Future of Data Science: An Informative Guide in 3 Points

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Every activity performed in the modern world involves processing data and making relevant decisions with it. With each year, the consumption of data is increasing tremendously. For this reason, businesses have started dealing with Big Data. Due to its complexity, most data collected is incomprehensible to humans, requiring unique algorithms to process it. Data Science uses several advanced algorithms to mine useful information from enormous datasets. In this article, let us look into the future of data science.

Data Science is a vast field, which mainly deals with data processing to transform it, model it, run statistics on it, or even train Machine Learning models with it. This ability to process large datasets to make useful information and accurate predictions has made Data Science the most demanded tool in today’s industries.

With advanced data algorithms, businesses can make spot-on profiles for their target audience and use them to manufacture and market products precisely as per their preferences. As of now, the profession of a Data Scientist is one of the highest paying careers in the world. You should know that this is only the surface of what Data Science has to offer. With emerging technologies impacting nearly every sector of our lives, it may be right to ask – What is the future of Data Science? Let’s delve a little deeper into the emerging technologies in this field.

In this article, let us look into:

  1. Evolution of Data Science
  2. Popular Careers In Data Science
  3. Trends in Data Science

1. Evolution of Data Science

Initially, Data Science only processed large datasets. Now, it has evolved to perform tasks that weren’t possible decades ago. With Machine Learning’s introduction, Data Scientists have created algorithms that automatically find patterns in data. They can predict future values in datasets with ease. The future of Data Science lies in the field of Artificial Intelligence. AI can help automate various mundane tasks and solve complex problems in healthcare, space exploration, transportation, finance, and more.

If you’re planning to build a career in this field, then browse through this article to find some interesting careers to choose from.

As you may imagine, Data Science careers are available in almost every industry today – not just the IT sector. By analyzing some popular Data Science future trends, it becomes easier to choose a career. Here are some of the highly in-demand Data Science careers that you may want to pursue.

  • Data Scientist

Data Scientists are quite in-demand these days due to their skills for every industry-required task. Data Scientists need to organize information after gathering it from massive datasets of raw and complex data. As a Data Scientist, your role would be to find patterns in these datasets in the least amount of time while minimizing the load on system resources. You will find the most prominent positions in the field after a few years of experience, and your average annual salary can be close to INR 10,000,000.

  • Machine Learning Engineer

A Machine Learning Engineer’s job is to create advanced data funnels to deliver solutions to the industry. They employ a strong foundation in both – statistics and programming, and use it to provide functional Machine Learning systems. They also run tests to validate the performance and accuracy of these systems and make further improvements. This job is likely to lead in the future of Data Science jobs. The average annual salary of a Machine Learning Engineer is close to INR 8.5 lakhs.

  • Machine Learning Scientist

The role of a Machine Learning Scientist is quite different from that of a Machine Learning Engineer. You will be tasked with researching new and innovative data approaches and algorithms that can be used to make adaptive data systems. This can include both supervised and unsupervised Machine Learning, and you may be involved in shaping the future of AI research. Your job title is most likely going to be Research Scientist, and the average remuneration can go up to INR 8.5 lakh a year.

  • Applications Architect

As another high-paying career in the field, an Applications Architect’s role is bound to catch your eye. You may be required to track various ML applications’ performance and behavior within your organization and their interaction with users. You may also need to design better applications with better components and robust infrastructure. You can also expect a salary well above INR 8.0 lakh per year while working in this field.

  • Enterprise Architect

An enterprise architect is mostly responsible for coming up with strategies that an organization has to perform as per their technological needs. You will need to have a proficiency in how businesses work, and an MBA may be required here. You will also need to understand various other technologies apart from Data Science Applications. Since this deals with both data and business, it is bound to become one of the most popular jobs in Data Science in the future. Advising an entire organization for all their technological requirements pays well, and you can expect to make INR 8.0 lakh per year.

  • Data Architect

Data Architects can ensure that all data solutions are designed for running analytics on multiple industry models. They also create datasets and find ways to improve data systems’ functionality that is meant to deal with these models. Data Architects need to be proficient in their data handling and database skills. Knowledge of standard technologies such as AWS and Apache is essential and will help you stand out in interviews. The average annual salary of a Data Architect is INR 7.9 lakh.

  • Business Intelligence Developer

Business Intelligence Developers are tasked with figuring strategies to assist businesses in finding the most useful information from customer datasets. This can be used to make better business decisions. To pursue this field, you will need to develop your data skills and master programming languages such as Python and R. Moreover, having a strong understanding of business functionality is necessary here, so an MBA may help you secure a better position. The salary of a BI developer can be around INR 6.0 lakh a year.

  • Data Analyst

This job requires professionals to perform various transformations on large datasets to get the desired information. This role can range in its significance – from analyzing customer responses to tracking analytics for a business website. You may not need to get an MBA for this role, but a degree in Data Science is still necessary. As an entry-level Data Analyst, you can expect to earn around INR 4- INR 5 lakh per year.

Knowing the career possibilities in Data Science is the first step towards establishing yourself in the field. Furthermore, it is vital to upskill yourself with the upcoming trends in Data Science to ensure that your career stays future-proof.

Here are some trends in the future of Data Science.

Most of the expected trends to impact the future of Data Science will stem outwards from Machine Learning. Here are some upcoming technologies to familiarize yourself with to get a successful and future-proof Data Science career.

  • Code Free Environments

With various Machine Learning tools, such as TensorFlow, OpenCV, and NLTK, you can expect professional environments to be less in need of employees’ coding skills. This will allow future Data Scientists to focus more on designing powerful and efficient algorithms rather than coding bug-free systems.

  • Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing is going to open new horizons for Data Science. With their superposition qubits, Quantum Computers will allow Data Scientists to design much more robust algorithms to process infinitely large datasets. This will also incorporate Data Science in Cyber Security to ensure safety in a world where Shor’s algorithm can crack RSA security.

  • Total Personalization

Businesses are already exploring aspects of personalizing customer profiles for each demographic. This will get even more powerful with better algorithms, enabling companies to keep personal profiles for individual customers. This will take marketing leaps ahead of where it stands today and significantly impact the future of Data Science Careers.

  • Preference for Specialization

A change that Data Science professionals are bound to encounter is the need for specializations in various Data Science fields. Industries will stop preferring all-round unicorn Data Scientists for specialists in each area as the skill requirement keeps growing each year.


Keeping the above trends in mind, you can see that the future of Data Science is more glorious than anyone could’ve imagined. To ensure your establishment in this growing field, it is a good idea to start learning and upskilling yourself in the field. The Full-Stack Data Science Program by Jigsaw Academy is India’s first online Data Science program that is an industry recommended and validated course aligned to the SSC NASSCOM curriculum. It is 6-month-long and takes place online.

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