The Future Of Online Security: Is Meta Verification The Answer?

What’s cooler than having thousands of followers on Instagram?  It’s the teeny tiny blue tick next to your name that establishes the fact that you as an individual/product/service is popular as well as reliable. The Instagram ‘Blue Tick’ which is a symbol of celebrity, popularity, and influence on the platform has now been made available to all. However, why would one want to have a verified account? What is this whole conflict about making the verified status a paid subscription? Find answers to all your throbbing questions below 

What’s all the fuss about becoming Meta Verified? 

The idea behind Meta Verified Subscriptions is to provide a nuanced and well-protected revenue stream for creators and publishers on the platform. Currently, many creators and publishers rely on advertising revenue to monetize their content on the platform. However, this can be unreliable, as ad revenue can fluctuate based on factors such as viewer engagement and ad placement. So, the Tech giant’s answer to all the content creator’s problems was to design a subscription plan that allows them to verify their account and  

Paid Meta Verified Feature Offerings! 

Account Monitoring:

The biggest loss or problem that most verified accounts faced on Instagram were that of impersonators. With the new subscription plan, Facebook aims to cut this problem at its knees. This is bound to greatly help influencers and marketers to reach out to their target audience with enhanced value. 

Live account customer support:

A new live account customer support has been set up to provide consistent assistance to the users. This will help them to navigate any hitches and glitches that might come their way while getting accustomed to the subscription plans and their consequent use. 

Increased Visibility:

The paid service is meant to increase the reach and visibility of the subscriber. According to Meta, the account will get better reach in search, comments, and recommendations as well. 

Apart from this, Meta has declared that a lot of other features would be added for the subscribers. 

A genuine security concern or a ruse to make more money: What’s their cost? 

The primary inquiry is, what is the cost of Meta Verified? The service has been introduced for individuals in Australia and New Zealand, who can obtain the subscription from Instagram or Facebook later this week. The price of Meta Verified is $11.99 (approx. Rs 991) for web users and $14.99 (approx. Rs 1,240) for iOS and Android users in these regions. The feature will be made available for users globally soon.

Who are the ones qualified to be Meta Verified? 

For users to become eligible for Meta Verified, their accounts must meet the minimum activity requirements and be at least 18 years of age. Along with this, applicants must also submit a government ID that matches their profile name and photo of the Facebook or Instagram account they’re applying for. 

The idea behind Meta Verified Subscriptions is to provide a new revenue stream for creators and publishers, as well as to build a closer relationship with their audience and address some of the issues with the traditional advertising model. While the feature is currently only available to a select group of creators and publishers, Meta plans to roll it out to more users in the future. 

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