Artificial Intelligence Salaries for Freshers!


Artificial intelligence is the most in-demand technology vital to mankind. It is the driving force behind space exploration, computer vision, speech analysis, melanoma detection, and natural language processing. Thus, having a profound impact on society and all industrial sectors. 

It’s no wonder that the AI sector is brimming with job prospects. AI careers have also shown continuous growth—LinkedIn lists artificial intelligence professionals among the ‘jobs on the rise in 2022.  

This blog will explore the Artificial Intelligence salaries, and top-paying AI careers you can pursue in 2023 and beyond.  

Who Is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engineer?   

An artificial intelligence engineer employs AI, Deep Learning, and Machine Learning technology to build systems and applications to help businesses elevate productivity, reduce expenses, increase revenues and make savvier business decisions. Integrating computer science, systems engineering, software engineering principles, and human-centered design to create AIs based on the objective they want to achieve is the key job of an AI Engineer 

Responsibilities of an AI Engineer  

You must fulfill responsibilities as an Artificial Intelligence Engineer, such as designing, testing, and deploying AI models using programming algorithms.  

Some of the responsibilities include:   

  • Convert the Machine Learning models into APIs to be used by other programs.  
  • Create AI models from inception and assist various organizational elements in understanding the model’s outputs.  
  • Create infrastructure for information intake and data processing.  
  • Automate the infrastructure used by the team of data scientists.  
  • Conduct statistical analysis and fine-tune the outcomes so the company can make more informed decisions.  
  • Establish and oversee AI technology and development infrastructure.  
  • Be a team player because collaborating with others is essential.  

AI Engineers’ Fresher Salaries Across the Globe   

AI engineering is widely recognized as one of the most lucrative career options in the world. The average Artificial Intelligence Engineer salary in India is around ₹9 Lakh per annum.  

Even though AI engineering is still a relatively new career path, early adopters of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with expertise in the industry can charge up to one crore each year. These incredible statistics hold not only for India but for the entire world.  

  • An AI Engineer’s salary in Canada is C$101,034.  
  • An AI Engineer’s salary in the United States is $110K.  
  • An AI Engineer’s average pay in Germany is €85,00.  
  • An AI Engineer’s annual pay in the United Kingdom is £60,000.  
  • An AI Engineer earns an average of $110,000 a year in Australia.  
  • An entry-level AI Engineer’s salary in Singapore is S$74,943.  

Best Countries for Artificial Intelligence Jobs   

The top seven countries with the Artificial Intelligence scope and a good salary for AI developers are as follows:  

  • Europe  
  • Germany  
  • United Kingdom (UK)  
  • United States (US)  
  • India  
  • Canada  
  • China  

The most demanding Artificial Intelligence jobs in the world are:  

  • Principal Data Scientist  
  • Computer Scientist  
  • ML Engineer  
  • Data Engineer  
  • Data Scientist  
  • Research Engineer  
  • Algorithm Engineer  
  • Data Analyst  

Top Companies Hiring for AI   

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is generating new job opportunities at several major technology companies. Jobs in this sector are in great demand in nearly all industries, including manufacturing, biotech, healthcare, logistics, consumer, and more.  

The top five companies utilizing AI and seeking individuals to fill AI-related positions are:  


Google is one of the top companies seeking expertise in this industry. Candidates with experience in Machine Learning, NLP, and Deep Learning are preferred. It is one of the top AI companies employing software engineers and machine learning engineers.  

The annual salary range for a Google Machine Learning Engineer in India is between ₹24 Lakhs to ₹100 Lakhs, with an average yearly salary of ₹ 57.6 Lakhs.  


Another tech behemoth, IBM, has long been at the forefront of AI development. The firm is recruiting applicants with skills in data science, machine learning, and deep learning to join its AI team. Some of the best AI job openings at IBM are AI sales specialist, AI research scientist, and AI information architecture.  

The annual salary for an AI Research Scientist at IBM ranges from 31.5 Lakhs to 59.2 Lakhs in India.  


Facebook is also aiming to enter the AI game and is searching for applicants with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence skills. It is one of the best AI companies employing AI research scientists, AI Strategy and operations analysts, and AI Technical program managers.  

The average AI research Scientist’s salary at Facebook India ranges between ₹3 Lakhs to ₹150 Lakhs.  


The e-commerce titan is reportedly aiming to enter the AI race and is recruiting for Artificial Intelligence positions. Some of the top Amazon AI job openings are AI/ML service accel leader, AI designer, Applied scientist, Alexa AI, and Research scientist.  

The average Amazon Machine Learning Engineer salary in India is around ₹13.3 Lakhs.  


Apple is a global American corporation focusing on consumer devices, internet services, and computer software. The Cupertino-based technology titan is looking for AI talent, particularly in Machine Learning, and hiring for jobs such as artificial intelligence annotation team head and machine learning engineer.  

In India, the average Apple Data Scientist And Machine Learning Engineer salary is around ₹25 Lakhs per year.  


Artificial Intelligence is an innovation in management that can make good managers exceptional. It has many commercial uses, from enhancing interactions with clients and staff to seeing patterns in massive amounts of data to predict outcomes. 

Just like the demand for AI rises, AI engineer salaries will continue to increase in the technology, marketing, finance, medical research, retail, and E-commerce domain. The more multinational firms, such as Google, Facebook, IBM, and Amazon, embrace Artificial Intelligence, the demand and salaries for AI experts will skyrocket in 2023 and the coming decades. Check out UNext’s Executive PG Diploma in Management & Artificial Intelligence if you’re interested in acquiring an AI and Management certification online.  

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