Why Will Artificial Intelligence Matter In the Near Future?

You could say that artificial intelligence, robots and smart devices were all offspring of some of the wildest imaginations of visionaries. Through art, movies and literature, we have been able to conceive such ideas and work our ways up towards making them a reality. But no matter how harder we try to live our futuristic dreams right now, artificial intelligence and other allied technologies are still in their infant stages. We have achieved face recognition, speech detection and stages of autonomous cars at consumer levels and it will be years from now until we have robots serving us mac  and cheese.

With that said, groundbreaking technologies and researches are being made every single day and if you are a follower of influencers and industry experts, you would see how artificial intelligence is working at grassroot levels to solve some of the simplest of concerns besides the most complicated ones. Artificial intelligence is indeed laying the foundation for what will be standards tomorrow and to get ready for the future, you need to start becoming open from today.

Why It Will Matter In the Near Future

Visionaries today are working on enriching our everyday lives. Home delivery of food, apparel, and consumer goods, cab services, entertainment options are all some of the basic conveniences we have made them necessities. But technology feels there is still human intervention involved. So, it is working on making life simpler to another level by introducing delivery drones, chatbots, advanced systems and more to further add convenience in our lives.

Gateway to the Unknown

Artificial Intelligence is all about bridging the gap between the known and the unknown. As humans, we have restrictions in terms of perceiving and understanding things with chances of human errors. But advanced machines (like quantum supercomputers) can redefine our understanding of things such as the universe, dark matters, ailments and diseases, online transactions, nature and more and help us see the truth. Supercomputers are already working on simulating blackholes and working on string theories and other unproven concepts. IBM’s Watson is detecting diseases and predicting ailments that veteran doctors could not and algorithms are showing companies why their products are not selling online. These are all just instances of things we never paid attention to before these technologies come into action.


If you notice, the world is becoming tech oriented. We recently saw a video where kids in England could not tell the right time from analogue clocks because everyone has a digital one on smartphones and gadgets. The world is becoming more digital and most of our everyday actions are based on our devices. So slowly, our career is becoming more tech-centric as well. As the world turns to devices for solutions and concerns, it gives rise to the need for data management and insight generation to meet the increasing demand. For that, the existing career choices would evolve into something more complex and niche.

Today, data scientists, machine and deep learning experts are increasingly in demand. Companies are now depending on them for their organizational requirements. Considering this, the ability to code and work on a programming language would become inevitable and all our career choices will have an intertwined aspect of computer and tech skills.

Though we are far from the days machines would dominate the earth, we are still making tremendous progress in making them smart and human-like (Sophia). Maybe we humans are just here to give rise to a new species of entities that would go about solving the mysteries of nature and universe. What do you think?

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