistics for data science.  

B) Headfirst Statistics

With a conversational tone, this book stands among all the other books for data science beginners. It is a descriptive guide that enlightens readers about the mean, median mode, and other basic and vital terms of statistics. It is a fun read with all the basic information which can help you jump off to intermediate-level good books for data science.

C) Data Science From Scratch

If you are someone who lacks even a basic fundamental idea on data science, then you got to begin with this book which is one of the most commendable best mathematics books for data science. It is not just one of the best books on statistics for data science but it is also an acclaimed source to develop a valuable insight into analytics.

D) Introduction to Probability

If you were a math nerd during your school days and want to learn data science using python books, then this is the right option. Python for data science books might introduce you to difficult theories which are confusing but this book caters to beginner’s idea of data science and adds to it without creating confusion of any sort.

E) R CookBook

Books on python for data science might train you technically, but one must not mess up with the intricacies of data science before knowing the fundamentals. This book is one of the top data science books which gives detailed information on everything about data science.

F) Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning

Looking for the best books for data science and machine learning? Pattern recognition and machine learning are the best mathematics books for data science which are meant for all age groups. The colorful graphs and pictorial representations add a fun element to the reading experience in these data science books.

G) Numsense

Data Science for Layman- If you hate maths but still want to know about data science, then we promise you that through this amazing book. This is one of the books on data science for beginners that introduces data science to beginners who have absolutely no idea about it. Intuitive explanations in the book make it one of the best data science for beginners books.

H) R for data science

This is one of the finest among all data science with r books focusses on the vitality of raw data. It is one of the data science free books precisely discusses how to convert raw data into clear understanding and insight. It gives a fluency and fun tint to the study of data science and enlightens readers about the practicality of data science. It is suitable for readers with no programming background.  

I) The Data Science Handbook

If you need an overall guide on data science, then this book can serve you as one. In many data science books pythons do not throw light on the baby concepts which a beginner might not be aware of. After this read, you can for the advanced level best books on python for data science.

J) Data Science For Dummies

As the name suggests, this is one of the best books for data science beginners. It is interesting and illustrative. This is one of the best books for data science beginners can enlighten readers about the basic concepts of data analysis and statistics. This fundamental guide is also one of the best books for statistics for data science

K) Python For Data Analysis

This book is one of the best books on python for data science and stands true to its name. It covers the fundamental concepts of python. Books on python for data science often give a sleepy reading experience. But it is an interesting read, unlike others.

L) Practical Statistics For Data Scientists

You can come across many statistics books for data science. But this book stands out as one of the best statistics books for data science. The book brings beginners and intermediate level real statistics concepts which can take an individual another step closer to knowing data analysis. You can also learn mathematics from data science books as this book reintroduces basic concepts that one might have studies in school.

M) Introduction to Machine Learning with Python

Start your journey of machine learning with python through this book which has to be one of the best python data science books.

N) Python Machine Learning By Example

If I were to name the best books on python for data science, then this has to be on top. This book has an adequate amount of machine learning experience as well. This is one of the best python books for data science become a great source for both beginners and advanced readers. Amongst all the other best books for python data science, this book has got huge acclamation and serves as one of the major sources of information for all the readers who want to be enlightened about data science through python.

O) Data Science and Big Data Analytics

This is another acclaimed book on data science that introduces big data. It throws light on the vitality of big data in today’s world of rat-race competition. This is one of the top books for data science that despite confusing readers, brings information with commendable organization. This SQL for data science books also introduces a bit of advanced information on MapReduce and SQL analytics.

Final Words

These were the best data science books which can be the most amazing sources for you to learn. Here is hoping that you have got adequate and valuable options of best books for data science to enlighten yourself richly. Any of these data science books for beginners accompanied by the supplement information from the internet can give you an amazing knowledge of data science in depth.

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