The Analytics Industry Report 2017 is Now Live!

Jigsaw Academy is back with this year’s analytics industry report! Yes, last year, we brought you the Big Data and Analytics Salary Report 2016 – the report that offered you the most authentic salary and industry information you needed to know before you switched to analytics. This year, we’re back with more crucial insights, more details on the analytics industry in India and more precise information on career trends in analytics.

The Analytics Industry Report 2017 is now live and you can download the report by clicking here.

The report is brought to you in association with Analytics Vidhya, one of the most popular analytics and data science communities in India. The report opens with a keynote by Kunal Jain, CEO and Co-founder of Analytics Vidhya, and offers insights on the ways you can join the analytics bandwagon, the tools you need to master, the best cities for a career in analytics, how much analytics experts get paid and more.

The report also sheds light on how freshers can grow in their career with analytics, giving them detailed information on the best cities to start their careers in and the most appropriate domains.

If you feel analytics is the way forward for your career and intend to know everything about this booming industry, this report is the first thing you need to read today. Just click on the link to get your copy!

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