What is the scope of jobs with Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning?

“Alexa play a song for me.” From entertainment gimmicks, listing down groceries, navigating in and around unknown roads, or using predictive replies in emails, Artificial Intelligence is making both work and play easier for us. With every step that technology takes, there are multiple other ways in which machine learning and AI is impacting our daily lives.

From a more business-oriented point of view, organisations are now using AI for risk assessments, data science analysis, boost research and innovation to significantly cut costs. As AI strives to mimic human learning and get as close to human behaviour and functionality as possible, in the near future, it can actually take over some of our jobs and be better at them than we are. While this does not necessarily mean bad news for us, it surely does imply that we need to buckle up and brush up our skills to make them more AI-industry oriented. The silver lining?

As AI and machine learning forays into our daily lives, they are also creating ample career opportunities along the way.

Here are some of the most in-demand jobs in the AI and machine learning industry now:

Software Engineers

As industries open up their shores for algorithms to automate their operations, there is an increasing demand for software engineers well versed with machine learning and artificial intelligence. This job requires professionals to write various codes to support machine-based algorithms. A strong educational base in software engineering is a necessity with an in-depth knowledge of Java, C++, and C. Google is one of the largest names in the industry to hire software engineers with an excellent working knowledge of machine learning. 

Software Developers

Software developers are the creative force behind computer programs. They are in charge of developing flow charts to help software engineers do their job better. This job requires strategic planning, creating iterations of models, knowing how and when the various parts and components fit into the program. Intel is always on the lookout for software developers who have strong analytical and leadership skills.

Machine Learning Engineers

One of the most in-demand jobs in the world of AI is that of machine learning engineers. They are sought by companies for their extensive knowledge on software development, applied mathematics and statistics, natural language processing, and understanding the working of technical tools like Eclipse or IntelliJ.

Data Scientists

Over the last couple of years, the machine learning industry has seen an exponential rise in the jobs for data scientists, with leading companies like Amazon and Accenture hiring qualified professionals off the rack. A data scientist is required to have a strong understanding of statistics and programming languages such as R, Python, and SQL. The job also requires professionals to be involved in information analysis with a strong emphasis on inspection, cleaning, and modelling.

Computational Linguist

Professionals interested in machine learning and AI could also work as a computational linguist, something that we see with system features like Siri and Alexa. The job would involve improving human voice detection to expedite navigating tasks at the bank, hospitals, utility companies, and more. Currently, these systems are prone to misunderstanding what is said, and require a smoother learning curve if they have to actively become a part of daily lives.

Business Intelligence Developer

A business intelligence developer is a professional engaged in the field of AI and machine learning to create algorithms that will analyse complex data sets to predict market and business trends. An added bonus in this field is having strong intra-personal skills since a business intelligence developer will have to occasionally coordinate information with non-technical personnel as well. Companies with extensive openings in business intelligence development are Target and VMware.

Data Engineer

A big data engineer works on planning, designing and developing large data environments on systems like Hadoop. Additional experience with data visualisation to create engaging systems is a bonus along with working knowledge of data mining and migration. JP Morgan, American Express, and Cisco are just some of the few big companies who hire prominent data engineers.


As more companies are migrating to automated and machine lead algorithms to both reduce costs and eliminate errors, machine intelligence and artificial learning has become a leading sector of employment. There are scores of big data jobs that are not being filled due to the lack of qualified personnel. Within the world of automation, machine learning and AI are one of the highest paying. A career in these fields ensures not only exciting employment opportunities but also high paychecks.

This article is an updated version of the article titled – The Scope Of Jobs With Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning.

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