Seaborn vs Matplotlib: A Basic Guide in 5 Points


Truly outstanding yet also challenging moving approaches to get your bits of knowledge across is to visualize them: that way, you can all the more effectively recognize patterns, handle troublesome ideas or cause to notice key components. In this article, we will learn more about seaborn vs matplotlib. At the point when you’re utilizing Python for data science, you’ll most likely have effectively utilized Matplotlib, a 2D plotting library that permits you to make distribution quality figures. Another free package that depends on this data visualization library is Seaborn, which gives an undeniable level interface to draw statistical graphics.

The difference between seaborn vs matplotlib is that seaborn utilize a similarly basic syntax that is simpler to understand and learn, while matplotlib utilizes relatively lengthy and complex syntax.

In this article let us look at:

  1. Matplotlib
  2. Importing Matplotlib
  3. Subplots
  4. Seaborn
  5. Difference between Seaborn vs Matplotlib

1. Matplotlib

Matplotlib is the most utilised and the most well-known python plotting library. Notice cautiously, and you will see a striking similitude among Matrix Laboratory or MATLAB’s and Matplotlib plotting curves. The Matplotlib plots the curves very similar to Matrix Laboratory or MATLAB. The solitary difference is Matrix Laboratory, or MATLAB requires a license and is very costly. Each part of the figure can be controlled utilizing this Matplotlib library. Discussing its sole developer and founder, it is John Hunter and conveys it under a BSD license.

This open-source plotting library contains an Application Programming Interface that causes you to insert plots in applications. One of the benefits Matplotlib has is the way that its interface is very straightforward. Utilizing Matplotlib we can pie, scatter plot, plot lines, and considerably more. It contains an Object-Oriented Application Programming Interface that encourages us to implant the library in our manners.

2. Importing Matplotlib

import matplotlib. pyplot as plt

%matplotlib inline

import NumPy as np

  • In the above code, we import the Matplotlib library with the Matplotlib pyplot module as plt.
  • Matplotlib pyplot includes a scope of commands needed to make and alter plots.
  • %matplotlib inline is run to show the plot under the code piece when it is executed.
  • Something else, the client should type plt. show () each time another plot is made. This usefulness is selective to IPython or Jupyter Notebook.
  • Matplotlib’s exceptionally adjustable code structure makes it an extraordinary manual for other plotting libraries.

3. Subplots 

Making matplotlib subplots are presumably quite possibly the most alluring and expert charting strategies in the business. Matplotlib subplots are vital when a solitary plot is stuffed with data. That data can’t be evaluated in that state.


A legend matplotlib is a section describing the components of the graph. In the matplotlib, there’s a function termed legend (), which is utilised to place a legend matplotlib on the axes.

Matplotlib line plot

To plot a matplotlib line plot, you utilise the generic function plot () from the pyplot. There’s no explicit function lineplot (). The generic one naturally plots to utilise markers or lines.

4. Seaborn

Seaborn library is for making Python statistical graphics. It expands on top of matplotlib and coordinates the panda’s data structures closely.

Seaborn permits you to understand and explore your information rapidly. It works by catching whole data arrays or frames containing all your information and playing out every one of the inside functions vital for statistical aggregation and semantic mapping to change over information into enlightening plots.

A seaborn scatter plot is an outline that showcases focus dependent on two components of the dataset.

5. Difference between seaborn vs matplotlib

  • Seaborn vs matplotlib is that seaborn utilises fascinating themes, while matplotlib used for making basic graphs.
  • Seaborn contains a few plots and patterns for data visualisation, while in matplotlib, datasets are visualised with the assistance of lines, scatter plots, pie charts, histograms, bar-graphs, etc. This is another difference between seaborn vs matplotlib.
  • Seaborn vs matplotlib is that seaborn is more agreeable in taking care of data frames in Pandas, while matplotlib is very much associated with Pandas and NumPy and goes about as a graphics package for Python data visualisation.
  • Seaborn vs matplotlib is that seaborn tries not to cover plots with the assistance of its default themes, while matplotlib is profoundly robust and customised.
  • Seaborn is considerably more organised and functional than Matplotlib and treats the entire dataset as a solitary unit. It isn’t so stateful, and in this manner, parameters are required while calling techniques like plot (), while Matplotlib acts productively with data arrays and frames. It regards the aces and figures as objects. It contains different stateful Application Programming Interface for plotting. Accordingly, plot () like strategies that can work without parameters is another difference between seaborn vs matplotlib.


The utilisation of any of the two libraries exclusively relies upon our motivation of plotting. We can utilise any of the two libraries we examined. But we can see seaborn has the edge over matplotlib given its aesthetics, in-built default themes, and considerably more. However, matplotlib has its importance as well.
Seaborn vs matplotlib is that seabornplots are the all-inclusive adaptation of matplotlib, which utilises matplotlib alongside Pandas and NumPy for graphs plotting, while matplotlib plots different graphs utilising NumPy and Pandas.

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