The Best Way to Learn Artificial Intelligence: Decoded

A man has always wanted to act and feel like god, let’s accept this. It’s the same drive that has led to the inception of technologies like cloning and artificial intelligence (AI). Over the few decades, science and technology have evolved so much that it is now getting closer and closer to giving life and mind to machines. With the rapid development in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning, we’re not very far away from the time we would see some of our favorite sci-fi films in reality. We’re on our ways to building Lucy, Chappie, and more.

The world is taking AI more seriously and if there’s a perfect time to venture into artificial intelligence, it’s now! If you didn’t know, AI is a very generic concept. Getting into this field doesn’t mean you’ll only build robots and work on rovers and complex automated devices. Artificial intelligence has a lot of sub-sectors that are constantly applied in various industries. You have automated systems, smart homes, virtual personal assistants, smart cars, purchase predictions and more that fall under AI and if you’re aspiring to switch to AI, you’ll be stunned by the number of dimensions and opportunities you can get to work on.

But how do you get started with artificial intelligence?

No matter if artificial intelligence has been something you wanted to venture into because of your fascination for sci-fi films or if you consider AI for a serious career path, understand that there’s no shortcut for learning. You need to have commendable knowledge or exposure in computer science, physics, and math. These are the foundations for anything that you’ll be doing in AI. If you have to further break it down, knowledge in algebra, algorithms, calculus, coding, and programming languages are some of the domain knowledge you need. Besides, knowledge in data science and neural networks will be an added advantage for your career in AI.

Where to learn?


  1. Universities

Unfortunately, there’re no universities as of now in India or abroad that offer a degree in artificial intelligence. Most of the reputed universities offer a master’s program in computer science with artificial intelligence being part of an elective or specialization. Only a few universities in Europe have come up with courses in artificial intelligence, which are full-time and span for two years. The courses are designed to impart advanced knowledge in AI and enable students to take up authoritative positions of industrial responsibility.

2. Online

If you’re serious about switching to AI as soon as possible, you can take up online courses that offer niche course content required to get into the industry. With the academic aspect of artificial intelligence still developing, the course content offered by institutes includes the most common subjects such as data science, neural networks, machine learning, algorithms, programming languages and more. Before you get started with learning artificial intelligence subjects, master your skills in data analytics, machine learning, algorithms and neural networks, which will greatly give you the leverage to pursue artificial intelligence.

With these courses, you will have already begun getting hands-on with artificial intelligence, working on complex computing systems that work at various refined levels of automation. You will have garnered enough exposure and knowledge to actually think of concerns, and their solutions, use AI and actually build an artificial intelligence module to resolve them. Also, with IoT simultaneously gaining equal momentum in IT, this move of yours will open you up to an ocean of opportunities and exposure and will allow you to work on several dream projects that could impact the future and help contribute to making the world a better place. To sum it up, data analytics and machine learning are the best pathways to get started with artificial intelligence. Choose your path today!

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