30 Best Business Analytics Tools


Numerous data analytics tools help businesses reach an amazing level. These tools help organizations in collecting, storing, analyzing, and securing the raw data. The information hence availed from the raw data brings relevant information for business organizations. In this article, we bring our readers a few business analytics tools which have successfully changed a lot of things in the market. So let us head on to the tools:

  1. Thoughtspot: This is a BI tool that is AI-driven analytics and has recently gain huge acclamations. This is a tool that can help to work on interactive dashboards, visualization, reports, and advanced analytics. It is one of the famous tools used for business analysis.
  2. Power BI: Power BI is wonderful is one of the best business analytics tools that has recognized Microsoft as its leading anchor. If you are to work on projects like visualization, then you can feel comfortable using it.  
  3. Tableau: Another beloved tool in the list of BI tools is this one. It has an interface that is quite easy to use and one need not be tech-savvy to get benefited from it.
  4. Qlik Sense: This tool is one of the most acclaimed ones that help to convert the raw data to beneficial insights for the growth of the business. It can help you have access to data from all sources.
  5. Looker: This business intelligence platform is an amazing data platform with relevant subcategories. It can connect to a huge store of data and cloud system. It is a one-stop destination to meet needs like interactive dashboards, and advanced analytics.
  6. Microstrategy: It is a powerful top business analytics tools that is used by the leading business organizations of the world. With an amazing assortment of visualization and analytical function library, it meets the requirements of all business platforms.
  7. Zoho Analytics: With a wide variety of analytics and visualization options, the tool is one of the tools required for business analyst.
  8. Yellowfin: You can access the dashboard of this tool from anywhere with no constraints. It is friendly to the smartphone environment and has got many other pro features which makes it an easy experience for business organizations to opt for.
  9. SAP BI: It is one of the most transparent tools with a highly flexible user environment. It provider amazing cloud service and data architecture as well.
  10. Clear Analytics: It is a business tool that can help you easily manage data analytics without involving employees. It has performance indicators, issue indicators, easy to use dashboards, etc.
  11. Board: We can better call it a management kit with features that a business organization will long to have. This is one of the most used open-source business analytics tools.
  12. Jaspersoft: A smarter decision making has endless virtues of an offer to business organization and this tool is one of the data analytics and business intelligence tools that can help you with that. It is highly interactive and helps companies with amazing data analysis.
  13. Pentaho: This tool is a business analytics platform for the organization as well as a data warehousing hub which can induce acceleration to the data pipeline.
  14. QlikView: This application helps in creating apps, dashboards, and visualizations. It has a simple user interface with a drag and drops option making it simple to use. 
  15. Birst: This tool is one of the business analytics software tools which is another amazing creation that enables the user to blend the corporate and the local data. 
  16. IBM Cognos Analytics: This tool developed by IBM helps the organization to have insights into essential information and helps with the toolset to bring the utmost detail out of the raw data. It also extends cloud support for the users. The business analytics tools free use is a benefit to your business
  17. Dundas BI: This tool owns an interactive dashboard with amazing reports and scorecards. You can use the data in Excel and the tool also has a smart drag and drop option for the convenience of the user.
  18. ProfitBase BI: If you want to quickly respond to the surges in the market and have complete authority on the data, then this tool can do that for you. You can easily track your performance through this application.
  19. Style Intelligence: If you want powerful software that can show you nothing but the truth, then this is the one. It can allow you to have access to multiple sources of data and generates reports based on pure business logic and practicality.
  20. Netlink: You can use this business tool on your mobile devices. It is a tool that allows quick customization with a dashboard that has easy access. You obtain nothing but the truth, the very mirror image of your brand value using this tool.
  21. ClicData: If you want to have watchful eyes on the health of your business, rather than fooling yourself with not-so-relevant information, then this is the tool for you. You can share metrics, data, insights, etc. You can also trace the performances of your project.
  22. Exago: This is a tool that has advanced features like conditional formatting, charts, and also formula editor. It offers a wide array of visualization and helps in simplifying the process of data analytics. 
  23. Halo: If you talk of one of the most unique intelligence tools, then one of the tools used in business analytics has to be Halo. It helps in data analytics, especially for the supply chain field. It is a clean, intuitive, and easy to use tool for business organizations to make the most of the raw data.
  24. Rapid Insight: This tool simplifies the data integration process and makes predictive modeling easy.
  25. Alteryx: This is one of the business analyst tools used for mediocre businesses. This tool helps in smart decision making and big data analysis.
  26. Splunk: With an actionable approach, Splunk monitors data and brigs analytical solution to businesses
  27. Oracle BI: This business analytics software standardizes the analytical strategy of businesses and helps in securely exploring data from multiple sources.
  28. Longview: It offers contextual insights for smart decision making. The tool allows exporting data from excel.
  29. Datadeemer: This is one of the business analyst software tools which has been a great helping hand for businesses in data integration, big analysis and storage and computation of data
  30. ClearStory: The business analytics tools and techniques of this tool can help businesses with data blending, discovery, and preparation.


These are few modern business analytic tools which are most sought-after. The modern business era has reliable tools that have excelled in the data analytic scenes. Even if you are from a non-data- analytical background, there is nothing to worry about. You can connect to a variety of data through these tools in a secured environment.

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