Why join Big Data Training?

A recent survey by New Vantage Partners of Fortune 500 companies, suggests that 85% of them have launched or are launching Big Data projects. The survey also estimates that businesses will increase their data analysis spend by 36% in the near future. Indeed the business world has woken up to the potential of Big Data and world over, big and small businesses are eagerly adopting big data initiatives and aggressively hiring data scientists. But here lies the challenge. Today there is a huge shortage of skilled analytics professionals and companies are trying hard to lure the few available with big pay packets, global exposure and exciting growth paths.

Broadly speaking a Big Data Analyst needs to have knowledge of statistics and analytics tools and have some advanced programming skills. It is also desirable that they know Java, R and Python. Most importantly they need to have business acumen and be a visualizer and an effective communicator.

As a Big Data analyst, you would primarily be responsible for:

  • Processing and analyzing data, using specialized analytic tools.
  • Applying statistical and modeling algorithms to forecast and predict business data.
  • Managing and processing data from very large data bases in real time.
  • Processing data using SQL and other advanced programming techniques.
  • Managing data using distributed computing platforms.
  • Supporting Business Decision making.

So if you have the above attributes and are excited about the role of a Big Data analyst, then it’s worth contemplating a career in Big Data. Here are a few key reasons why you should invest in Big Data training:

  1. Niche skills are always in demand. You will not only be at the forefront of analytics, but it will also give you an edge in the job market.
  2. Big salaries. At the entry-level salaries can range between 6-9 lakhs p.a
  3. Faster Growth paths ensure that your path ahead is bright and promising.
  4. You will have the opportunity to work on cutting-edge technologies, and innovative techniques to generate insights out of data, as well as data from varied sources. As such the day-to-day work is interesting and challenging and will give you high job satisfaction.

If you are convinced that your future lies in Big Data, then you need to invest in obtaining some Big Data technical skills at the earliest. Take the time to investigate all the Big Data Training Courses available and register for one that best suits your schedule and that gives you the skills you are looking to gain. At the same time stay in touch with the industry and keep abreast of innovations in the Big Data world. Read books on Big Data, follow experts and blogs on Big Data and participate in competitions. The more knowledge you gain, the bigger the edge you will have. All the best!

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