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Simplifying the routine tasks of a business through automation is very important as it decreases operational costs, increases productivity, and optimizes performance. Hence, AI Artificial Intelligence Software is essential for automating business processes. The best software for artificial intelligence makes business processes simpler and saves a lot of time, energy, and effort. For example, artificial intelligence recruiting software makes the recruitment process more comfortable, quicker, and better. Here is a list of Artificial Intelligence Software that is highly recommended. 

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  1. What is Artificial Intelligence Software? 
  2. List of the Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Software. 

1. What is Artificial Intelligence Software? 

A software that is capable of intelligent behavior and mimics humans is referred to as Artificial Intelligence Software or AI software. Here is a list of the top 10 Artificial Intelligence Software. 

2. List of the Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Software

A) Azure Machine Learning Studio

This is a cloud-based tool from Microsoft. It is an advanced Artificial Intelligence Software with several unique features. It is an interactive platform that makes model development a fun process. 


  • It is accessible to anyone with an internet connection.
  • Developers get access to the AI algorithms library. The usage of APIs assures accurate results while processing business data. 
  • Models developed in Azure Machine Learning can be sent to the web directly.
  • The access to Cortana Intelligence gallery enables shared solutions as it brings together developers from any part of the world. 

B) AnswerRocket 

It is AI Artificial Intelligence Software for business analytics. It helps to make business analysis easier and allows the data analytics teams to create interactive dashboards and visualizations and generate advanced analytics in an instant. 


  • It is the best option for businesses that need direct access to data as it provides a 360 degrees view of your business.
  • It provides smart insights and intelligent analysis. 
  • It responds to natural language questions with interactive visualizations in the form of graphs or charts. 

C) SPSS Software

It is from IBM and is one of the best AI software for advanced data analysis. It offers access to tools and algorithms that work together for analytical processes. It is useful in analyzing customer behavior from various interactions, including surveys. 


  • It gives strong protection against frauds as it analyses every data in the system.
  • It enables result sharing between developers.
  • Data preparation and data mining are significant features.

D) Engati 

It is one of the top Artificial Intelligence Software and is a chatbot that helps you to build, analyze, manage, and publish a custom bot in a flash. It supports major messaging platforms that include skype, telegram, messenger and slack, etc. 


  • It is easy to use that even a novice can set up a bot of various scales and complexities using the Engati platform. 
  • It enables automated responses in chats.
  • The bot can be connected to multiple sites and published by making a few clicks.

E) Deep Vision

It is a cloud-based artificial intelligence design software designed with plenty of features to provide end to end solutions for start-ups, agencies, and enterprises. It is one of the best examples of Artificial Intelligence Software that offers Machine Learning, Deep Learning, AI-Powered Detection, eCommerce, and Real-Time Detection in one place. 


  • It provides gender, age, number, and identification of individuals by continuous monitoring. It detects and recognizes faces and provides details of the location. 
  • It is a facial demographics model and helps in analyzing demographic variations over a period of time in a location.
  • It supports the operating system Web App.

F) Wipro Holmes 

It is a naturally interactive AI platform that helps in speeding up business processes through automation. This software used in artificial intelligence is a set of cognitive services to develop predictive systems, drones, digital virtual agents, robotics, and visual computing applications. 


  • It deploys algorithms to understand data and offer smart predictions. 
  • It is equipped with machine learning technologies to deploy cognitive process automation. 
  • Speech recognition, natural language understanding, knowledge curation, cognitive process automation, and pattern discovery are some of its significant features.

G) Infosys Nia

What is AI software from Infosys called? It is called Nia. It is a platform built to help businesses to enhance data management. It works by collecting data related to people, legacy systems, and work processes and putting them together in a knowledge base. 


  • It is powered by a variety of technologies to process data and generate insights swiftly. 
  • It offers improved data visualization and better analytics to enable businesses to make fast, intelligent decisions. 
  • It helps in the development of chatbots and automation of business processes with machine learning.

H) Google AI Platform 

It is designed to make it easy for data scientists, developers, and data engineers to take their projects from ideation to deployment easily, quickly, and cost-effectively. It is one of the most advanced machine learning platforms. 


  • It gives access to AI technology like TFX, TensorFlow, and TPU to deploy your ideation to production. 
  • It supports Google’s platform Jubeflow to build ML pipelines that can be run on Google Cloud without making changes.
  • With an AI platform interface, it is easy to manage workflows and models efficiently.

I) Nvidia

It is a deep learning AI to let businesses make smart decisions based on predictive analysis. It enables insights from big data and offers protection from frauds and thefts. 


  • It offers visual identification of users’ profiles. 
  • Its tools and technologies protect against the risk of data theft.
  • It offers scalable solutions to help data scientists by streamlining the workflow. 

J) TensorFlow

It is an AI software powered by Google. It is widely used in voice and image recognition and language translations. 


  • It allows deployment across various platforms including TPUs, CPUs, and GPUs. 
  • It is updated frequently to help the users make use of the recent innovations in machine learning and cognitive reasoning. 
  • It is backed by numerous tools, a host of web applications, and a broad ecosystem to help developers.  

The above list of Artificial Intelligence Software includes all the best ones currently available. They are instrumental to develop smart business models and applications afresh and for better and quick task execution. 


Artificial Intelligence Software will transform how companies do business. To make sure you survive the tough competition in the industry and run your business profitably, you have to remain updated. Make sure you get the best Artificial Intelligence Software to provide your customers with the best-personalized shopping experience, to automate customer interactions, to predict outcomes through data mining, and to provide real-time assistance to customers.

AI-driven tools and technologies will only increase, and the possibilities are endless—most enterprises are already adopting Artificial Intelligence technologies to improve task completion and make things much more manageable. If you’re interested in understanding the potentials of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Jigsaw Academy’s 6-month online Postgraduate Certificate Program in AI & Deep Learning will help you upskill, stay relevant, and get noticed.

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