What is Meant By Multiple Inheritance

Introduction to multiple inheritances?

Multiple Inheritance is a feature found in some object-oriented computer programing languages. It is when a subclass can inherit from more than one superclasses. For example, Java allows only one single inheritance, whereas C++ allows Multiple Inheritance. With Multiple Inheritance, programmers can use more than one angled hierarchy simultaneously. Read on for an in-depth understanding of Multiple Inheritance, its applications, and what it is all about. 

What is meant by Multiple Inheritance?

C is a boon for code developers, and so are Multiple Inheritances for people using C . Multiple Inheritances are especially beneficial when merging numerous contracts is required with subclass and inheritance of few or all and the application of such contracts. 

What is meant by Multiple Inheritance?

Multiple Inheritance is a C attribute that lets a class inherit from various classes. The constructors of inherited classes are named in the exact order in which they are inherited. One of the most important features of an object-oriented programming language is inheritance. It enables programmers to stem a new class from an existing one. The attributes of the base class are passed down to the derived class. In C programming, there are many inheritance models.

Example Of Multiple Inheritance:

A class can be obtained from more than one parent in C programming. For example, A class Bat is derived from base classes Mammal and Winged Animal. It is correct as the bat is a mammal and a winged animal.

Application of Multiple Inheritance

Languages that assist Multiple Inheritance are C (plus), Common Lisp, EuLisp, Curl, Dylan, Eiffel, Logtalk, Object REXX, Scala, OCaml, Perl, POP-11, Python, R, Raku, and Tcl. IBM System Object Model (SOM) runtime also aids Multiple Inheritance, and any programming language that aims for SOM can execute new SOM classes inherited from multiple bases.

Single inheritance is applied in numerous object-oriented languages, including Swift, Java, and Fortran since its 2003 version, C#, and Ruby, but protocols, or interfaces, give part of the competence of multiple factual inheritances.

Is It Possible To Employ Multiple Inheritance in java?

One of the most commonly asked questions is – How Is Multiple Inheritance in java possible? Why is Multiple Inheritance not supported in java?

In Java, a class cannot expand further than one class. On the other hand, A class can execute one or more interfaces, allowing Java to evade the impossibility of Multiple inheritances. This is done to avoid confusion.

Contemplate the following scenario: class B encompasses classes A and C, and together, classes A and C display the same technique. The java compiler cannot determine which display method it should inherit at this time. Multiple Inheritance is not permitted in Java to avoid such issues.

Does Python support Multiple Inheritance?

In Python, like C plus, a class can be derived from multiple base classes. Inheritance is a significant part of the object-oriented program. As we can use an existing class to construct a new class rather than begin again, inheritance allows us to reuse code. Python facilitates the pliability to inherit multiple base classes in the child class.

Given below is the Syntax to execute Multiple Inheritance:

class Base1:  


class Base2:  


class BaseN:  


class Derived(Base1, Base2, …… BaseN):  



Method Resolution Order in Python

A sequence takes place when we are looking for a feature in a class that is engaged in Multiple Inheritance in python. Primarily, it is investigated in the current class. The search is expanded to include parent classes if no matches are identified. This is a depth-first, left-to-right method. Therefore, the search order in the above class will be a) Child, b) Mother, c) Father, d) Object. This sequence is called linearization of class Child, and the collection of instructions used is called MRO (Method Resolution Order). 


Indeed, Multiple Inheritance is one of the essential concepts in the object-oriented program. You can also enroll in online courses if you are eager to learn more about programming, new techniques, and methods. These days, various high-quality courses are being provided by online educational websites, which are also at a very nominal cost. Find an optimum course for yourself today and kickstart your career. 

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