10 Product Launch Ideas – A Concise Guide For 2021

Ajay Ohri


The creation of a new product is not simply developing the product. It includes promotion and launching of the product in society as well. Ideas that are well executed determines the success of a product launch.

It must be understood that a product launch is not to be taken lightly. It indirectly determines the survival of your product/ business in the market. There are certain tips one can keep in mind while launching a product. Certain product launch ideas have been enumerated below.

  1. Focus on people rather than products
  2. Launch a teaser campaign on social media
  3. Create videos
  4. Make use of influencer marketing.
  5. Build suspense
  6. Take pre-orders

1) Focus on people rather than products

Highlighting features of your new product continuously and persistently is not the answer to achieving your market outreach. One should spot the accentuation on how a certain item can influence and profit one’s crowd. For instance, if you are dispatching an item that facilitates simple methods to carry out a specific errand, you should first talk about the difficulties that would be there in achieving that assignment and how the use of your product would help ease the workload. If there is an element that makes it better for its competitive products, you should stress the same and how said uniqueness could be utilized in the buyers’ day to day lives.

2) Launch a teaser campaign on social media

The main objective behind innovative product launch ideas is to pull in as much attention as possible to the product you wish to sell. One wishes that this is achieved with minimum cost. Social Media is the best cost-effective resort to marketing. Uploading teasers on the product you propose to release is a great way to create excitement among your proposed audience/ customer base. Creating a buzz by hinting at mystery elements in your product will keep the customer base curious. Constant update on the product until the launch will keep talking about your product alive in the customer base. You can pre-mediate and decide on your posts beforehand to ensure an organized and time saving carrying out of work.

3) Create videos

Facts have confirmed that producing video recordings indeed requires more exertion than creating text posts with an image. In any case, they do have a better and bigger impact on how your audience perceives your product to be. So, the effort is worth it. Some of the best new product launch ideas have been through short videos that highlight the product’s main features.

In this way, the customers will not get bored of watching long, monotonous informative videos but will receive an informative capsule necessary to understand the product’s usage and benefit in their daily lives. You can even resort to developing a whole web series with extremely enticing short, catchy videos that will stay in the customers’ minds for a long time. We often see big companies like Apple, Myntra and Flipkart resorting to short videos with catchy background music that will stay on in the customers’ minds.

4) Make use of influencer marketing.

Social media influencers play a huge role in driving the market towards particular products is not a secret anymore. A small percentage of such internet users can influence a massive population with just one post or one story on their social media handles. Influencer marketing is advantageous to businesses trying to launch a product as it is cost-effective and helps reach different markets faster.

Influencers with a significant online following have the requisite domain, reach and engagement that can influence their following through blog posts and websites to buy the product you wish to sell. They can talk about the uniqueness of the product and how they, themselves use said product. This will create a buzz among their following. There will reshare and reposts. This will create an unconscious desire among followers and will create a huge prospective consumer base for your product at the end of the day.

5) Build suspense

The human mind might be complex, but the best way to create interest is by creating a mystery around a certain subject matter. Most businesses have figured out this tactic and resort to this method as part and parcel of their innovative product launch ideas. When there is a mystery surrounding your product, it will create a buzz regarding the same; it will make people curious to know what your product is about. Providing minimal details about your product during its initial launch days will help your product in the long run.

6) Take pre-orders

It is common to take pre-orders in today’s day and time. From music to perfumes, every category of product is available for pre-order nowadays. This is an effective product launch idea as loyal customer bases of the businesses who buy anything and everything the business releases will surely pre-order. On their pre-order, new prospective customer bases will know about the same and increase your market outreach.


The main aim of a product launch is to make the audience realize your product’s existence and make them want to buy it. Other than the above-mentioned online product launch ideas, one can also host events and contest. At the end of the day, any product launch idea should ensure that it gets people talking about your product.

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