Our Faculty Is Our Strength

The only difference that matters when comparing self-study with faculty-led training is the quality of the faculty. It is relatively easy to teach from a textbook and teach what is in it. However, our faculty members go far beyond this. They realise that knowledge alone is like learning to swim from a textbook. Our faculty members help the students change their attitude towards getting their feet wet (literally). They jump into the pool with the learner and coach them on how to apply the knowledge on swimming they have garnered. And they do this till the student is able to swim with no real conscious effort - what we call habit forming. We teach Data Science, Programming, Architecting, and Professional Skills using the same approach. This is possible because our faculty members have industry background and have actually jumped into the pool and learnt to swim themselves.


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Teach With Us

Come be part of our exemplary team of faculty and help shape the career paths of leaders of tomorrow.


Our Faculty Advantage

They showcase the perfect blend of relevant industry exposure and theoretical knowledge for the best learning outcomes.

They are trained on andragogy techniques.

They don't just teach concepts but transform thought processes and help in habit building.

They have published journals and research papers under their credentials.

They also play the role of mentors, guides, incubators and more, helping learners evolve holistically.

They are in touch with connections in their industry, constantly updating their expertise and knowledge on what is required at the work floor.

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