4 Artificial Intelligence TED Talks You Must Watch

How aware are we when it comes to Artificial Intelligence? Are thinking machines still a fantasy? How many myths around AI have been proven true? There are always many questions in our minds when it comes to Artificial Intelligence, and why not, it has progressed leaps and bounds right in front of our eyes. 

In early 2011, IBM’s Watson, an AI machine, left the world stunned as it returned home victorious after defeating the two greatest Jeopardy! champions. Today after almost 9 years, we see an AI bot interviewing a pop-artist and presenting her a self-made track out of her lyrics without any human intervention or glitch! 

Technology is way ahead than the common mass, so ahead that some of us aren’t even aware of the basic understanding of Artificial Intelligence. We’ve curated a list of best TED Talks on the subject where brilliant minds across the globe will add something new to your knowledge. 

1. What AI Is and Isn’t by Sebastian Thrun 

In this talk, Sebastian Thrun, an educator, entrepreneur, and computer scientist, talks about the development of Artificial Intelligence through the years. He talks about how deep learning will induce creativity and out-of-the-box thinking in professionals across various domains. 

2. How we’re teaching computers to understand pictures by Fei-Fei Li

Fei-Fei Li, a writer and computer scientist, tells the world how computers are being taught to see. No, we are not talking about cameras here. Watch this interesting TED Talk that covers many curious questions about how machine learning actually works!

3. Can we protect AI from our biases by Robin Hauser

Robin Hauser, a documentary filmmaker, explains how the foundation of Artificial Intelligence is biased by giving real-life examples. As this eye-opening video progresses to end, we are left with several questions and dilemmas around how we’ve been unintentionally feeding biased data to the machines.

4. Can We Build AI Without Losing Control Over It? by Sam Harris

If you are influenced by the movie Terminator and deep down think that AI can cause mass destruction, this one is for you. Neuroscientist and philosopher Sam Harris talks about the ‘intelligence explosion’ and the extension of the intelligence spectrum that we understand right now.   


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