Best Frameworks In Java You Should Know In 2021

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Java is a programming language formulated by James Gosling along with his teammates at Sun Microsystems in the 90’s century. Several applications like games applications, social media applications, and video applications, etc., require Java to operate. Java has been one of the most popular and highly soft programming languages in the existing IT enterprise and this is the sole reason for some beginners and professionals aiming for a career in the Java development field.

What is Framework in Java?

The Framework in Java is a collection of pre-written code that Java developers utilize to create Java applications or web apps. The predefined classes and methods are used to process input and manage hardware devices that interface with system software. It serves as a template, assisting the developer in developing an application by adding their code.

Why frameworks?

Frameworks provide your applications with the required structure. For example, if we have a robust testing framework, we can automate many things and get precise and compatible results. Similarly, using a predefined java web development framework, ORM, java backend framework, data management, etc., would simplify a developer’s workload and allow them to concentrate on business logic rather than stressing about code compositions used in the domains or applications.

Advantages of Java Frameworks

The advantages of the framework in java are as follows:

  • Security: If we find a security flaw or vulnerability in an application, we directly check the framework’s official website to resolve the issue.
  • Support: The widely used framework offers extensive forums or groups where we can ask our queries and wait for a solution. It also gives framework documentation, which helps us understand how it works.
  • Efficiency: If we use the framework to execute our work, we can finish it swiftly and efficiently. As a result, developing using the most popular java frameworks becomes faster, simpler, and more effective. Thus, saving our time and effort.
  • Expenses: The framework lowers the application’s cost as the framework’s maintenance requirements are minimal.

List Of Frameworks In Java

Java frameworks are self-established software that is programmed with the help of Java an easy endeavour.

There are many sorts of frameworks in Java. One stands different from another. Let’s look at some of the top best frameworks for Java:

  1. Spring
  2. Vaadin
  3. Apache Struts
  4. Apache Wicket
  5. Google Web Toolkit
  6. Dropwizard

1. Spring

Spring frameworks in Java is a lightweight application programming framework. It is used in designing and developing real-time JAVA EE applications. These frameworks in Java features can be utilized by any Java app by their extensions for building web applications.

The leading features of Spring frameworks in Java are:

  • Spring frameworks in Java works with lightweight stimulus competent containers that can be employed without web servers
  • Spring supports JDBC and reduces the probability of error
  • It reduces complexness in J2EE development 
  • Spring frameworks in Java help with backward compatibility and testing

The leading companies that are engaging Java developers with proficiency in the spring frameworks in Java are eBay, Netflix, Accenture, Amazon.

2. Vaadin

Vaadin is a Java web development framework and available as an open-source platform for web application advancement. Vaadin platform contains a batch of web components. Vaadin platform allows the implementation of HTML fine web user interfaces using Java programming language. Vaadin is also competent in dealing with client and server communications.

A few important features of the Vaadin frameworks in Java are:

  • Vaadin facilitates data binding obtaining MVC frameworks in Java and MVP
  • It has a Built-in spring support
  • Employs Java and HTML for building impressions
  • It Supports some of the JVM and also cordial languages like Java, Scala etc.,
  • It has a feature of Drag-drop which support creating single page UI

Major companies that are employing Java developers with an understanding of the Vaadin framework is Puma, Volkswagen, Wells Fargo, and Dell.

3. Apache Struts

Struts is an open-source web framework in Java and an application framework for developing Java enterprise edition web applications. It was initially developed by Craig McClanahan and was donated to Apache software in the year 2005. Later on, Struts is modified and was designed and developed by the Apache software foundation.

Some of the vital features of Apache Struts frameworks in Java Apache are:

  • It shortens the time in web application development
  • It helps in improvising the web application manageability 
  • Struts offer a centralized configuration
  • Other Java frameworks can be combined easily with other Java frameworks
  • The values of struts are illustrated in XML files

Major companies that are hiring Java developers with knowledge of the Apache Struts framework is Nextgen Technologies, Infosys, Accenture.

4. Apache Wicket

Apache Wicket is based on a component web application framework for the Java programming language which is comparable to Java server Faces and Tapestry.

The main features of the Apache Wicket frameworks in Java are:

  • The Apache wicket follows POJO Model (Plain Old Java Objects) oriented structure
  • It has featured a style object-oriented programming 
  • It has a structure based on component
  • Wicket elements are bundled as reusable packages 
  • It has customizable components

Some of the prominent companies that are hiring Java developers with knowledge of the Apache Wicket framework are Fraunhofer, double slash, Deloitte, Scholastic.

5. Google Web Toolkit

Google Web Toolkit (GWT) is another open-source framework from Google. This tool kit allows web developers to develop a crucial Java script. It is also used to write server-side applications and a few front-end applications.

Some of the prominent features of the Google Web Toolkit frameworks in Java are:

  • It eases the complex web applications for coding
  • Google Web Toolkit gives code reusability
  • This can support cross-browser portability
  • Google Web Toolkit can support code History Management

Some of the leading companies that are hiring Java developers with knowledge of the Google Web Toolkit framework are Snap Engage, Web Stack and Navatom

6. Dropwizard

Drop wizard is a Java high-end framework competent in formulating restful web assistance and microservices that enables fast and easy development.

The primary features of the Dropwizard frameworks in Java are:

  • Performs quick application prototyping 
  • It can perform abrupt project bootstrap
  • It can create high-performance RESTful APIs
  • Supports open-source libraries
  • Increases productivity at a fast rate

Some of the dominant companies hiring Java developers with the knowledge of Dropwizard are SoFi, Sambasafety, CRED, and RT.


After examining the collection frameworks in Java you can find the pattern common in all the frameworks in Java You can do much more with this list of frameworks in java even if you have little experience in coding. 

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