The UNext-MeritTrac assessment advantage

Candidates assessed
Customer engagements
  • Workforce development
  • Digital examination services
  • Cognitive assessments
  • Recruitment assessments
  • Behavioural assessments

Designed to help you thrive


Scientific assessments for strong hiring and talent development outcomes.


End-to-end exam management and assessment solutions.


Streamlining public sector recruitment with technology-led assessments.

Digital assessment solutions

Remote proctoring

Recruit talent without any geographical constraint
Helps maintain and safeguard the integrity of the tests

Digital evaluation

Digitising pen-and-paper examination for 88% faster result delivery and 100% security guarantee
TracMarks, the on-screen marking solution, helps mark digital annotations

Secure question bank

Deliver question papers smoothly and with zero leakage for high-stake examinations
Eliminate any security breaches with a secure question bank management solution


Measure a candidate's ability to learn, ideate and solve problems
Administer a range of cognitive tests through Pariksha, SmartTest, and other aptitude assessment platforms


Suitable for evaluating the job-specific skills of programmers, SEO, sales professionals etc
Recruiters can evaluate expertise with curated questions


Assess candidates on behavioural aspects and culture-fit
Evaluate employees on factors such as leadership capabilities and generic personality


Assess candidate skills for selection, training, development and retention
Designed by a team of psychometricians and statisticians, our assessments span - fresher, on and off-campus, and lateral hiring

Workforce development

Enables organisations to assess the skill-gaps in employees
Provides critical inputs to HR leaders, helping them design effective career development programs

Learning management system

Exclusively designed for corporate L&D and educational institutions
End-to-end remote learning solution allows people to connect and upskill from anywhere, anytime

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