Earning High PMP PDUs For PMP Certification: Easy Guide (2021)


PDU stands for Professional Development Department, a method of measuring the continuous development of a profession. Must have a certificate certified by the Project Management Institute (PMI) and they are part of the CCR (Continuous Certification Requirements) program. PMI credential holders can request PDUs from the PMI website. The site can request PMP PDUs for valid credential holders.

Earning a task control credential is only a starting of a massive grind, which makes the PMI credential holder think that they have to comply with the provisions of the PMP credential. PMP credential pronounces your understanding and enjoys satisfying positive task-unique expectations. The certification tells your seriousness and a will to do something for your profession, enterprise, clients, and inclination. 

  1. How to save my PMP credentials? 
  2. Don’t forget to read out these basic rules before going for a plan

1. How to save my PMP credentials? 

After reading this out, it will be a piece of cake for you. A proper plan can help you obtain PDUs in various ways, such as e-learning, participating in PMP chapters, and participating in social and cultural activities. Here are some tips for retaining PMP credentials.

1.Developing a quick strategy to obtain PDUs without waiting for the cycle to start is a good starting point.

2. Keep a personal folder to record all your PMP PDU statements. 

3.The activity should be reported immediately after the activity so that the activity report form can be filled ineffectively.

4. Use the PDU migration starting one year before the current period. PMP holders can carry up to 20 PDUs. 

You must earn 60 PDUs within three years to obtain these credentials. Here, the Professional Development Department (PDU) importance comes into play, constantly dominating our thoughts, conversations, and leisure time. Planning can make purchasing PDUs more economical. Ultimately, professionals work hard to achieve the consistency and speed of the PDU. How can working professionals achieve this goal only by doing their work? The number of PDUs can be determined according to your daily work. The following are some of the activities that qualify for the PDU, which may be part of your current role.

1.Pass the PMI publication Tests

 Pass the basic and simple PMI audit test to get your PDU’s. According to the CCR requirements, you can earn up to 2.5 PDUs. 

2.Your current job

Work as a project manager can enable you to receive a fixed 25% PDU reward, thereby keeping the PDU satisfied. If you work with a project management expert for at least 6 months, you can receive up to 5 PDUs per year. 

3.PM Volunteer Association 

Just becomes the PM association or committee member, elected official or project manager, local volunteer, and receives 1 PDU service every hour.

4.Monthly webinars

 The PDUs in the monthly GOWing webinar with multiple presenters hosted by PDU Podcast can carry their PDUs with you anytime, anywhere.

5. PDU always for listening

Get the PDU to easily listen to the PM podcast, which includes interviews with project management experts from all over the world. By listening to these podcasts, you can also get multiple PDUs. However, the number of PDUs attached to such podcasts is relatively small. 

6. Educational training

Grab on easily up to 10-15 PDUs per semester; this is one of the easiest ways to collect PDUs. Candidates with financial difficulties can choose project management courses offered by local community colleges that have obtained multiple PDUs. Is not it’s interesting, you are learning something and earning this, which is a perfect plan for the present and future.

2. Don’t forget to read out these basic rules before going for a plan

There are many promotional measures you can take to obtain PDUs. PM Podcast is an “educational” event in the Internet or digital media category. PMI explained: “Ranking activities should match the competency topics in the PMI Talent Triangle, achieve goals and utilize expert resources.” PM Podcast fully meets these requirements. As long as you insist on at least 8 PDUs in each skill area of the talent triangle, you can claim up to 60 PDUs when listening to PM podcasts.

Please note that all PMP certificate holders will be audited during the PDU submission process, and you may be asked to provide detailed evidence on how to receive all PDUs. PMI reserves the right to reject any or all PDUs you need. If an audit is conducted, PMI can “require you to conduct in-depth study evidence, including instructions and data on the measures taken.” 


Ok, I know you think that this is so much difficult, but I believe getting PDU’s in some years is not that tough if you try hard to achieve it; as always said, “there’s always a risk with a reward”. Here’s a deal you can easily search on the internet to find out the best certification course training online at some of the most top-rated cities and areas. There is as such no minimum requirement of getting a PDU in a particular category specified. A PDU activity before a PMI certification can’t be approved towards the renewal requirement.

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