Top 10 Front End Developer Skills: An Overview


Bored with your current job or interested in technology? Are you close to changing careers or enhancing your skills to upgrade? Here is one that will provide you with higher pay, creative work and a flexible schedule. A career that will help you set your legs in technology is of a front font developer. Read on further to know the various front end developer skills you require or possess. 

In this article let us look at:

  1. What is a Front End Developer?
  2. 10 Must Have Front End Developer Skills
  3. Soft Skills

1) What is a Front End Developer?

When you are on the internet, you often find yourself on different websites. Some of them beautifully designed for your convenience, while others focusing on interaction with their viewers. Have you ever wondered about the amount of work that goes into the creation of these websites and who is responsible for this? Well, there you have it. A front end developer builds the visible part of different websites that users can generally see and directly interact with. The front end developer skills include majoring in programming languages like HTML, Java, and CSS. 

To sum it up, front end developers use different codes in various languages to code up their websites. They are the ones who design the website to get you attracted to the content provided in it. If you are new to tech front end developer is a perfect and versatile option to start with. First, let us take a look at the topmost 10 front end developer skills that are essential for your first front end developer job.

2) 10 Must Have Front End Developer Skills

  • HTML/CSS: These are some of the most basic web developer skills out there. You won’t find even one job which doesn’t assume your proficiency in these two programming languages. Hypertext Mark-up Language (HTML) is the standard and most common language used to design and create websites. It is a mark-up language that is a way of making digital notes digitally distinguished from a regular document. Cascading style sheets (CSS) are used to present the designed document created through HTML. HTML lays down the foundation of your website/page, and CSS enhances it by different layouts, colors, fonts, and the style. Both of these come in the top list of front end technologies.
  • JAVASCRIPT/JQUERY: Again, one of the major front end developer skills, JavaScript is a bonafide programming language. While HTML and CSS concentrate on design and style, JavaScript looks after the functioning. JS is the tool that you will use to implement interactive features like audio, video, games, scrolling abilities and much more. JQuery makes your job easier by compressing JS codes.
  • CSS and JAVASCRIPT frameworks: Although we have already covered CSS and JS, you are going to need a lot of other skills to build them off. CSS and JavaScript frameworks are assortments of CSS and JS files. They provide common functionality and have their own strengths and weaknesses. Out of a long list of front end technologies, you are required to choose the best and the most versatile ones.
  • CSS Pre-processing: You can only imagine how important CSS is as we are still talking about it. CSS, though having numerous advantages, is limited. It doesn’t allow you to perform arithmetic operations or define variables and functions. This will constrict you when you are working on large scale projects as you will have to write changed codes repeatedly. Wasting your precious time.CSS pre-processor makes your life easier and more flexible by allowing you to write codes in pre-processor language. The code is then converted to CSS by a pre-processor.
  • Version control/ GIT: You always want to ensure the smooth functioning of your website. If something goes wrong in the way, instead of making you do the work all over again, version control tracks and controls changes ensuring minimum mistakes throughout your process. The software monitors changes in your work so that you can easily go back instead of tearing the whole thing down.
  • Responsive design: Have you ever noticed that the website changes its format according to the device you are using to make it more convenient and accessible for you. Well, this is where responsive design comes in. This web development technology allows you to learn about the various responsive design principles and how to implement them on the coding side. 
  • Testing/debugging: Every basic thing requires bugs check to ensure that it is functioning smoothly. Bugs are a part of the development process. You will need to keep checking your codes to ensure that it is free from bugs. Hence the ability to test and debugging makes it to the list of front end developer skills. 
  • Browser developer tools: Browser developer tools help to make your website more interactive to the user because it is, after all, the user who is going to be using your website. All modern browsers are equipped with these tools and will help you to fine-tune and test your pages in the browser itself.
  • Building and automation tools/web performance: A user may lose interest in your website if it takes too long to load. Building and automation tools help to ensure that the performance of your website is smooth and persuasive. You can improve the performance of your website, leading to a better and improved web performance.
  • Command-line: Often, a user may need to type commands to get to his requirement. This is what the command line helps in.

3) Soft skills 

Though the field requires many new and unheard skills, one must never forget where they started from and must be equipped with some soft skills like respect and admiration for the culture, appreciation of long-term client relationships, a knack for teamwork and one of the most important ones – written and verbal communication. 


This is one of the most innovative fields. Always remember not to forget your basic skills apart from these technical ones. There is no shortage of demand for front end developers in today’s world. After reading this article, we hope you are familiar with front end developer skills, web developer skills, a list of front end technologies, and web development technologies.

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