Important NLP Tools To Know In 2021

Ajay Ohri


Natural language processing is a subset of artificial intelligence that uses mathematics and software engineering to make social language understandable to machines. NLP tools will help you find useful information quickly by individual access to instantly analyze vast amounts of data. NLP tools and techniques come into play. They will assist users in quickly categorizing support tickets by subject, allowing you to speed up your processes and deliver critical insight.

So, where do you begin with NLP? There are many online resources available to assist. Here we discuss some NLP tools in this article :

  1. General Purpose
  2. Deep learning-based Tools
  3. Other (Non-coding) Tools

General purpose

Natural language processing stimulates us all to understand the text and gain useful insights.NLP tools help us understand how language works in particular circumstances. Furthermore, it is used for a range of business purposes. Data analytics, interface enhancement, and business model are examples of these proposals. It hasn’t always been like this.

The lack of natural language processing software hampered technological advancement. Things had changed by the late 1990s. Distinct kinds of text analytics and emergent NLP tools began to show promise.

2. Deep learning-based tools

1) Monkey Learn

Monkey Learn is an easy-to-use, Recommender systems tool that can help you obtain useful insights through textual information.

To just get going, use one of the pre-trained frameworks for text processing tasks like sentiment, topic classification, or keyword extraction. You could construct a personalised machine learning algorithm tailored to your company for even more precise observations.

When you’ve learned your systems to provide valuable insight, you can link your content analysis model to your favourite apps such as Google Docs, Bugzilla or Viber utilizing their integrations or via Monkey Learns API, which is accessible in all programming languages.

2) Aylien 

Aylien is indeed a SaaS API that analyses vast amounts of content data, such as scholarly journals, real-time content from news sources, and social media data, using deep learning and NLP. It can be used for NLP tasks such as text classification, article removal, information retrieval, or text analytics, to name a few.

3) IBM Watson 

IBM Watson is just a set of artificial intelligence resources hosted on the IBM Cloud. Natural Language Understanding is one of its core characteristics, allowing you to recognise or remove keywords, types, feelings, persons, and much more.

4) Spacy 

Is the next stage in the process of the NLTK. Whenever it gets toward more complicated business applications, NLTK becomes clumsy and slow. At the very same time, Spacy offers users a more seamless, quicker, more high achievement.

Spacy, a free and open-source best NLP tool, also ideal for analyzing customer profiles, brand statuses, and text files.

5) Text Blob

It seems to be the quickest machine learning tool available. Text Blob is also an accessible natural language processing platform based on NLTK. This could be improved through extra features to allow more textual data.

Text Blob sentiment analysis can be used for customer contact through speech recognition. Furthermore, you can build a model using the language skills of a Big Business trader.

Machine translation is another noteworthy Text Blob feature. Standardization of content has become common and useful. It would be ideal if your website/application could be automatically localised for this purpose. Text Blob’s language text corpora can be used to optimise automatic translation.

6) Apache open Nlp 

When you need a platform for long-term use, usability is critical, which could be difficult in the field of Natural Language Processing open-source software. Since even though it is equipped with the necessary features, it can be too complicated to use.

Apache Open NLP is indeed an accessible library designed for all those who value usefulness and ease of use. It, too, employs Java NLP libraries with Python decorators, as does Stanford Core NLP.

Though NLTK and Stanford Core NLP were cutting-edge frameworks for numerous extensions, OpenNLP is a straightforward but valuable tool. Furthermore, you can customise Open NLP in any form you like and remove any functionality you don’t need.

3. Other (Non-coding) tools

1) Fritz AI

Fritz AI is specifically intended to assist mobile app designers iOS and Android in quickly and easily integrating machine learning techniques without requiring a strong background in data science. When they’re used in software development, many of the implementations do necessitate some coding. Certain e-commerce and virtual reality applications, on the other hand, can be introduced using no-code tools. Style transfer, for example, can be used to replicate photographs, or forces applied can be used to view your clothes on a digital, moving model.

2) Make ML

Make ML employs sophisticated image processing methods to interpret images and video in a manner similar to that of the human brain, allowing programs to identify and analyse images in real-time. MakeML provides several of the most sophisticated, fully prepared computer vision artificial intelligence applications, such as “ball tracking,” which can be trained to specific needs with some taps and tries to drag.


NLP tools and technologies enable assisting businesses in extracting insights from unstructured text data such as messages, reviews online, social media posts, and much more.

There really are numerous online tools, such as open-source and SaaS, that make NLP available to your company. Accessible resources are costless, adaptable, and enable developers to completely customize them. Even so, they are not cheap, and you will need to invest time in developing and training open-source software before you can realize the rewards.

There are no right or wrong ways of learning AI and ML technologies – the more, the better! These valuable resources can be the starting point for your journey on how to learn Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Do pursuing AI and ML interest you? If you want to step into the world of emerging tech, you can accelerate your career with this Machine Learning And AI Courses by Jigsaw Academy.


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