Top 30 ETL Tools: A Complete Guide

Ajay Ohri


ETL tool full form is Extract, Transform and Load. ETL is an interaction that extracts the data from various Relational Database Management System, then transforms the data (like applying concatenations, calculations, etc.) and lastly, loads the data into the ETL tools in the data warehouse.

In this article let us look at:

  1. What is ETL Tool?
  2. List of Top ETL Tools (Open Source & Paid)

1. What is ETL Tool?

ETL is a cycle of how data is loaded from the source framework to the data warehouse. Data is extracted from an Online Transactional Processing database, transformed to coordinate with the schema data warehouse & loaded into the database of the data warehouse.

2. List of Top ETL Tools (Open Source & Paid)

Following is a handpicked ETL tools list. The list contains both commercial ETL tools and open source ETL tools or free ETL tools.

  1. Xplenty
  2. CData Sync
  3. Skyvia
  4. BiG EVAL
  5. Talend
  6. Alooma
  7. Fivetran
  8. DBConvert
  9. QuerySurge
  10. AWS Glue
  11. Segment
  12. Etleap
  13. Logstash
  14. Atom
  15. Stitch
  16. StreamSets
  17. Matillion
  18. Apache Camel
  19. Apache Kafka
  20. Airbyte
  21. Azure Data Factory
  22. IRI Voracity
  23. Blendo
  24. Informatica PowerCenter
  25. Apatar
  26. Pentaho Data Integration
  27. Heka
  28. SAS
  29. Singer
  30. Etleap

1. Xplenty:

Xplenty is one of the best ETL tools, and it is a cloud-based ETL solution giving straightforward visualized data pipelines to automated data streams across a wide scope of destinations and sources. The powerful on-platform transformation tools permit its clients to clean, transform and normalize their data while sticking to consistent best practices also.

2. CData Sync:

Effectively replicate the entirety of your SaaS or Cloud data to any data warehouse or database centre in minutes. CData Sync is one of the ETL tools in the market, and it is a simple to utilise data pipeline that assists you with combine data from any data source or application into your Data Warehouse or Database choice.

3. Skyvia:

Skyvia is one of the top ETL tools, and it is a universal SaaS data platform for fast and simple solving a wide set of data related assignments with no coding: dashboards, building reports, cloud data backup, automating workflows and data integration, data management with creating OData services, CSV export or import, SQL, and so on.

4. BiG EVAL:

BiG EVAL is a complete suite of ETL software to utilise the estimation of big business data by persistently monitoring and validating quality.

5. Talend: 

Talend is an open-source ETL data integration software that gives software to mask, cleanse, integrate and profile data.

6. Alooma: 

Alooma is of the best ETL tools in the market, and it is an enterprise data integration platform with extraordinary in-built ETL tools.

7. Fivetran: 

Fivetran is a completely managed data pipeline with a web interface that incorporates data from databases and SaaS services into a separate data warehouse.

8. DBConvert: 

DBConvert is an ETL tool that supports database synchronisation and conversation.

9. QuerySurge: 

QuerySurge is an ETL testing tools created by RTTS. It is built explicitly to automate the testing of Big Data and Data Warehouses. 

10. AWS Glue: 

AWS Glue is an ETL service that assists you with planning and loads your data for analytics.

11. Segment:

The segment is a platform for managing client data and afterwards sending it to the data warehousing, marketing and analytics services.

12. Etleap:

Etleap makes it simple to get data from a wide scope of sources and load them into your Snowflake or Redshift data warehouse.

13. Logstash: 

Logstash is the data collection pipeline tool.

14. Atom:

Atom is a data pipeline management solution that empowers streaming into a data warehouse.

15. Stitch:

Stitch is an open-source, cloud-first platform that permits you to move data quickly. 

16. StreamSets: 

The StreamSets ETL software permits you to convey persistent data to all aspects of your business. 

17. Matillion: 

Matillion is a high-level ETL solution that worked for the business in the cloud.

18. Apache Camel: 

Apache Camel is an open-source system that empowers the integration of various applications utilising different technologies and protocols. 

19. Apache Kafka: 

Apache Kafka is an open-source ETL tool written in Java and Scala. 

20. Airbyte: 

Airbyte is the latest ETL tools platform that began in July 2020.

21. Azure Data Factory:

It is a hybrid data integration tool that works on the ETL cycle. 

22. IRI Voracity:

It is an elite, all-in-one data management ETL software.

23. Blendo:

Its analytics prepared data into your data warehouse with a couple of clicks.

24. Informatica PowerCenter:

It is one of the best ETL frameworks which offer the ability to interface and bring data from various sources.

25. Apatar: 

Apatar is an open-source ETL tool and data integration, with abilities for loading, transforming and extracting data. 

26. Pentaho Data Integration: 

Pentaho is a Business Analytics Platform and Data Warehousing. 

27. Heka: 

Heka is an open-source software framework for high-performance data reporting, data monitoring, data analysis and data gathering.

28. SAS: 

SAS is the main ETL tool that permits data across various sources. 

29. Singer: 

Singer’s command-line, open-source ETL tool permits clients to build particular ETL pipelines.

30. Etleap: 

Etleap tool assists associations to need reliable and centralised data for better and faster examination.


ETL is an interaction of extracting data from various systems and sources. ETL tools are the software applications utilised to perform the different procedure on data of large size.

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